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IGN Reviews – Resident Evil Revelations – Game Review (8.5/10)

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Editor Rich George gives the IGN review for Resident Evil Revelations. Capcom pushes the Nintendo 3DS to new heights, and is finally the killer title that truly demonstrates the power behind the tech with stunning visuals and sound. While the story staggers, Revelations manages to find a bit more identity for itself, providing segments that both action fans and survival horror purists can enjoy.

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  1. i would have liked to see a wider variety of weapons then what is given. i like whats there but it just seems like it could use a bit more. one second you could get a government as a upgrade for a raid. next mission boom there is a higher level one in the store. it just seems like its forcing you to dump massive amounts of bp for a small upgrade at best.

  2. this game is low grade as operation raccoon city. i shoot at the same monster for too long. uninstall, jill face looks like shiva, the worst jill version ever.

  3. Man! Jill Valentine looks AWFUL!!! She has a hot body but looks like a man! WTF!!! What happen to Jill Valentine in RE5??? His Partner is FATSO! He does not even help you, he's a moron! I don't feel any excitement while playing the game at all!

  4. I recommend playing it with the Circle Pad Pro or on a New 3DS. Unless you like your games having tank controls straight out of 1990-something.

  5. i don't know why but i did not enjoy this game at all
    i mean this is my first RE game and compared to other survival horror games this game is really bad

  6. I really liked this game. The controls took some getting used to again. They kinda went back to the 'tank' controls for the people and it took me awhile to get back into that. I use headphones when playing so I can track the sound of the enemies. The story is stupid. When you listen to the bad guys' motivations, it leaves you shaking your head a bit.

  7. some games are playable on PS 4 and 3, there are also games that I feel like for mobile or computer. PSV games are somewhat based on its predecessor. PSV is also, I think, focused on graphics and hardware. There are also some unique games and new features like Gravity Rush and the Rear Touch Pad. However the 3ds and Vita are similar yet very different. 3ds is has the least graphics, but as always, Nintendo offers a new way of gaming, added the 3d free glasses, amiibo or NFC support, Streetpass, Spotpass and such. Having more unique games like Bravely Default, Super Smash Bros. and more contents in streetpass and the use of amiibo. Both handheld offers it's pros and cons, and they are great sytems that offers unique experience in gaming…

  8. i think this is the 2nd best RE game ever made, next to RE4. i found renewed interest for this game, now playing it again on my N3DS.

  9. I love this one of series resident evil, I've finish the game for a twice from easy mode to normal mode, mutated Rachael is most scary things on this game

  10. They need to port the hd remake from the GameCube to the 3ds that would be nice

  11. Only reason why I like this game is because of the ooze.

  12. PFFFF

    I remember this reviewer, he loves Nintendo so much. This game is passable at best.

  13. should ig et steamworld heist or resident evil
    by the way I'm 11 is resident evi too scary

  14. where is the ps4 one? only see Resident Evil® Revelations 2 not 1

  15. Fyi the graphics look way better on 3ds(looks shitty on this yt video)

  16. Never played it. Do you guys reccomend the 3ds version, or should I wait for the PS4 version later this year?

  17. Does anybody know how the puzzles are in this one?

  18. i got a 45 second non skippable battlefront ad before this why tf tho

  19. I just bought RE Revelations 1 & 2 bundle on sale for $20. This better be good.

  20. I just got this for 9 bucks on clearance I hope it’s worth it

  21. I played the demo on my original 2011 3ds and it didn't feel good control wise. But playing it on my 2ds the game feels great. It definitely needs the extra circle pad.

  22. Bought this used from gamestop so it didn't come with revelations 2 since its a download. Only cost me 17 bucks but is it worth it considering I only got one of the two games? Opinions anyone?

  23. I LOVE this game even more than resident evil 4, its great IMO especially the switch version :3 And the raid mode is addicting AF

  24. Amazing game! Still wish they just would’ve ported this game to the Vita. RER2 was ok, but I thought RER was better.

  25. I had so much fun with this game on the 3ds. note: you might want to get a circle pad pro if you dont have a "new 3ds/2ds)

  26. Do you see this everyone? Capcom did more with only 10 mb of VRAM than you would ever see on a 6th gen console like the Playstation 2. Isn't that really something?

  27. Back when ign had trust worthy reviews.

  28. This game looks so amazing on the 3ds

  29. Just saw this was on sale for 3DS. And as a RE fanboy, I'm excited to finally play it

  30. This game is the pure definition of what we expect in our mind 👍😎3️⃣

  31. Revelations 1 and 2 deluxe edition are bundled on ps4 for $39.99. Worth it?

  32. Get out/ lightning / no ning , we knew !

  33. the begining of the game is very "meh", and given how the monsters are badly introduced, I stopped playing in 5 min

  34. The worst map system it has. It doesn't tell you where you need to go.

  35. I hate this game for two reasons 1: hard to findout Weapon Locations 2: You Can Carry Only 3 Guns at One Time wtf😑🙄

  36. Definitely the most fun Resident Evil game for me. My favorite is the first Resident Evil game both new and remade. Resident Evil 4 is my favorite actually lol 😆

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