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IGN Reviews – Might & Magic Heroes VI Game Review

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IGN gives its review of the game Might & Magic Heroes 6. The return of the long-running fantasy strategy series is here, but does it satisfy new and old fans?
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  1. this reviewer needs to hang it up…. makes even this nerd feel far far too pathetic….

  2. HoMM III still best and better then part VI

  3. I played III and loved it…. saw this on steam and had to get it. Childhood here i come.

  4. Should I buy this game? I've heard it has tons of bugs and it is unplayable.

  5. I have been playing the heroes of might and magic series for some time now (from 2 till 5). But when i see this one i think heroes of might and magic 5 is actually better. Am i the only one? (this one does run better tough.)

  6. the hero is dead before the battle begin. they just sit back and cannot move forward. very lame.

  7. Problem i have with this series, is the fact all units have stacks that count towards there attack power, which really annoys me and stops me playing it, be much better if one unit had a health system so they can still deal full power untill they die.

  8. Hate the art style.
    Definitely prefer the 3rd one, the 4th one is different but also great. 

  9. Hope someone can give me a answer on this, but what happened to the towns? I can't see him showing it off at all..

    And i have to say that a important reason shy most of us line heroes 3 better might also be the games awesome soundtrack.

  10. In the video, he said that in later battles it comes down to who got the most and the strongest troops. I haven't played the sixth installment but I know that in previous games you could easily win with the propper magic, even outnummberd greatly. Are there any deacent magic in this game?

  11. guys can u help how to to online with this game it said that restart the game to go online i really dont knw anyone help 

  12. I've only ever player Heroes V, but damn was it a fucking piece of quality cloth…

  13. Lets take a moment to remember VI…
    Modding… nope (MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT).
    Offline play… yes, but useless.
    Editor… piece of crap.
    Bugs… dynasty weapons broke, black screen, freezing, etc. Never been fixed and never will be.
    AI… most cheating in all the series.
    Conflux… don't even get me started.
    Versions… worse than the Street Fighter franchise.
    Online play… half the people can't even start the game.
    Graphics… OK, at least this was good.
    Campaign… not great, but not bad either.
    Modding… mentioning it again.  I want my own portraits, custom spells, heroes, settings, etc. Not stock stuff I'm forced to use.

  14. Heros III is the best in this series, its the best balanced in both magic and might. Still playing it since i started playing it in 2000.

  15. game is garbage …. yeah it looks pretty ..  but the game is just shit .  its just broken in too many ways to describe it here
    love how IGN just plain lies to people because they get payed by Shittysoft

  16. I love this game, but video is not a review, it is an add.

  17. I really dont see why so many people hate on this game.
    It's different yes, but most things were improvements. No more "wheel of fate" level up bullshit, we finaly get to pick our on skills completely on our own.

  18. you said the storyline is shit, but the campaign doesn't disappoint. wtf?

  19. Im playing HOMM since the first release and when it comes to this game im just like "meh"

  20. Hello there my loveleys, My friend last night generated a free product key for this game with ax00ms ph00bas generator (Find it on Google or something. I cant remember the link) I used version 1.1.4 and it worked extremely good. Enjoy the game!

  21. I have few questions regards gameplay:
    a. how do I change the auto-combat modes? it's always on or off when I play, permanently! what are the hotkeys? Help!
    b. why does the graphics load is so sick-slow?! I am on Athlon 2 X2 2.8 GHz, and the graphics load is stuck! why not optimize it?!

  22. Well the story is a bit meh.
    I mean Heroes V had a story that yes was split in 3 games but I still remember it after all these years.I played the game when I was like 6.

  23. I never really understood the hate this game got. It sounds like people are mostly upset about Uplay connectivity, not the game itself?
    I loved this game. Personally I've been enjoying it just as much as Heroes 3 and probably even more than Heroes 5.
    I would definitely say this is my favourite Heroes game since the third installment.
    I too, have a lot of fond memories playing Heroes 3, but I honestly feel this game is superior in many ways. The gameplay is really solid, the music is AMAZING (definitely one of my favourite soundtracks of all time) and in general it just really felt like a really polished game. My two only complaints are: Required to use Uplay, and too few Skirmish maps.

  24. Please actually give some context as to how this title compares to others in the series next time. Doesn't really do me any good to just hear the vantage point of a new player.

  25. The biggest win in 3 for me is how much map,appears on the main play screen. The move to 3D really restricted the amount I can see around me. I'd always be flicking back and forth from the mini map just to see whether to go left or right at a fork in the path in V and onwards. Also the combat was slooooooow in V and onwards. I'd turn animations off as much as AI could hit it still really dragged on. In 3 the game is wide open, the movement is snappy and quick and the combat is sharp. 3 to 5 is a case where adding 3D really detracted from the game for me.

  26. You forgot to mention: RANDOM BLACK SCREEN at battles or when you enter a city. No other fix than to quit and try again

  27. this game was awsome i finshed all of its campains more than once

  28. Of all post 3DO HoMM games, this one is my favorite.

    I think it's a shame it never caught on like HoMM 5 did. Sure, there were plenty of disappointing decisions, loss of necromancy being one of them. But it held up pretty well otherwise.
    I love the weapon artifacts being account-bound so that you can play campaign, get a weapon, level it up and use it wherever you want and it'll keep it's power that you've already accumulated. If it's not fully leveled you can continue leveling it from any type of play you're doing. Makes starting new matches more fun as you get to the power spikes quicker, though of course it suffers in that it strongly cements meta-gaming where you can start with central meta pieces in day one – and if you don't get the complementary gear that you'd like for the build you want, you can shift weapon and do another meta instead.

  29. wait what their was a 6? damn where have i been??? now i see that there is a 7?????!!!!! man i use to love these games.

  30. For me HOMM 6 the best compare another. Everyone have their perspective. Like or dislikes. Me prefer 6 ftw. Last patch made the town screen more impresive and detailed.

  31. Ok-ish reivew, might include something about settings, save options, menu usage, controls, options for moving the camera. How maps are generated, replayability, whether or not voice acting exists. Reviews are about players finding out if they want to spend their money on the game or not.

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