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IGN Reviews – Xenoblade Chronicles Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of Xenoblade Chronicles, one of the Nintendo Wii’s first (and possibly last) great role playing games.

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  1. Your saying cutscenes are bad… a JRPG,… bad cutscenes. IGN at it again, at least a 9.

  2. "I can't help but wonder what it would look like on a machine with more power."

    Well we're gonna find out now aren't we?

  3. They actually said they wonder how the game would have looked on a superior platform.
    Well, wonder no more!

  4. Luckily now we will know how this game will look in a much more powerful system! Thank you Monolith.

  5. This reviewer is off. Put in over 100 hours would have bought 3ds version if it didn’t look and perform rough. Will buy switch version and any future remake. This game got me back into gaming and I have yet to have an experience similar since

  6. “You can’t help but wonder what it might have looked like on a machine with more power.”

    Well now I don’t need to wonder anymore.

  7. The switch version is going to get 10.0 because of the graphics

  8. This game is LOOOOOOOONG but TOTALLY WORTH IT. Probably my favourite epic Wii game.

  9. The game was ranked down for its graphics? Looks like you’re gonna have to revise that score IGN…

  10. Looks like they have to give the remake a full 10/10

  11. Also… it takes place on the living Titan. Not the mechanical one. Bionis is Alive the mechonus is a machine

  12. So looking at this review, the only thing that stopped it from getting a 10 was its graphics? Aww hell yeah!

  13. 9.0 rating
    Only negative: poor graphics

    Monolithosoft: “We can fix that.”

  14. Just preordered Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Works Set 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  15. Just orderd my one wich the wii u one on hear as well i loved this on 3ds mad it a strong handel its big need to know hiden new story

  16. Wth is the matter with this cheap thumbnail

  17. The switch remake will make everything better that IGN doesn’t like about the game (graphics)
    But mark my words: they will somehow give it a 8-9…

  18. “The game looks great considering it really pushes the limits of the Wii.” – graphically bad

  19. Soooo…. Does that mean that the game now will receive a 10 from you guys now that the graphics will be improved for the switch version?

  20. Who’s here the week before the switch release?

  21. Damn
    • Xenoblade – 9/10
    • Xenoblade Definitive Edition – 8/10

  22. So the video review for the DE has been taken down from YouTube… 🤔

  23. Who’s here after terrible ign definitive edition review.

  24. the fact that Pokemon Sword and Shield scored better than this is fuckin wiiild

  25. They gave the definitive edition a 8 while this got 9. Ok

  26. Wow, so there WAS a competent review of the game. It just had to be the "Graphically limited" version.

  27. they made them anime whiter in the new version

  28. I wish this was the person reviewing definitive edition

  29. Now how did the score drop when it was remastered?

  30. Of course youtube recommends me this after the dumpster fire known as the Definitive Edition review.

  31. “Xenoblade Definitive Edition is the best version of the game”


  32. IGN: The Definitive Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles is a much needed upgrade to the original that came out in 2012. So we're gonna link our review of the original game from 2011.

  33. Here after the Switch review lol
    complains about story 8/10 Definitive
    Says it has an epic story 9/10 original

  34. Imagine rating the definitive version lower than the original

  35. "An ancient ROBOT titan called the BIONIS"


  36. "I can't help but wonder what it would look like on a machine with more power." well this comment didnt age well lol

  37. Xenoblade Chronicles
    And special guest Ricky Shancez

  38. xenoblade chronicles: great game, 9/10
    xenoblade chronicles definitive edition: the best way to experience this great game, 8/10

  39. Who else can hear Keza’s pronouncement of “Zehn-oblade” instead of “Zee-noblade”?

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