Industria Review - Half-Life Vibes -

Industria Review – Half-Life Vibes

Worth A Buy
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  1. 3:54 so the story is $hit than…damn… Lets be honest, a story is only as good as it's ending!!

  2. This game looks like exactly what I want from a half life inspired game, it looks lovely BUT goddamn does that game length really put me off.
    I have a general rule of thumb where any singleplayer game that costs 25AUD or more should have at least 6 hours of content.

  3. I've always thought that Mack is a TRUE gamer. He can play anything.

    Most people play, and can only tolerate, certain types of games… like myself. I cannot go through every type 9f game because I'll get bored within moments unless it meets my specific requirements.

    Thank you Mack for doing what you do. 99% of us take it for granted.

  4. Was it made with the source engine lol

  5. These games have huge potential mack but do the developers really understand gaming. Mack have you covered Lost in Random.

  6. So it was developed by a 6 men team, right. So I guess we shouldn't compare them with the creators of Half Life / Valve Corporation with a total equity of 10 billion dollars.
    As you mentioned Mack, it's a decent game, not extraordinary but decent. And this is a compliment these days..

  7. Seems to me like the small team of devs focused on quality over quantity, lacking the funds or time to make a bigger game. The result seems nice, hopefully they can use their work here to secure more funding for next time. Perhaps they can add a truly hard difficulty to pad out the game a bit and make it worth playing.

  8. I think Black Mesa, the Half Life remake, is on Steam for £3

  9. For an indie game its not that bad, but I didn't get many Half-Life vibes playing. Although all Half Life games had a pretty slow start, they were progressive, as in the games became more challenging and intense the more you played. I don't remember Half-Life having journals, boring radio conversations, inventory, crappy black and white flashbacks or boring enemy encounters. Also the world is empty and lifeless, like something you would see in an early access game. 5/10 for me.

  10. Regarding games that are similar to HL2 – you played Singularity, but you I don't remember you giving Red Faction Armageddon a shot. Well worth it.

  11. Game made by 5 Devs, maybe if they have more budget game will be longer but maybe budget rush them into the release but anyway, hopefully they will have a lot of sales and they will bring another game of this genre!

  12. Don't worry, Mack. It looks fine at 480p on my shit internet.

  13. Mack,. the game below the video is linked to "dishonored".

  14. Had this on my wish lists for months, when the developer put on the steam page it was only 4hrs long, well I removed it. A massive shame and they had a great opertunity to bring out a awsome game. Maybe they will build on this with up dates, but I don't think so. 😒

  15. Fair review, thank you for the honesty! Greetings from the team!

  16. just finished black mesa, rushed trough with 15 hours..

  17. Didn't run great. You have a 2080 mate, old as fuck.

  18. Are you going to review Metroid or are you one of those PC master race snobs

  19. bought and played before you reviewed it utter disgrace work faster Mack. lol i loved it while playing and hated it when it ended lol. i totally agree with you apart from i had ray tracing on from the start because i'm a proper gamer. 👌🤣👌

  20. call it spam. Lemnis gate launched few days ago. you said you were going to review it, so do it. it is fun

  21. it sounds like a game made by devs in their free time as half life fans and couldn't add anything more since that free time ended so they just released it.

  22. Nothing like Half-Life, the protagonist talks.

  23. If you didnt feel threatened at all during any point in the game then this does bot sound like a half life game.

  24. Developers nowadays think that putting on great graphics will sell the game

  25. 30 seconds in and I’ve already decided I want this game…!

    Doesn’t happen often – now I’ll watch the rest of the review …. 😁

  26. Reminds me of SINGULARITY 2010

    God I love that game 😍

  27. its made by 2 people and a 3rd the last year (1st time game)

  28. I was so excited for the name of this game, Industria sounds like a factory building game.

  29. kinda looks like someone tried to make atomic heart before atomic heart came out.
    Some of the design elemants look like theyve been straight ripped from the atomic heart trailers

  30. This just made me want to replay Half-Life again

  31. I will keep saying it. I am happy we finally at the beginning of era where we start geting Half-like games.

  32. Hey Mack there’s a Indi game that I’ve been playing that no one is talking about Door Kickers 2 I’d love to see you review this game I love it and knowing what you like I think you will too

  33. Hey Mack there’s a Indi game that I’ve been playing that no one is talking about Door Kickers 2 I’d love to see you review this game I love it and knowing what you like I think you will too

  34. I think, I give it a pass. My lib is big and I put it on my wishlist for maybe later. I like Half life, but not that much of a HL nerd.
    Talking about enemy AI… I think the best I have seen was in F.E.A.R. (original). Wish they would make more like this, although the sequels were sadly not as great…

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