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IGN Reviews – NCAA Football 12 Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new college football game NCAA Football 12. What’s the final score on the latest university pigskin title by EA Sports?

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  1. I'm going to beat you with my third grade English teacher. .-.

  2. Missouri and Notre Dame are my favorite team. Nebraska is a close behind tho.

  3. How about that 12-2 in the second year of the SEC for Mizzou??? LETS GO MIZZOU!!!!

  4. @Cocain Monster that's because you suck I go undefeated as Georgia all the time on Heisman and Georgia is in the SEC the best conference in the NCAA no offense dude but that's not the game, that's just you sucking at video games oh and GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!

  5. My thing that I don't like about NCAA 12 is the game clock it moves to fast and it's not running the normal way the game clock should be

  6. I remember watching the the MLB Home Run derby on tv. Then going to GameStop for the midnight release. For so many years.

  7. I still have this game and hope they make a new one

  8. idc. 2020 this still is my favorite football game

  9. I have played every madden and ncaa football game. And I have found that NCAA football 12 and 09 are by far the two best football games on the PS3. Madden 12 is the best madden for ps3 with great graphics and the best franchise mode.

  10. Just re-bought this game again on Ebay! Can’t wait to get goin on it

  11. I still Remember sitting in my grandmas basement with my dad cousin and uncle as a 4 year old and watching them play against each other

  12. I still think that this is the greastest sports video game of all time

  13. Yeah play this game and then transfer the rosters to Madden 12

  14. I have the game but I can’t play it because I don’t have an Xbox 360

  15. This game has the feel of college ball but the broken gameplay of ea.

  16. I've never been able to play a full game without it freezing the ps3 lol. still try every now and then

  17. This is still the best game the 3D grass is amazing and the band sounds awesome 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽

  18. This game is over $100 on Amazon. Just found it for $26 on GameStop website in case anyone is looking for it cheaper.

  19. The ncaa football franchise might be the greatest sports gaming franchise of all time imo

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