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IGN Reviews – Rock of Ages Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new hilarious tower defense game Rock of Ages. Does this creative new title have more going for it then humor?

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  1. I don't get it people were whining about what Ign gave the game then I see they gave it a 7.5 and I was like that ain't bad at all

  2. @g0uveia1 and he didn't even review the game 🙂

  3. Why are people dissing this review? I actually think that this is quite a good review, he said what he liked about it and what he didnt, and he gave what seemed like a very fair score.

  4. This game is just awesome. I've finished it, and I just wish they'd make more levels and stronger AI! 🙂

  5. lol this game looks so fun for something so simple

  6. Is this a xbl arcade game or hard disc

  7. Been waiting for a game where I can smash a flying baby in the face with a rock.

  8. @g0uveia1 I did not saw the video, but i damm belive in you!

  9. @g0uveia1 I did not saw the video, but i truly believe in you!

  10. Azureriteaction played this game better…….imo……IGN should have gotten Dez (azureriteaction) to reveiw this = Thumbs up if you agree!!!

  11. @Blurtex33 Strange, my PC was designed this year, when was your console designed ?

  12. I dunno. The PC version is better and i manage fine without analog control
    what are u guys talking about?

  13. To be fair, it's not hard to do it better than IGN

  14. Can´t believe what I heard:
    "some of the most priced and beautifull pieces of art appear in rock of ages, but never in the way aou´d expect"…

    And he didn´t even mention Monty Python!

  15. This game is on sale for only 400 microsoft points on Xbox live. thumbs up so people can see sorry if it sounded like spam.

  16. Play this weekend for FREE on Steam! It is also on sale for $2.49!!

  17. AI feels cheap? The AI is pretty damn good with defenses and maneuvers it's boulder well too.

  18. Este juego es demasiado Genialoso *^*!!!!

  19. Why would you torture yourself and play this on a console?
    wasd works fine for controlling the rock.

  20. Because people like different things and not everyone games on a PC like you think they should. I didn't find it any thing torturous about completing this on console, not even defense building which is fine on the controller.

  21. it deserved a much higher score (inside gaming gave it GOTY)

  22. Wtf I thought the game is from 2017, I think my brain is dead lol

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