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IGN Reviews – Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Game Review

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“Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath,” the 2005 Xbox game, is back in HD on the PlayStation 3. With a great artistic style, bizarre story, and creative 1st/3rd person action this is a good throwback for anybody who missed the original.

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  1. mediocre ugly and repetitive
    shame, the game had potential, and its a shame the hd port was lazy as hell

  2. Review sounds like it was written by a child.

  3. 99 cents on Google Play, I'll give it a try.

  4. The data of this game is downloaded on SD card or it will download to internal?

  5. Who Watching IN 2016? LIKE if you watching in 2016

  6. One of my favorite games of all times..Love it!!

  7. One of my fave games from Lorne Lanning. Awesome ride!!! There are; however, a couple spots where the game gets stupid hard. Those 2 you fight next to the end are infuriating, then the final guy is a cakewalk.

    One of the few games where I didn't see the twist coming at all. Nicely done!

  8. Who's exited for Beyond Good and Evil 2?

  9. it seems floaty only on pc and on the other platforms it's fine

  10. why on the pc version do I have to jump every time I want to move I cant even get my first bounty because you cant jump in that area

  11. My father bought this game twice when it appeared in 2005 from Greece.. I enjoyed it so much and I still do from time to time on my phone (YES you can play it now on your phone ma dudes)
    I am dissapointed because they do not mention the great soundtrack the game has check it on my profile and calling the controls floating or what the f*ck ever.. its not the developer fault you can t handle the joystick or your mouse …

  12. 9.0 ., I still have this game is a great game beautiful graphic ,nice effect original story.

  13. Make Another Awesome chapter
    But with never Ending Gameplays

  14. Lens flare helped you realize the dangerous world this game takes place in… What?

  15. If this ever gets made in to a feature film the guy from John of Mars Taylor ketch should get the role. Just saying

  16. To this day, Oddworld Stranger's Wrath is one of the best games I've ever played. I always think back on it and consider playing it again, there are few games I enjoyed playing all the way through as I did with this one

  17. This was a very bad review. I really recommend you try the game, one of the best ive ever played for its time.

  18. my childhood, this was the best game ever

  19. This game is super expensive now..I'll have it before September's over though along with a 64 GB mem card

  20. Just bought this for my Macbook XD I never play games anymore but reliving this gem is something special

  21. Love this game. First game I played. Husband played it so to lured me into gaming. Succeeded.. Sad is not in Xbox1

  22. Why couldn't they just make another version of the original oddworld game with platforming and puzzles….I love oddworld on PlayStation this one is ok tho…

  23. All the whining this kid does about the controls? Ignore.

  24. Are people dumb this is probably one of the best odd world games ever

  25. Are you going to do another review for the Switch version?

  26. Really love the Oddworld series. Art design and world building is top notch, I'm really surprised it hasn't expanded into other media.

  27. Is it weird if i say this is one of my childhood games?

  28. I remember seeing this game on xplay back in the day and always wanted to play it

  29. I'd love to see a full ground up remake/sequel. Incredible game.

  30. Repetitive dude this game has more originality in one level than most of the games ign covers that one beef aside great review man keep it up

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