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IGN Reviews – PayDay: The Heist Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new shooter game PayDay: The Heist. Mix Point Break with Left 4 Dead, and you have a pretty interesting mix, but is it any good?

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  1. Except Playstation Have a 60% off Summer sale going right now…So your comment would have been irrelevant…

  2. all year? no, try only the past couple of months so far. assassins creed 2 is the only decent game they've given away so far, the rest are old as hell and no longer any fun. Crackdown? really?! oh yeah, the free game giveaway that xbox is doing for gold members is going to end before the year ends. that's weak.

  3. 8 PS3 games and 4 Vita games for at least 12 games available at all times. much better than microsofts deal. especially since microsoft is ending the program by the end of the year.

  4. hell yeah, me too. i ordered the collector's edition. i need that mask.

  5. And they if you have ps plus you get free every month and recent games(2011-2013) not 5 years old games like halo 3

  6. the collector's edition also comes with a real mask.

  7. Payday 1 was published by Sony Entertainment. How could you know that this is specifically a PC co op shooter? And in any case, why should I not be able to play literally the same game with a controller? And for my last point, are you dense? Why would a game developer decide not to have a multi-platformed game in the first place? They want money, and there is an entire market for making it available on consoles, so fuck your (shallow) opinion on the matter!

  8. No i say 7.5 or 8.0 i stand behind that…. Has some flaws but 7.5 atleast. I have pre ordered PAYDAY 2 special edition <3 will be so cool. And you have only played the beta so far…

  9. It's not , it's up there because he replied to a top comment.

  10. Erm, no. I'm a pretty decent player on any games I play. But this game confused me as how the leveling up worked.
    And it was also repetitive as fuck.

  11. Who the fuck hasn't played those games already?

  12. Payday 2 is better and it came to X360, so stfu!

  13. lol, what? y should I be mad, srsly! payday got a better score and is bigger, better, and more fun! SO … WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

  14. Wait what? lol, if you are trying to say that my grammar is bad, then you are wrong, I make my way easier by typing less! LOL!
    Also, you didn't have one valid point till here!

  15. Ok, I don't get what you are saying, you be a grammar nazi to me, while I don't have mistakes! and then you are calling me a grammar nazi or something else!

  16. In case you didn't notice, it has six likes.

  17. Do you mine if I weigh in. Arina Borina, you do have mistakes here is one from the comment I am replying to "you be a grammar nazi to me". You sound like a 3 year old. You meant to say "You are being a grammar nazi towards me." Also, using abbreviations, are you a 12 year old girl?

  18. Also he was saying that all my sentences have errors, but you found one, and that is just funny!

  19. have to completley agree with that review.. still dont understand how the upgrades work :s

  20. Xbox live has a weekly sale. Not that big, but it is something.
    Live also has a service called "Games with gold"
    Free games every month that last indefinetely, and they're not shitty indie games.

  21. lol go play payday 1 and try to use your xp. i dare you

  22. In Payday: The Heist PC players got lots of unique masks that PS3 couldn't get.

  23. Every time you level up, you unlock a new upgrade/weapon/equipment item. You can choose which one you're going to unlock at any time (except for in the menu and initial lobby) by holding select and the pressing Triangle for Assault upgrades, O for Sharpshooter upgrades or X for Support

  24. i think he means exclusive console-wise as in it's not on the xbox 360 and it's published by sony online entertainment

    people still consider Titanfall an xbox exclusive despite it being on PC so in that sense yeah it's exclusive

  25. checked 2 days ago… im a plus member, it's not even reduced. 🙁

  26. Don't know where here is, but in Canada… it's not. 🙁

  27. Where's eroupe? …hehe, just kidding! 😉
    I downloaded anyways, spent the money.
    Gotta say, it's pretty fun!

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