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IGN Reviews – Lord of the Rings: War in the North Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Should you return to Middle Earth for Snowblind’s co-op action-RPG?
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  1. My only real issue was how dull and plain the characters were I want an obnoxious dwarf with bad language and a blood lust

  2. Tbh this game was extremely amazing and you will easily get your money's worth back especially if you are really into lotr trust me it's great even for hack n slash

  3. I strongly disagree with this review I enjoyed it all, might be cause I like LOTR alot and enjoyed The Third Age as well, these characters didn't really seem that boring to me

  4. This game is fun for 5 reasons:
    1. Upgrades on your weapons, skillz, gear & abilities.
    2. At Last! A Game not set in a post apocalyptic wasteland, & at night!
    3. Upgrades!
    4. It's Co-op in the real sense of the term. Sorry for having REAL Friends.
    5. UPGRADES!!

    This game is shit for 1 reason:
    1. Where's the rest of the levels shown on the MAP?

  5. skyrim had repetitive combat. no one complained then

  6. After Dark Souls, I just can't take this game seriously. Everyone below seems to hate this review but it pretty much matches my impression. Too much button mashing. Very little personality in the characters.

  7. I played this game only because its one of the few where you can play split screen and both customize your characters (not just player 1). I actually really enjoyed it, but that's because of co-op. Playing alone, I admit this game is f*cking lame.

  8. i played the game 16 time and i am srs

  9. over and over until i had all the gear and the platinum

  10. Just got this game on sale for 4.99 and got my buddy a copy so we can play together. Was it worth it? I played back on 360 and I got into it.

  11. Well graphics are subjective, based on time. So, good co-op? That's it? Lame.

  12. on the Xbox 360 Farin will turn invisible and if his whole body isn't gone his face will be

  13. how do I switch characters to level up that character ?

  14. system link will make my xbox 360 disconnect.

  15. I have yet to find a better RPG than Skyrim

  16. What's great with all these videos is that I can go to Youtube, check out a trailer and / or review, and then swing on over to Amazon and / or Ebay for price comparison and then make the kill … I mean, purchase, 🙂 But yeah, just started playing Shadow of Mordor and now considering War in the North as well…

  17. Still trying to get strength of our alliance..
    Add me on psn: DeathGodRyukk

  18. I did enjoy this game I just wished they add more to it

  19. Still, you have to agree that IGN was somewhat less corrupt and more honest back at this time.

  20. At least it's ok than Shadow of Modor for PS3 … ..

  21. 7 out of 10 is pretty damn decent all things considered…

  22. I'm gonna need FromSoftware to make a Dark Souls-esque Lord of the Rings game thanks


  24. This was a great game, held back by glitches (unstated in the video). I remember playing this game in elementary school and it was really awesome

  25. this game had a problem that many games have to little screentimes for the important villans. but what i would credit it for is the interresting different bossfights which aquire you to take another tactic evry time and yeah its true there arent that many varietys of enemys you encounter it is still quite a lot of them i mean you got quite some types of orcs uruks and the 3 types of humans + trolls makes it a fun game to learn. only thing i hated was that the map was extemely missionbound meaning you can just go to the location where the next mission will be set

  26. I think there should be enemy health adjustment

  27. One dimensional characters? IT REALLY IS LIKE THE BOOKS!

  28. All i hear is the game is blend and the combat is repetitive to the max, and he gave a 7.0, wtf ? I smell the sponsorship. Lame review.

  29. wow its 4 bucks on steam now. fortunately i watched this before deciding to purchase.

  30. Idk why people hate this game too much,it wasnt special,but i have lot of fun while playing this. For me this is a good game,lotr story,characters,graphic,conversations,rpg elements,battles. 7.5/10

  31. Another IGN review that basically says "not COD or Skyrim?" Then we don't think its that great

  32. I still love this game. I've played it a million times and I still love it!

  33. "You keep fighting the same enemies" Yeah if youre stuck on the first location

  34. So negative, wow. Obvious this guy is not a fan of the LOTR movies

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