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IGN Reviews – Lord of the Rings: War in the North Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Should you return to Middle Earth for Snowblind’s co-op action-RPG?
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  1. 'The Once and Future King' is actually King Arthur, not Viggo Mortensen!

  2. Did not mind this game at all tbh. Played this significantly more than Shadow of Mordor which I personally despised. The co-op was awesome too, had a lot of fun just filling with randoms.

  3. Guys can anyone tell me how to turn off yhe vibration in the game i literally cant find it and its very very annoying

    Update: its freakin impossible… im done with tbis game im not gonna play it anymore.

  4. The best game experience i had in coop and combat, not repetitive at all you level up and unlock new skills and you wont even check out different skills cuz there is so many! enemy's not repetitive orcs, spiders, gosts, trolls, all different encounters plus my favorite part you got finishing moves and it's one of not many great games you can play split screen! My complaint was that it was damn too short for something amazing like that!

  5. Should I get this one or the one before it
    (I think it was an EA game)

  6. I have a feeling you are one of the people who only played the first chapter

  7. Anyone else's game mess up after beating it? It just started freezing on loading screens and never worked again

  8. I still play it. Damn, most comments are 4 to 5 years old…

  9. I love this game. One of my favorites. It does get grindy, but I didn't really notice it until my second playthrough.

  10. turned on the ol xbox360 yesterday to play this game, havent slept yet, almost beat it. game 10/10

  11. I miss games like this on Xbox One and Ps4….:( co-op fantasy with friends

  12. i had BLAST playing this game with my friends and the combat was honestly really fun

  13. 2019? This game was frieking awesome! Played it so many times over on my PS3 even after having a PS4

  14. They should make another one updated for 2019!!!

  15. Best couch co op game ever played! So many memories

  16. Does anyone remember how op the mage was ?

  17. I like this game better than Shadow of Mordor

  18. This review is so pessimistic… what about the skills you can get and the LOOTING! Thats what made this game so fun for me. Fantastic coop game.

  19. "Servants of the enemy beware!"

    Great game, has its flaws but I remember how much fun I had playing it when I was younger, just started playing it again and the nostalgia hits hard.

  20. This is one of the best next to return of the king and shadow of war

  21. Great game, it deserves a 8.5 at least

  22. This is the 2nd best 3rd person LOTR game ever.

  23. The hardest level for me was defending the dwarf doors took me like 3 hours of constant retrying😂 but in my opinion I really liked this game

  24. I just got this game a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that I am really enjoying it 😁 Don't know what this lad is on about.

  25. This game was amazing. This review didn't do it justice. Characters were cool and had a great story to follow. The game mechanics and combat system is better than a lot of the games released today.

  26. This is a terrible review imo… The game was fun and addictive to play. Especially with a friend or two 👍🏽

  27. Terrible review. It's just incorrect.

  28. I played this all the time with my brother on splitscreen, such a shame there's not many games like it today

  29. You have to at least have to leave rivendell for the second time before you can make a reliable review. As of release date this game deserves a 9.5 – amazing for the time but doesn't stack up to games like mass effect.
    As of now 7.5 – a great game that is comparable to games now. A worthwhile play although it is pretty dated and sub-par to great games now. More than worth the price

  30. I don't trust ign, their reviews are garbage

  31. I wish this game was on ps4, switch anything. I want to play it again but I dont have a ps3 anymore

  32. This game is simply gold. There is NOTHING wrong with it. Over a decade it's been a legacy game. Over 10 million experience gained. Completely Legendary playthrough over a hundred times likely. Not one thing is in that game I have not done. It is BEAUTIFUL. I see their personality. Personally, I love bringing the character of the correct race to each safe place to get unique interactions.

    Elves in Rivendell have unique dialogue for Andriel as a friend, and the Dwarves have many fun dialogue with Farin.

    But also, this game is FULL of book references. I love that the movie drove it's appearance, but it extracts many story and lore elements from the books, which can be found by delving through all dialogue from characters. Which there is a ton of dialogue. The enemies, I love them. I think there's enough variations.

    Tiny goblins,
    Basic Orcs,
    Uruks Shields,
    Uruk Berserkers,
    Uruk-Hai Shields and Berserkers, (Much more thick Armour.)
    Duelist orcs with twin blades,
    A whole dead region of unique enemies, Barrow Wights, Empowered Corpses. (Glowing bright green.) They survive decapitation.
    Trolls, and armoured trolls.
    Sappers. (Suicide bomber.)

    And the gameplay is absolutely legendary. I love running through, hearing that lovely sound of my axe, and picking up loot. I love the large drum for a notification sound, the quests, the worlds. I can play that game three times over in one day and feel satisfied. It is everything to me.

  33. Feels similar to Dragons Dogma another hidden gem of a game I've just bought this game and rather enjoy it I'd say it's not bad but not spectacular if you're a lord of the rings fan you should definitely pick it up and give it a shot it's not to expensive after all.

  34. Whoever played this game did so half-assed. Half of the information in this video is false, and yeah, of course you encounter nothing but the same enemies. All the gameplay is from the first hub and first combat area. This is a shitty review, and severely discredits my faith in IGN.

  35. Love this game Spoiler alert dont read further cannot play most mission on the map at least for the 360 version

  36. this game is acctuly a great game… and it should be seen as such.

  37. this revew is clearly from someone who didnt play the entire game… this game is awsome…

  38. Just picked up 3 copies to play with 2 boys. We're havin a blast so far

  39. Yet they keep coming out with the same shooter and sports games which he’d probably give them 10/10

  40. umm this gets worse reviews then Shadow of Mordor, which actually was wayyyy more repetitive.

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