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IGN Reviews – Star Fox 64 3D: Game Review

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Fox and crew are back in this 3DS remake. But how does it stack up to the original? Find out as Audrey Drake takes you through her review of Star Fox 64 3D.


  1. why do these games have to looks so crap, x5-10 the power fo the console and give the games the true beauty they deserve. It's not about needing good graphics it's about having graphics that give the game and story justice.

  2. Why is no online mode a complaint? It's not that much of a complaint. I don't play online all the time.

  3. i really want a remake of star fox adventures for 3ds

  4. should i buy this or monster hunter generation (i know nothing about monster hunter)

  5. "THIS is the enemy's bio-weapon!?"
    "Andross is an insane fool!"
    Then what do you call Umbrella from Resident Evil?

  6. The fact that the thumbnail for this video is now for some reason dead island really pisses me off

  7. I can see the look on their stupid faces!

  8. i found this game thow only the box no game in my baasment

  9. Noob didn't even hit the switches smh

  10. Umm, are you sure that is the right thumbnail?

  11. Ummm the thumbnail?? What’s with that

  12. Pass! If Audrey Drake reviewed this, then it is not reliable. She is one of the most anti-critical minds on gaming journalism.

  13. This game is now part of the Nintendo Selects for $20.

  14. I still like the original 64 version better

  15. 9.0… one of the most bland and uninteresting games i have played in a while, might wanna drop that rating a bit

  16. Wanted this game just cuz of TerminalMontage–

  17. 240 people never even made it to Katina to witness the ID4 phenomenon. Thankfully 2.4k people have!

  18. The new voice overs ruined this for me. The old voices were not only better but much more intense and serious. Fox sounds like a bored schoolboy. Play the original if you can get your hands on it.

  19. Can’t believe they Took out Tank/ Landmaster and On foot in Multiplayer
    Could of even made a Blue Marine ALL Range battle ?!

    Also took out Cockpit View And Roaming in Map view so They weren’t completely Faithful 😒

  20. But does it make you FEEL like starfox?

  21. Em IGN? I dont think this is dead island…

  22. 1:50 ah u mean if u haven’t played it b4? IGN does great reviews but 10 yrs ago they were a lil cringey

  23. @0:21 Because thats what ppl associate with starfox right? do a barrell role and hating that slippy frog character?? yeah that'll be great in the script.

  24. Video: Star fox 64 review
    Thumbnail: Dead island 2

  25. Ummmm, is there something wrong with the thumbnail? Cause I dont remember this guy in Star Fox 64 3DS….

    Maybe he is an unlockable player who knows…

  26. oh my they never changed the thumbnail after 9 years?

  27. The title says Star Fox yet the thumbnail shows Dead Island. Are you planning to make any changes IGN?

  28. 9 years ago and the thumbnail was never fixed

  29. The thumbnail and the fact that this is on my feed in 2021, wtf is happening

  30. Wtf is the thumbnail 😂😂 Starfox review bit here's bloody bodys

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