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IGN Reviews – X-Men: Destiny Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new Marvel Comic game X-Men: Destiny. Silicon Knights takes on the X-Men franchise in this shallow brawler.

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  1. I wish they will make a new badass Xmen game. I don't think that will happen since MARVEL is all up the Avenger's asses now.

  2. Hey this sounds i like…wait for it INFAMOUS, so why does that shit get good reviews when something exactly like it gets poor ones, I'm not saying this game is good both are shit so both should get the same amount of scores.

  3. "- choice system, – short and uninspired"
    Ring a bell? Or did you just not watch the video?

  4. damnit we went from ultimate alliance to this crap fuck…come on make ultimate alliance 3 already

  5. its a good game ign makes sound horrible I mean the only thing the guy said its a button masher then again its a button masher how can you explain a full game in 3 minutes

  6. its so sad to see bad x-men games because this means less x-men games 🙁

    I know a lot of people didnt like x-men legends and legends 2 but those are among my favourite games of that time

  7. I'm only subscribed to IGN for their news, I really don't like their reviews. But he talked about more than just button mashing and considering the fact that he had less than four minutes to make a review, I think he talked enough.

  8. Should I get this or Epic Mickey 2? (lol i know its a kids game but i just wanna play games in diffrent genres)

  9. This game is freaking dogshit. IT SO FRICKEN REPETITIVE .

  10. IGN is my new G4 the reviews are fair enough sometimes but the news is where it counts

  11. Cmon son we both know he meant xmen legends 1 and 2 he didnt have to emphasize that

  12. played this game… i actually own it and beat it twice…. It's pretty boring.

  13. Both are terrible at reviewing games. Ones an image obsessed, self indulgent know it all and the other is Angry Joe… oh wait.

  14. This is on sale on Xbox Live. Thank you IGN for giving me enough insight into the game to make my decision to not buy this lol.

  15. why does everyone insist on using the stupid looking one piece suit on cyclops? what's wrong with his later appearance such as in the 90's cartoon

  16. Waste of money!!! Marvel frachise gave the green light for this garbage?

  17. as an x-men fan im very disappointed with this…

  18. It's nice to see they can't spell uninspired, or is it supposed to be unispired?


  20. i read on wikipidea it said all copys of the game that were not  sold were destroyed  well thats semi bullshit cuz i bought just this year a copy of xmen destiny From a UK game store  and its a Good game legal issues or not if ur a X-men fan u should get this game off eBay or Amazon 

  21. If you could create your own fighter that would be so much better

  22. I feel like this game could have been so much better

  23. I actually didn't find this AS bad as everybody made it out to be. Don't get me wrong, this game is NOT perfect by any means. But people made it to be the worst superhero game of all time. Have you played other superhero games? There are WAY worse games out there.

    I found this as a game with a lot of potential. I think that if they were to revisit this premise then I think you could have a real winner with this formula.

  24. It wasn't that bad, and it's got more replayability to it than you realise. Three different characters to use three plus different powers to try out different things with it, easy and fun combat. For kids especially this is fun as hell for them.
    And try playing further than just the first level with one character to get a better idea on it all.

  25. Classic horrible reviewing….whatever…

  26. What's with the partner rating? I'm 20 years old. In my opinion, X-Men Legends is one of the best games ever made.

  27. Can't be any worde than Thor. That was one of the worst games I've ever played.

  28. There needs to be more superhero games on Xbox one and PS4 I mean there's only really arkham knight

  29. What they should've done was allow you to customize your own character and powers along with a story similar to X2 that would've been awesome

  30. you know what I don't care what the hell IGN says I'm an X-Men fan so I think I'm going to get this game at least let me try it out don't judge me guys

  31. I'm what was missing from this game and franchise

  32. I think we could have a better x-men xenoverse

  33. This is one of the worst games I have ever played, and I LOVE the X-Men

  34. I bought this 9 years ago and never played it and now I finally did and it wasn’t too bad! The customization is fun with the different powers and costumes. It was cool for an X-men fan to wear for example a cyclops costume and make the power signature red. Little things like that.

  35. Why couldn't they just let you play as one of the X-Men

  36. lol you know pyro but not forge… forge was in more comics and alot cartoon episode anytime beast could not make something

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