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IGN Reviews – Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new game Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. Does the new SciFi shooter live up to the Warhammer 40,000 title?


  1. + True to Warhammer. <- Bullshite, this game contradicts WH40k lore heavily. No scitarii on forge world, as well as 0 techpriests, Inquisition considers EXTERMINATUS during simple ork invasion, ork slang is not used at all, and captain Titus would never get captains rank with Ultramarines in real 40k.

  2. So is this worth a purchase? I love the Gears of War trilogy.

  3. Just finished this game.  It was fun and had some good gameplay mechanics set up that made each battle play out differently.   It was noticeable that you were basically killing the same enemies for almost the entire game, but the combinations and weapons you had made each fight interesting.  But at the end they take the route of sending you wave after wave of enemies and it starts to get repetitive.  I got this for like $15 and it was worth it.  

  4. i just finished this game i loved it but its pretty short and the ending is not so good really good game tho 

  5. i thought it said 2.5 at first and i was like holy shit

  6. stop playing consoles.
    This game lacks shit on pc.

  7. Of course it got a 7,5, they dint give you money to pay for anything better

  8. IGN has become so Crucial , and Commercial , and over the top Cliche , I cannot even take the reviews seriously or  for concideration . They have Zero perspective,   and the tone in their voices are blanch , and utterly boring …..

  9. The man character looks looks so buff. He Should have joined Gears

  10. ok guy look you can also regian heath with furey mode

  11. It's so crazy how people have been accusing IGN of being out of touch and pandering with their reviews/coverage for years yet continue to visit the site and watch their videos. I have seen the same people in the comments sections months and years on end that do nothing but complain about how terrible IGN has become and how much they hate it. There are resources other than IGN for gaming news. If they suck so much, stop going to the damn site. People are pathetic.

  12. Space marine is my 3rd favourite game of all time
    (1st being Morrowind and the 2nd being Fallout 2)

    They got a problem with Poland, then?

  14. Is this like half Darksiders, half Gears of War?

  15. I never used a gun after wielding that thunder hammer in the game

  16. It's like GOW crossed with Transformers gameplay, minus the driving around…

  17. Hello there, i have some problem with my game the sound seems to stutter every time im in a battle, i know im asking in the wrong video but i've search all over youtube for this problem but came up with nothing (i know i should've search in google but i have an account problem it didn't signing in) so i search here instead. Thank you and have a nice day.

  18. People still play this on ps3 or is it dead ?

  19. This is like a mature Buzz Lightyear video game

  20. I love this game, but it definitely doesn’t feel dark enough and it never really picks up. The action is just consistently moderate the whole time.

  21. Looks like a poor mans Gears of War, and I like it!!!

  22. Hey ign I’m not trying to be toxic but could u not spoil it for us?( to those who don’t know what I’m talking about 1:13)

  23. Cutscenes dont bother me at all. Actually, It has a lot of gameplay that youll want more cutscenes to know the story, Seriously? Not enough enemies? Are you joking man?

  24. This game looks neat. Too bad the company when bankrupted.

  25. Well this is Heresy if I ever saw it.

  26. Great game ..I was playing it 24h

  27. Reinstalled this yesterday and played a bit. Uninstalled today. I forgot how bad tthe game is.
    Gives you instructions on how to do things in the middle of fights so you miss them (I had to google how to heal).
    Messages from your squad randomly just cut out in the middle of sentences.
    Weapons have barely any ammo.
    Melee is suicide.
    Could go on but it's not worth it. Waste of money.

  28. He is not the leder of the UltraMarines. He is the leder of a Company of UltraMarines i belive It`s the 2 Company

  29. Strange as it is for Capt. Titus because Ultramarines inevitably fall to HUBRIS.

  30. anthony gallegos?????? the rollerblader????

  31. The discovery of the Immaterium in the Warhammer universe is clearly inspired by the philosophical concept of Prima Materia developed in the days of Ancient Greece.

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