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IGN Reviews – Resident Evil Revelations – Game Review (8.5/10)

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Editor Rich George gives the IGN review for Resident Evil Revelations. Capcom pushes the Nintendo 3DS to new heights, and is finally the killer title that truly demonstrates the power behind the tech with stunning visuals and sound. While the story staggers, Revelations manages to find a bit more identity for itself, providing segments that both action fans and survival horror purists can enjoy.

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  1. I seriously think the story was too fucking great.

  2. The game in my opinion is very good, they fucked up in RE 5&6 but this game is good, I just wish they stuck with the regular zombies instead of silent hill monster, but plz no running zombies.

  3. Trying to decide whether to get this on my 3DS XL or either my PS3 or Xbox…

  4. I can't read what you're trying to type.. It would help if you didn't put a capital letter in every word.

  5. Never really been a fan of RE but it's only 10 bucks on the eShop right now so what the hell

  6. Naughtydog needs to buy the rights to this series…turn it in to a last of us kind of game…capcom is just out of ideas for this series

  7. 50 percent off on 3DS right now too! I've been waiting to get it specifically on 3DS and it's 10 dollars for Halloween only!

  8. thats not really how it works, they dont start from 10 and work their way down. they start from 0 and then give it a score depending on how much they liked it.

  9. This game is a 9 hands down but the story was stupid spoiler alert Chris and Jill are bsaa members in this game and it leads up to RE5 but if you payed attention to the story and cutscenes for RE5 you would know that Chris and Jill are still a part of the stars unit when they fought wesker its interesting to see capcom interfere with its own story

  10. You can add poor controls as a negative on that list because that's the case without the circle pad pro.

  11. expecting a decent and coherent story from a resi game is hilarious to me.

  12. zombies is not really THE ONLY THING that matters. If you all played the R.E games then you'll realize that a virus  does not only make zombies but mutants as well and besides zombies are too main stream for a survival horror. Capcom creates new possibilities for the term viral outbreak and bio weapons(B.O.W) if you fella's wants zombies that much then go play left for dead cause R.E games is all about thinking outside the box.

  13. What?!You want the old RE survival horror back?And you are saying to do it like revelations?! Are you fucked up?! Revelations had some tension in jill campaing but not horror at all ,not to talk about the horrible action oriented chris and parker parts , also called, call of evil.And one more thing for the people who liked RE6, you are giving you re money to a bunch of fat sell outs who completly destroy the franchise just because it makes more money , this game is a cheap ripoff of other games

  14. "lame story" 

    damn…. lol

    think about gettin this, right now, lol

    a Link Between Worlds screwed me over.  i love love love love love, loved loved loved LOVED a Link to the Past….

    the SNES was the last Nintendo system that i've owned.  I had the NES and OG Gameboy and that was it for me and Nintendo (i recently turned 27 so i've been gaming for a while)  but then A Link Between worlds happened….

    I tried to resist, i really did , and i did ok for a while.  Was never a fan of handheld consoles, ever.  but a man could only do so much considering Nintendo's power over me using nostalgia and them great childhood memories…. So i went ahead and got the 3ds XL a Link Between Worlds bundle.  One major problem….. I had already spent almost 3,000 bucks on a new gaming rig (primarily a PC gamer here so had to) i finished building by the end of July, also got the PS4 on release date, along with games for PC, PS4 and PS3.  Christmas was around the corner and presents had to be gotten for family and loved ones in general….

    but i fell in love with a LBW, and worse yet the 3DS XL and I just couldnt put my finger on where me and Nintendo went wrong…… and all of a sudden my impulse buying tendencies went full steam ahead.  Besides a LBW which came bundled with the system i also ended up getting Ocarina of Time 3D, Link's Awakening DX, Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pushmo, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Etrian Odyssey IV, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward and even got Pokemon X, and all those games I got in  3 days, just had to have em, couldnt resist.

    Thankfully, Holiday shopping went great too and didnt miss 1 single person, and got everyone what they wanted, or as close to what they wanted as possible…..

    now I'm thinking about buying this game, and i probably will buy it in a few minutes…..

    to the average gamer out there ( the around 30 year old or so educated professional, such as myself) you must, YOU MUST get a Nintendo 3DS XL, with 99%, if not 100% of those games that I got (still missin out on a few great ones that i heard great things about that i will get in the future, like Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon)

    to all the imbecile "TL:DR" 90s troll generation babies, go ahead and continue to play only COD, cause i play COD/BF4/Red2-Rising Storm and such myself, but to the ones only playin COD, its about time to start using your brains and firing up them neuron connections inside of it.  Your head will most likely hurt for a while, but you'll get used to it.  do you really want to be imbeciles for the rest of your lives???

     we as a gaming community have failed, in my opinion, because we've let a vocal minority aka imbecile troll generation babies come to represent the gaming community which leads to non gamers thinking that all gamers are imbeciles and failures

  15. What bkkilla ?90s imbecil babies? You are the imbecil have you seen the amount of games you bought in such a short set of time , did you even watched a review or read what was the main plot? No. Because you are an impulsive person who will buy any crap thats put in front of your face. Have fun playing a game that as lost all of is origins , and now its nothing more then a milk product.

  16. Just bought this game for the xbox, and wow! I saw the ooze monsters and thought 'ew ugly, but not zombies'. Playing is a different matter though. They absolutely eat bullets, and their movements are completely unpredictable. It really doesn't take many at once for you to think 'I'm fucked'. The problem with RE's more recent enemy line up was never that they weren't zombies. The problem was that they were way too human, wielding all sorts of weapons and shouting actual words. The ooze though, they feel real… And terrifying.  

  17. It's been years since I've genuinely enjoyed an original Resident Evil title.  Originally I was kind of skeptical of Revelations.  After sub-par experiences with 5 and 6 there was no reason to think this would be much better.  However about half way into this game I am hooked.  Playing this now I can't help but think that this is how Resident Evil should have evolved.  I mean sure I would have loved to have had zombies, but the emphasis on exploration, the creepy atmosphere, decent enough scares, characters I can actually root for, and just the right amount of action makes me wonder why it took so long for something like this to get made. 

    In fact before playing Revelations the only Resident Evil game I had enjoyed since ReMake was The Darkside Chronicles.  So at that point you're talking about 10 years from 2002 to 2012 for me to find a Resident Evil game to enjoy (PS3 version of Darkside Chronicles) and 12 to 13 years since the last time I enjoyed an original Resident Evil story in Code Veronica.  At that rate I'm essentially competing with Half Life fans for longest wait.  Though Half Life fans will always win in cases like that.  

    Regardless of what the future holds it's nice to finally be able to sit down and play a Resident Evil title as a fan rather then a critic.  

  18. I am really enjoying this game on my PS3…the graphics are awesome (no screen tearing) and the enviroment creepy…

  19. GREAT GAME. if you have 3ds get the demo now!

  20. This game was great. Enjoyed playing through it and beating it.
    The best Resident Evil game is still Resident Evil 4. 
    RE4 never gets old.

  21. Loved this game. great graphics, controls, everything.  

  22. They forgot to mention that the Circle pad Pro is absolutely key!

  23. I got the Xbox 360 version and I must say I liked it a lot. It was defiantly better than 6. Cut the flashbacks and Quint and Keith, focus on horror with about this level of action  and you've got yourself a good foundation for RE7.

  24. Im a big resident evil fan have played all of the main games and i have to say this is the best in my eyes. It made me jump again and the story was very different to the others and how it had the "previously on resident evil" reminders was brilliant

  25. OMG i can't believe that this run on 3Ds 

  26. this game was so boring :[ RE ive had the least fun with. overhyped as hell. never touched it again after playing the story. worst RE EVER.

  27. funny how vita owners say the 3DS is 4 kids, well 3DS has a resident evil, vita doesnt have shit

  28. What exactly is stupid about the story?
    I think the story and the characters in the game were really great.
    Felt like the end of a epic adventure when i beat the game.

  29. I would like to see a resident evil game with current gen graphics, the controls and camera of RE4, the puzzles from RE 0-code veronica, and the atmosphere that the game is suppose to have. one of SURVIVAL HORROR and not action explosion-fest. this is resident evil not a Michele bay movie. stop shoehorning COD set pieces into the games. more zombies and monsters, less "las plagas" (aka hard to kill humans) and "bio terrorists" and for undead sake QUIT MAKING IT RAIN AMMO. bullets are suppose to be hard to come by making me run low on ammo at times thus making the situation scary. enemies are not very threatening if i can just add them to a body count thanks to nearly infinite ammo.

    a LONG time resident evil fan

  30. What year was this game made in? coz it looks like ps2 graphics…

  31. What is that music in the beginning from? the proggression is magical lol

  32. can i buy lady hunk for the 3ds or pc xbox ps3 only??

  33. Imagine how awesome it would be if this was on vita, the ps3 and xbox version of revelations i mean, the graphics would also be allot better than the 3ds

  34. PS Vita has nicer graphics but their games are clones, mostly….ever played Monster Hunter? its was unique on its own…till I saw clones of that game like Freedom Wars, God Eater, Soul Sacrifice, etc…the sense of uniqueness is no more.
    3DS may lack in graphics, but their games are much fun to play with and some with better gameplay n storyline than vita games combined!

  35. Lame Story!?… It's actually Great! The plot is one of RE's best!

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