Immortals Fenyx Rising Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?" - WOW! -

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?” – WOW!

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Karak with ACG reviews Immortals Fenyx Rising for PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch! A 3rd person action game where you take on the myths of tomorrow today!
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  1. Ok next update please add weather cycles at any time of day or night without affecting gameplay?

  2. Seems like a foolish, and wasted potential.
    They built such a great foundation, and only needed to have an actually engaging story and character with quality.

  3. This game is a fkn blast. And I'm a souls guy.

    It's just got a fun loop.. Idk..

  4. Is this game file size efficient the same way that Breath of the Wild is or is this also a; 4K texture needlessly bloated, game like so many today?

  5. Immortal Fenyx Rising and AC Valhalla are currently on sale for PS4 & PS5 and I can't decide, which one to buy for PS5. Can you guys give me your suggestions? I already have AC Odyssey in my PSN library, but have not started playing it yet.

  6. You never officially gave your rating. Is it a buy or wait for sale? I have to know. I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!!!!

  7. Just got the gold edition for 49.99 on sale off psn on ps5

  8. I love your channel. Its to the point now that I always watch your review first and more often than not I dont have to watch any others

  9. Thanks for your amazing review! Really enjoyed your enthusiasm. 5/5! I will be picking this game up soon.

  10. I just finished the game at 51 hours and I loved every minute of this game. I'm just about to start the DLC. This is one of the best game's from Ubisoft in a LONG time.

  11. I've just bought this for £20 brand new on xbox series x it really gives the breath of the wild vibe very well.

  12. Mh.. i love Open world Games and i enjoy cellshading and other art styles but i really cant warm up to this. For me it just seems so full and overloaded.
    I would like a more subtle ui

  13. An A title that has a good review… who would have thought!

  14. Lol played 4 hours and couldn't get over the MC looking like a dead eyed puppet!

  15. Game works with a controller and is Excellent.

  16. Looks like a good buy! But $80 😅🤷‍♂️ someone convince me!

  17. I did buy this game based on your review. I fuckin love it !!! Cant stop playing it. 😍

  18. Just bought it played 10 hours today on my day off had to pry myself away honestly i kinda like zeus and promethus bickering i find myself actually looking for things to get them to bicker about.

  19. I skipped this game back then. Now that i played Biomutant, im going to play this. I hear its a lot better than Biomutant so i should be in for a treat 🙂

  20. Learned one thing never consider IGN reviews!

  21. This game holds a special place for me

  22. My man earned himself a new sub with that team america reference. Dude im still laughing as I type this. That got me

  23. I’d get the game if it wasn’t for the weird character models and microtransactions

  24. I got the game two days ago and man, I simply can't put the controller down. Definitely one of the best games I have played this year!

  25. Most of the supposed "issues" with this game are really subjective.

  26. This game is low tier trash. What a mess.

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