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IGN Reviews – PayDay: The Heist Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new shooter game PayDay: The Heist. Mix Point Break with Left 4 Dead, and you have a pretty interesting mix, but is it any good?

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  1. On sale on steam for 2 bucks, if you're looking to buy, today would be the day  😀

  2. Worth buying on steam if you have 2 dollars to spare

  3. I am installing now! Got it on sale on Steam for $1.99 😀

  4. Does this have a better single player mode than Payday 2 or are they equally bad in that respect?

  5. Payday 2 is easier, also I didnt like the cartoony style of it.

  6. $1.50 on steam summer sale i might get it 😀

  7. everytime he fucking pronounces a word with the letter P in it -_- omg

  8. Hey I guess I can blame the AI partners in single player for my crappy play based on this review.  Awesome!

    Eh but I know it is not all on the AI for me doing poorly as my shooting accuracy in this game is horrendous which is what it is like in all shooters for me.

    One thing I wish I could have done thus far in the game is move the ammo bag. Why is it drop and leave it?  I just don't get that.

  9. The game shouldn't need to explain itself because it is SIMPLE TO LEARN. If you had to call someone up to figure out to hit a fucking button you have a big ass problem.

  10. I hate this Greg Miller guy he is just one fat joke.

  11. Those idiots buying it for 2 bucks. I just got it for free

  12. I like payday 2 and this is probably the original and everyone don't pay 20 bucks buy it for this 24 hours

  13. i just got the game for free and I like it

  14. Thumbs up if you are here because of the free giveaway on Steam 😀

  15. Got it for free, but it still sucks ! I mean, me and my two friends, around 200 dead cops in the first mission. Seriously ?? Next mission 250 dead cops ! Felt more like Serious Sam .

  16. lol this was free and €2? it's €10 right now! :

  17. A review on the console version? Should've expected that from IGN.

  18. Everybody who is choosing between this and the sequel, buy this one. A month ago I might have still recommended Payday 2, but in the last update they added microtransactions. Look up "Payday 2 microtransactions" on Google. Overkill, you disgust me.

  19. Well this was a waste off money 5 years ago. thanks Greg.

  20. i love payday 2 but wish i can play payday 1

  21. I got to know about the upgrade selection after 3 months of playing

  22. let's learn to rob a BANK shall we :v

  23. Well, it's IGN! Everyone there makes reviews on games they didn't even thoroughly play.

    Well, it's 2019! And i'm here watching a review uploaded 7 years ago

  24. 2:14 There are only two SMGs in the game and none of them are Uzis.

  25. Back in the old area where IGN reviews didn’t have comments criticizing there verdict on every video .

  26. More like left 4 dead + heat seeing as even in gun metal Grey force maker from the film heat is audible

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