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IGN Reviews – Star Fox 64 3D: Game Review

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Fox and crew are back in this 3DS remake. But how does it stack up to the original? Find out as Audrey Drake takes you through her review of Star Fox 64 3D.


  1. (Don't look at a review, don't look at a review, don't…) Looks F*CK! Now I REALLY want it!

  2. groupon is selling it for $20 right now with free shipping.  I got mine, now go and get yours!

  3. A Star Fox version of Battlefield (as far as multiplayer goes).  The single player can be like Lylat wars.  That would work for me a least.

  4. I notice that Falco used to say " Hey Einstein I'm on your side" and in the 3ds, instead of Einstein it's genius.

  5. Good review but it's technically not called a barrel roll and that's not just a theory a game theory! No but really it's not called a barrel role it's an aileron roll

  6. N64 version's reaction to the Star Fox 64 3DS game
    N64 Version: You're good, but I'm better!

  7. i like how, when you talked about multiplayer, ALWAYS tried to hunt down skippy 

  8. Great game of course. Was just thinking perhaps, at some point, Nintendo should do as they did with Steel Diver: Sub Wars and release the multiplayer as free and the single player as premium. They could get a new lease of life out of this game.

  9. the music and voice acting is horrible in this. they should have just used the old ones.

  10. Well unfortunately Nintendo has like no love for the Star Fox series because they haven't made a game since this one which is really just a re-make and in Brawl they made both Falco and Wolf a clone of Fox and all there FSs were the same. No creativity what so ever…

  11. IGN is far too generous with this review. It offers no new content, no new missions, replaces the voice actors with people far worse that just sound jarring and has the audacity to charge  full price $40 despite not being a new game. Better graphics are nice, but if you want to charge for price for a hd rerelease, you need a little more than just improved textures.

  12. the fact that this is ALL WE GOT IN OVER 9 YEARS is a collossal failure by Nintendo, my personal ratings:

    Assault: 8/10
    64: 7/10
    SNES2 (never released): 9/10
    643d: 5/10 
    Adventures: 7/10

  13. The multiplayer was so basic!!! Only 4 stages, 3 modes, and ESPECIALLY no online!!

  14. 9/10?! $40 for an experience you've already played! But it has new graphics and a local multiplayer! No new levels and no online capabilities! But new bad voice acting!
    Way too generous for this review. I didn't expect much but this is low even for you IGN.

  15. better graphics? hardly, the edges of every model look pixelated :/

  16. It's 2014 and I'm just figuring out about this

  17. It's 17 years old? :O Damn! I'm feeling old lol.

    And i wonder when great titles like diddi kong racing, banjo kazooie, hey you pikachu (would have been perfect for the 3ds), majoras mask and the other great titles will arrive for the 3ds 🙁

  18. I got the game from the start, just watching some reviews now and realize.. Wow, they could have done so much more with an online feature..missed chance for real.

  19. If you could play missions with your friends online this would be perfect

  20. I would totally download this game right away for 700 coins on club nintendo but sadly there's a heavy traffic on the site which I'm unable to do anything but to be stuck on a white page. So many fans entering each day I doubt the website can take it.

  21. Jesus I was around 6 years old when I first played this game… And I remember it… I'm almost 24…

  22. One of the best games of all time was starfox 64, if I spot a 3ds for cheap at a flea market or pawn shop I'd buy it just to play this.

  23. Wished they included the SNES version with added 60fps mode..oh well.

  24. A 9/10 ?!? WHY? I don't give games like Star Fox 64 a 9/10. No, I'm giving Star Fox 64 and the remake a 6/10. Yeah, that's right, a 6/10. I grew up with Adventures and Assault, not the 64 for a reason. The story is good, but not that good as Adventures and Assault. The gameplay here is my biggest problem, I want Assault's gameplay style. That's the right step for Star Fox with both on-foot and vehicles, NOT the vehicle only gameplay!!! The designs is not as good as Assault's designs. The music is ok. And the voice acting here is just shit, Assault's cast is perfect. Overall, you IGN and other company reviewers out there, you're all a bunch of idiots. I think you and the others need to change your ways in terms of reviewing and playing the game or just go away to the pits of hell itself and quit your job.

  25. Good Review. I actually prefer the controls in this version, because I find it easier to control the Arwing with the circle pad compared to the N64 Controller's analogue stick. But I guess the only time I'll play the remake is when I'm travelling, as I have the original Lylat Wars cartridge to play on my N64.

  26. You guys seriously took out 1/10th of the score because it lacked online mode?

  27. I thought the game was fun, but the main story only lasted me 1 hour.

  28. The graphical makeover sure looks nice, but something is off-putting about the voice acting. It might be just nostalgia, at least they got the same actors doing the same lines, yet for some reason it's missing all of the crispness and cheesiness of the original. Messing up on the voice acting is actually quite a big deal for this game and I'm not sure if you can ever unhear any of the original lines if you're a veteran.

  29. You play as fox mccloud. Ace r-wing pilot and the only cool anthropomorphic fox

  30. 3:00 Were you bad at the game? or just high? If you got 3rd path you can rechoose to 2 or 1. you couldn't choose 2 or 3 unless you beat an achievement.

  31. if we were all to die right now would we go to heaven with Jesus Christ? or will we be judged for the sins e all committed? we must focus on that instead of a review for a game. to be fair I did look up reviews in the past for games cuz I was curious, but I didn't let any of that be my top priority. my top priority is the one who took the punishment of my sins. he did likewise for all of you. his name is Jesus Christ. he lives now as we speak, he is real and he knows what we all do, what we all say, and what we all think. we cant hide from Jesus Christ. he is God. you cant hide from God. I pray that all of you who haven't heard or rejected the gift of life by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. everyone will die and all will stand before God. and if you reject the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, you will have to make an account for your life. and especially after hearing the good news, you'll be at a check mate. death will come at any given time. therefore we must get right with God asap before its to late

  32. You could choose which routes to take in the original

  33. Do they teach the reviewers to talk like robots, or is it just because these people just aren't used to talking very much.

    Jesus what a boring review, why don't IGN hire people with some communication skills. I don't mean to single this reviewer out, it seems, all IGN's reviewers are boring as hell.

  34. She moans about Slippy but sounds just like him……

  35. I just wanna point out to the people complaining about Audrey's voice here? she doesn't work for ign anymore, she works for nintendos treehouse decision now. Don't believe me? Watch the North American Mario kart 8 direct. You'll hear her there

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