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IGN Reviews – Zelda: Skyward Sword Game Review

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The iconic RPG franchise has been going strong for decades without ever becoming stale or boring. Nintendo has somehow managed to keep the magic going, and they’ve once again cast a spell over us with Skyward Sword.

See what makes this title so magical, and why it continues to carry on the series’ legacy with grace and skill.

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  1. No, it’s not the greatest Zelda game ever made. Sorry.

  2. This reviewer honestly needs his head checked.

  3. Haven't yall noticed how many zelda games have been the "best" zelda games 🤔

  4. Saying Skyward Sword was the "best Zelda game so far" is just rediculous. This game is so awful, and the developers clearly saw its awfuless and switched up the entire formula with Breath of the Wild because of it.

    Also, they really thought Skyward Sword was better than Ocarina, Link to the Past, or Wind Waker? Oh come on.

  5. This game is ready to be played on the Nintendo switch

  6. Yeah….this isn’t the best Zelda ever and they were REALLY generous with a 10 here 😂😂😂

  7. It’s hands down the best Zelda game ever created lmfao I’m dead

  8. its funny how its now regarded as one of the worst zeldas

    BOTW is clearly the best game of all time, not just zelda and thankfully nintendo mostly ditched motion controls which are awful

  9. Ahh The greatest Zelda game no not true there are OTHER Zelda Games that are GREAT to so BUT this is a great Zelda game to lol.

  10. Prime example of how an honest opinion gets eaten up when public opinion disagrees.

  11. It's funny how every Zelda game is the best Zelda game by the time of it's release according to game journalists. And about the motion controllers… Lets say this review didn't age so well.

  12. Still probably the worst Zelda title to ever exist…

  13. The greatest Zelda ever created.
    Yeah chief, that's gonna be a hard no.

  14. Man, this game had some of the best dungeons in a Zelda game!

  15. “The greatest Zelda game ever?”

  16. Did he really say the best zelda is this nah oot

  17. Skyward sword is hands down the best Zelda title ever created…

    Yikes, that didn't hold up then and it sure as hell doesn't hold up now lol

  18. Ocarina of Time. Now that’s the best game ever created

  19. It’s hilarious how Gamespot were the only ones who dared to mildly criticise this mediocre game the first time around and they got heavily dunked on for it. And now thanks to gamers and journalists alike, Nintendo are getting away with selling it again at full price

  20. "Best Zelda game ever created". This review was one of IGN's low points. For me SS was the worst game in the series, after a constant decline after OoT and MM. And I'd prefer a simple port of the latter games for Switch over a HD remake of this lousy game.

  21. Definitely not feeling those Rygar Graphics; They will Never top the Original on The NES!🙅🏾‍♂️🗡🙅🏾‍♂️

  22. "Motion control is the future of Zelda" aged like Milk.

  23. The worst game review I've ever seen. Dude says "charming" 3 times in the first segment and he was an executive editor. IGN had impossibly low standards when this game came out.

  24. This review haven't old well.

  25. It's crazy how much can change in a decade. A lot of the pros in this review for this game will be seen as cons now in the Switch port. Lol

  26. They couldn't make the gameplay like the wind waker? Japanese developers are real forgetful when it comes to their own games and the features in that game.

  27. POV: your watching this after ign uploads their Hd review of skyward sword

  28. How can they give the original game a ten when the SAME GAME with updated graphics gets an eight?

  29. So who's here after they just rated the BETTER version of the game a lower score

  30. pov: you've come to see how much ign contradicted themselves

  31. Gives a 10/10

    remake comes out and is slightly better

    mmmmmmmmmmmm 8 out of 10

  32. giving this game a perfect score back then was one of the dumbest things ign has ever done

  33. They gave the remaster a 7 but this is a 10… what?

  34. Just looking at this review it is pretty helpful. Probably will snag the HD one why not🤷‍♂️. Game of the ages.

  35. This was when IGN were still a gaming website. Not a mob of social justice activists.

  36. Skyward Sword is, for me, the second greatest Zelda game, just behind Breath of the Wild.

  37. funny how this game came out exactly a week after skyrim and feels 10 years behind.

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