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IGN Reviews – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Is Uncharted 3 the best game in developer Naughty Dog’s storied franchise?
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  1. I still can’t believe Greg still thinks this game is better than Uncharted 2. After all these years this is the worst game in the series but it’s still a fantastic ride.

    4 = 2 > 1 > 3

  2. That drake’s theme i miss that man i wish that they release a new uncharted with drake in it cuz drake is the real soul of uncharted

  3. Don’t know why many people don’t like this game i enjoyed it every bit of the game was spectacular

  4. The facial animation is so better than the Tomb Raider and Assassin Creed Odyssey released in 2018

  5. & naughty dog made The last of us too..my worth..out of the world guys..

  6. It's not a 10 imo but I'd give it a 9 even with its issues like enemy hit reactions being way off. And still a beautiful looking game on ps3 even better on Ps4. I'm playing it again in 2020 still looks and plays great.

  7. Never played these games. Only games Ive ever played are Civ 5, 6, Arkham Series, Skyrim, and Medieval 2: Total War. Will this be worth getting?

  8. I found it free on psstore today…..😊😊😊😊…i dont know that sully was already there , i thought he is new in uncharted 4

  9. I still feel Uncharted 3’a graphics look better than Uncharted 4.

  10. As someone who grew up playing crash bandicoot, it's great to see Naughty Dog doing so well in the new century. Watching these classic review videos still makes me happy. I need to go play this game again.

  11. I’m happy this game got a 10. But why did Uncharted 2 get a 9.5. That game also deserves a 10

  12. My only problem is that the occasional gunfight goes on for too long. Id be fine if it was just me being slow but there was fights were they just kept on coming and then finally the fight was over

  13. I’m on chapter 20 on crushing first play trough and I just heard in this video you can throw back grenades………………..

  14. The first game I played when I got the ps3 bundle and had no idea what this game was at all and what do you know… it was a masterpiece and got me into playing the rest of the games 🥰

  15. Does the GOTY Edition come with the DLC on the disk?

  16. All the uncharted Games should have 10 out of 10

  17. I will play it soon .I will buy a console for this beautiful game

  18. I remember my older brother play this game in 2012 or 2011 I don’t remember but I will always watch him play games and this is one of them and loved it he’s the real reason why I become a uncharted fan for years I’m going platinum in this game no cap

  19. Omg shut up shitting on 2 to up 3 wow. 3 doesn't hold a candle

  20. I decided to get a ps4 recently so I could play games like this; the Last of us alone was worth it

  21. This was my least favorite of the series but that doesn’t make it a bad game.

  22. Uncharted: 50/100
    Uncharted 2: 60/100
    Uncharted 3 : 85/100
    Uncharted 4 : 92/100
    Uncharted lost legacy: 70/100

  23. I’m sorry—but the combat of the uncharted games is a serious low point. I can forgive Uncharted 1–but after that one, there’s no excuse for shooting that poor when games from 2005 can outshoot the hell out of this franchise. It’s really disssapointed because the story and characters all seem great

  24. It's gonna be fun teaching my momma how to play 🙂

  25. 4:08 — Wow, so uncalled for, so unnecessary. Imagine saying something like that today?

  26. Yes this the game why i play video game well said

  27. Wait a sec if UC3 gets a 10 then why does UC2 get a 9.5.
    That being said, the ability to throw back grenades is awesome.

  28. Greg writes like a 10th grader. His reviews were terrible.

  29. Easily the best in the original trilogy. There was some lows in the game, but the highs definitely made up for it 2 times over.

  30. I'm happy all got all 3 games for free on psplus

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