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IGN Reviews – Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new shooter game Toy Soldiers: Cold War. The tiny troops jump to the nuclear age to battle Communism. Is the era-change fun?

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  1. I really wish they did a remake on the original toy soldiers…

  2. I love the smell of plastic in the morning!

  3. ill tell you what happened, some guy called a douchebag childish and the douche said xbox sucks.

  4. I love the smell of computers in the morning!

  5. It is a carrier based f14 tomcat not a land based f16 fighting eagle

  6. weaslcake edge [Channel is dead. RIP] says:

    light machine gun and anti tank missle (atm)

  7. Next free game for gold in February 🙂

  8. Free on d 15th yeaaaaaaaaaaa only on xbox live told doe

  9. So we get this for free on Feb. 15? Why this? This video game looks really old. It would have been better if the next free game is Dead Island: Riptide.

  10. Cool, looking forward to getting this for free.

  11. When i first saw this game i thought it was bad but it seems pretty fun 😛 gonna download it tommorow when its free

  12. Downloading it right now I have the original one but this one seems way better

  13. I looked this up since it's a free game on xbox live right now, and I thought it'd get a bad review. I'm curious, though, because I just don't think i'd be interested in it despite the good score.

  14. I wanted to see how gay this game look but im kinda shocked how great this game looked might be fun

  15. Downloaded it this morning. Said I'd just have a quick try. Half way done the game and it's freaking awesome!!

  16. Hmm, the way he talked through the review it sounded like a 9 or 9.5…..

  17. Free on Xbox Live this is why Im watching this to see if it is worth downloading.

  18. PSPlus gets relatively new games & this is what we, the xbox crowd, get. Yeah..

  19. I ALMOST didn't download it, but after watching the review, I was sold.
    Looks like a lot of fun!

  20. I got this free from Xbox live So far Im loving it!

  21. now that it's free, hopefully the matchmaking system will find people again. nice.

  22. Lol! Uuh uuh uuh you want war then get war. Lol Rambo

  23. This game is fun. Just FUN! There's so many ways to play it.

  24. the full packige is avaleble for pc on steam

  25. Its actually an F 14 tom cat and M60 with a M72 LAWS on the action figure

  26. Not a F-16, it's a F-15. It should have been a F-14 Tom cat

  27. This looks more like a Tower Defense game than an RTS.

  28. No offense but the the jet wasn't a f16 it was a f14

  29. This bad boy just got announced for Nintendo Switch. Get ready for war boys!

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