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IGN Reviews – Rage Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new shooter game Rage. Is id Software’s latest shooter any good? Find out first only on IGN.

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  1. I just picked this up for 2.50 lol! Never played it

  2. Well Rage and Warframe are the only game plays well on my potato laptop which is a HP G4-1505 so i like playing this game. its fun though and looking for Rage 2 to come out

  3. Rage 2 hype!!! Rage is one of my favorite FPS games.

  4. One of the best looking games on 360 very well optimized, game meh thou

  5. I hate myself for having passed this up…i really don't know why. It just slipped under the radar for me

  6. Nice mechanics
    Superb fps game.
    Best ……

  7. O g with! Not revolutionary? It brought wonderful graphics a great weapons system great game play seamless racing integration open world and much more. The story is lacking because they focused on these things. Also u didn't mention that there r two book Abt it that go super in depth on the story

  8. Alright, people can do post apocalyptic settings but its not like they ripped off anyth-

    "Dusty town"

    But there are plenty of ways to survive an apocaly-

    "Emerge from a vault"

    Ok so its fallout, but that's still broad in its specifics


    OkAy DudE

  9. Reminds me a bit of borderlands, gonna try it today

  10. Bruh the new rage needs to come out already!!!!


  12. This looks like a really quite decent shooter.

  13. Rage looks like Mad Max in first-person with monsters.

  14. So the online multiplayer was really twisted metal

  15. Returns to Rage 1 review to compare reviews with Rage 2 and see what other new comments say

    Doesn’t find any new comments

  16. I get a rage 2 trailer while trying to watch this video

  17. 8.5/10. So this was better for its time than Rage 2 is for now with it's 8/10???

  18. Rage 2 came out but I think I’m going to buy Rage 1 again on PC.

  19. i still prefer bulletstorm , better graphics and none of those time wasting chats or tasks .

  20. Back when IGN really played the games before reviewing them.

  21. I love this game. Played it on PS3 and just now bought it again on Steam.

  22. Great game but ending was just disapointing

  23. its an old game, but what a difference when on pc with 70fps. pc rules

  24. MAD MAX but with more guns.

    I'm in love with this type of games.

  25. Hello everyone who got recommended this 8 years later


  27. I have 2 ps3 systems and 2 copies of rage, I need another person to help with the multiplayer trophies. If anyone sees this and would like to help I'd appreciate it. PSN is SunterRyu

  28. Mark Lanegan did some of the music for this game. Great singer..

  29. who came here after watching jessie pinkman breaking bad

  30. "Lots of content", lmao.

    You visit every location in the game twice, usually in reverse, and it's usually sectioned off, for some side quest. One DLC is literally, "9 sewer levels", that you have to do, twice.

    For races, there are like 5 tracks total, from a total of 20-30 events.

    For "courier missions", there are … 3.

    For sniper missions, there are … 3.

    I believe the only content that isn't recycled is the Scorcher's DLC.

  31. Weak story? Who cares for a game like that, gameplay, weapon diversity/buildup and great graphics come first before story in a shooter. You want a story buy a RPG, you want a no brainer fancy shooting gallery with a Borderland feel to it, this is for you and for me 🙂

  32. Only found out about this game now though Game Pass. Playing now 👍

  33. The game is ultra underrated but this game made my childhood

  34. Is it just me or are the lighting and lighting effects amazing…game went right under the radar sadly

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