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IGN Reviews – Kirby: Mass Attack Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new Nintendo game Kirby: Mass Attack. Are 10 Kirbys are better than one? Find out!

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  1. @catholicgamer99 Whenever people tell us that, we think they're 100 years old

  2. Let's see. A game were kirbys go and rip apart innocent animals to get to a demonic soceror from hell? Nah..to girly.

  3. @catholicgamer99

    No its nothing, I just think the internet has made peoplr stupid every damn sentence with LOL

  4. @keeth33 I find Audrey's voice to be very soothing

  5. @keeth33 it's either that or the same old male ign voice everyone always hears in their crappy call of duty fanboy video reviews

  6. I'm going to be honest and say that this is the Kirby game that kind of made me lose interest after Squeak Squad.

  7. Changing the Kirby formula here worked shame it didn't work in Shitty Yarn.

  8. Doesn't call of duty get repetitive?? Shooting, running, kill and then get killed and repeat!!!


  10. Back in the old days, our definition for "Hardcore Gamers" is any one who is skilled in many different games of all genres, but today its mostly is That if you play a rated M of a Fps means you a hardcore gamer…
    What happened to people? People once played for fun and to fine new levels, BUT now its a never ending fan war of "what game is better" but comparing CoD to Kirby is stupid at best Kirby=Platformer, CoD=First Person Shooter compare them to the same genres.

  11. Back then the meaning of Hardcore Gamer was a person who has highly skilled in gaming!
    -Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is so evil in world 8-4 there is a dreadful maze, plus you must jump on a small platform and there is lava around it you fall you die. only true pros beat it speed run no power ups no death as Luigi!
    -Kirby Return to Dreamland=same game play is bad! CoD:Black Ops=Same game play and guns! PERFECT!!! Me: O.O WHAAAAAAAAA!
    -Sports Games? here is some words DO IT IN REAL LIFE!!!

  12. ……that describes at least 14 different game series. that's like saying "doesn't Doom get repetitive?" "doesn't Contra get repetitive?"…….and so on.

  13. People need to learn that IGN is split into different teams. The people who gave CoD a 10 or whatever aren't the same people who gave Kirby a good a or a bad review…

  14. the fault lies moreso in the development philosophy then the game itself. Activison's head openly stated they will release a new game with their IPs every single year. not Just COD did this, but also tony hawk, Guitar hero, and the Spider-Man games.

  15. She said kirby STOLE abilities, she is obviously a bad reviewer if she cant understand what Kirby does, HE COPIES!!!

  16. Disliking a certain video game = being gay.

    Disliking a certain movie = being gay.

    Liking a certain athlet = being gay.

    Could you all PLEASE stop with this bullshit ?!

  17. Mario = jumping, squashing, shooting fireballs, make King Dumba fall into his own lava, save the princess.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Mario, but this is one of the perfect examples of repetitive games 😀

    (But you can't help if, when a studio tries something different, like with the last Crash Bandicoot games, players are just going to complain even more).

  18. this review is such bull shit, does not deserve an 8.5

  19. '' The sound effects are hilarious, listing to 10 Kirbys throw themselves into a danger never gets old.''………..- Awkward silence

  20. flicking kirby with the stylus feels really good

  21. Anyone els think mass attack is similar to Pikmin?

  22. What made the game for me was the mini games. I mean HOT DAMN they were good, specifically Strato Patrol EOS, Kirby Quest, and Kirby Brawlball

  23. what? a good review on kirby on ign channel? (insert slow motion.) WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT????

  24. I'll be honest, I love Kirby but after playing this game when it came out, I hated it and didn't play another Kirby game for years. I just got Rainbow Curse yesterday and so far I love it. This game was just boring and had unnecessary back tracking. It's the only Kirby game I don't like. (Played games since then that I missed at my friends' houses).

  25. It's a fun game, but I'm just having trouble getting into it. I think the review is very correct when it comes to repetitiveness, the flinging, dragging, and tapping on enemies seemed to get old rather quickly. Taking a long break from the game could make it sound more fun after.

  26. Doesn't look like my cup of tea, but thanks for the breakdown!

  27. To believe I was 11 when this came out how fast time goes

  28. Kirby Mass Attack was and still is one of the best Kirby games to date.

  29. Kirby Mass attacks still remains to be my favorite game

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