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IGN Reviews – Need for Speed: The Run Game Review

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IGN reviews the latest installment of the long running Need For Speed series. But does this racer have enough fuel for the long run or does it stall out of the gate? Watch our video review and find out!

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  1. Black Box shoudn't study Criterion Games's Player Crash camera

  2. so there not going to mention the music WOW just frecking WOW

  3. This is my second favorite nfs game I like the whole linear aspect of it and its one of the few games where I actually cared about the story. I understand the hate but this game is really underrated.

  4. I love this game. In my top 3 favourites in the series.

  5. This the most fun I've had playing a NFS since Most Wanted 2005. And I've had them all, up to PayBack.

  6. And c'mon when has NFS ever had a better story than this one?? If it were married to the gameplay of payback it would probably be the best in the series post most-wanted 2005

  7. The game didnt focus on the story because the Black Box didnt want us to focus on that and instead wanted us to enjoy the pure arcade racing alone pumped with a lot of adrenaline. The handling and the jumps felt realistic and you could take corners without unnaturally drifting over 100kmph without losing any amount of speed like how Criterion and Ghost are doing now. In my opinion, I loved it very much and enjoyed those avalanches and explosions and there wasn't a moment where i could lean back and relax in those races cause you could easily make mistakes and lose to your challenging opponents. On the whole its an action packed adrenaline filled game with better handling that allows us to experience the dark side of racing.

  8. Looks like IGN is hiring 9 year olds as reviewers….makes sense now why fortnite has a high rating

  9. What about the 3DS game? That’s the one I played.

  10. I really enjoyed this game so.. you can go and F yourself.

  11. Rubber banding makes me not want to play the game at all, for any reason. And it looks rubbish aswell

  12. This is the most amazing racing game you'll ever play .
    Also you can't compare this to forza

  13. A guilty pleasure of a game. Highs, lows and in-betweens, The Run has maintained my interest and will continue to do so. A reboot/remaster/remake is long overdue

  14. This is One of the best NFS alongside NFS Undrgrnd 1 and 2.

  15. There isn't really rubber banding. It is more about checkpoints. You are given an objective and you pretty much have to get from point A to point B in certain time even though they may not mention it. Sure it is mixed with time, cops, rivals, etc. (Set pieces) but it is still get from point A to point B in fast time. It isn't like 11 cars equally start from point A with a 3,2,1 Go! and you can grab a quick early lead and you try to hold them off for 8 minutes. You kinda racing the clock more than the opponent cars. Rubber banding is more about everyone from an real equal start and they close distance or you close distance unrealistically…. Dumb story? It is a racing game. You can't expect much. At least it tries to have a story. This game has been in my backlog (putting it off due to low critic score) and I'm finally playing it. I'm really enjoying it. I beat it in 2 days.

  16. I don't think any other NFS game is better than this one except maybe Most Wanted and Underground.
    The latest NFS games are the worst, it's like EA isn't even trying.

  17. sounds like this reviewer has never played this game before

  18. I remember enjoying this game far more than ign says i did.

  19. Hahahaha this is higher than NFS payback what the heck😄😄😆😆

  20. Played this the other day, and it is easily the worst need for speed I've ever played. Crap plot, straight line driving, all events feel the same, rivals feel tagged on and driving feels wonky, no vehicle customisation (minimal at best).

  21. 6 years later you will meet NFS Payback and you will get to appreciate that story mode you deem unnecessary

  22. What man…..story mode is dumb ….wow ….I wanna see her face…

  23. THE PC VERSION stomps the ps3 and xbox capability. graphics while and the fps just way better on the pc

  24. i downloaded this and i was wondering when it was gonna bring me to a city….then i realised they've replaced the city with pure highways instead. an interesting move which brings more speed…i like it.

  25. Also i hate how people let children to review games. I would say they need to put a mature gamer. Maybe 30 or 40 years old, that could provide independent opinion based on originality anth other important and appealing factors and free of personal opinions

  26. Unpopular opinion: I'm with IGN on this one.

  27. at the end did it just say…. dumb story?

    guess what buddy its better the most wanted 2012 and in my opinion mw 2005

  28. Not gonna lie, playing "The Run" is the most fun I had since "Most Wanted" i still play this game to this day. They tried something new, pulled it off, and still got hate. Loved the cinematic story. This game is amazing.

  29. When I moved into my new house I found this game in the loft

  30. I love how he never mentioned Chicago. Damn that’s my home city

  31. I remember I was hyped for this game back in 2011! Still one of the greatest NFS games with a great cinematic story line!

  32. 9 years later :

    IGN is still a joke.
    One of the best racing game ever with an interesting story.

    Dull Reviewers !! Still the same in 2021

  33. Imo the game is the a decent game 9/10. because of gameplay, environment, and cinematics. Its like doom of racing (the story is expect to be there but its not important). Its try to be different and it nails it. Just ignore the story

  34. first change ur setting gameplay units u will be more faster & for me its 10.10 better than any nfs

  35. This game is so cool and epic, love this game still playing to this day

  36. You give this game a 6 out of 10, what blasphemy, this game is an 8.5 out of 10 in my personal opinion.

  37. They rated it as a “dumb story” Honestly the game has one of the most badass stories in the NFS franchise.

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