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IGN Reviews – Star Trek: The Game Video Review

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Badly going where too many Trek games have gone before.

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Star Trek: The Game Video Review


  1. Astonishing video! I am not spamming, but I can see that you guys are all interested in this vid. I am here to tell you guys about making 150/hour from Video Game Testing. It is very and stressless, go here for more details: goo.gl4ELOn9

  2. I didn't really expect this game to be amazing, but it was still kinda disappointing.

  3. I was going to buy this from amazon for £10. Think I will save my money and buy it when its 99p

  4. The verdict: date with pappa dragon (hell)!

  5. where are the poor reviews of star trek online? this video game doesn't have dwarven people running around in over-sized corridors.

  6. this review doesn't sound like it's by an FPS player. with his opinion, why not cripple the gameplay and over-use cinematics and call it mass effect?

  7. Hahaha,I know what you mean,from Cinema Sins.

  8. Hi guys my cousins birthday is next week. He is a gamer so should i pick this up or Aliens cm i want to do payback

  9. one noticeable thing, is that star trek looks a lot like warframe, due to the same studio(digital extremes) and I believe the same evolution engine. why didn't they add the same combat mechanics? the animations in warframe are heavily and clearly better and most of the guns are plain fun.there is developing in the story so the repetition shouldn't be a problem. in fact, some implementations from warframe about its mechanics and it would have been perfect. same mistake danger close did about moh.

  10. I hope this game didint ruin a soon to come star trek series that would have been good

  11. Aww c'mon ign the game wasn't thaaaat bad, sure it was full of glitches and stuff but the visuals are very immersive. And the firefights awe rent deal breakers, and I ACTUALLY liked the flying drop down mini games and swimming levels, I though it was pretty decent. And this is coming from a non star-trek fan

  12. what score did sonic 06 get? was it better or worse than this?

  13. I liked the game the major problems are the bugs:(

  14. I had to stop watching this review …if can call it a review .. what a garbage reviewers !

  15. This game looks incredibly awful, especially for a Trek fan.

  16. i dont think he said anything good about the game…

  17. I felt like this review was a tad harsher than it needed to be.  I wouldn't pay $50 or $60 for this, but if it were a budget title or on a sale around $10, it'd be a great purchase.  I got it recently on Steam and it isn't bad (and I only paid $3.74).  Looks great with the settings maxed and running in 2880×1800.

  18. I bought it used and had fun laughing at how bad it was, I found it fun… but I have only just started, there is room fior faliar.

  19. Thanks for saving me from a regretful purchase.  I am a huge ST fan and really wanted this to be awesome…:(

  20. The guys who made gears of war or dead space might have done a better job. Even Bioware who made mass effect would've done better than this.

  21. I liked this game, I had fun playing it with my best friend.

  22. i think they were a litel bit harsh with the review the game is acctualy kinda fun and its not that bad

  23. The game is buggy! when I played the game, Spock was floating in the air. He eventually floated out of sight in the game.

  24. I have a hard time believing his a star trek fan like he says he is. yeah this game is far from perfect but same goes for the old TV show and even the new movies but they are still fun to watch just as this is fun to play as long as you know what you are getting yourself into and don't expect game of the year it is a very fun game.

  25. i dont care about your review, I think this game is fun

  26. It seems that only people who enjoy Star Trek find this game fun

  27. "Jurassic Park nebula", that made me snicker.

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