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It Takes Two Review

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Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, and PC.

“It Takes Two is a spectacular co-op adventure that lays down a path of great gameplay ideas and uses it to play a giddy game of hopscotch. It’s beautiful, breakneck-paced, and bubbling over with creativity, and playfulness and experimentation are rewarded at every turn. If you have any kind of co-op partner in your life, be they spouse, friend, sibling, or other (even a child, though the themes might be too mature for them), It Takes Two is a truly joyful trip you really need to take together.”


  1. F in the chat who people dont have friends to play this game

  2. why only a way out and it takes two??? shouldn't there be more???

  3. It Takes Two: 9/10

    Balan Wonderworld: 4/10

    Balance is restored

  4. Who else sings "it takes two to make a thing go right" when playing this game?

  5. Thanks for this great review. The game looks great and I'd love to play with my wife but she is utterly un-coordinated when it comes to operating a console controller.

    Thanks it takes two, for this experience.

  7. For this not to be a 10 just shows that y’all at IGN are fools!!!!!

  8. Timestamp thumbnail shows a score of 7. Wtf IGN!

  9. Hands down, my favorite game of the year. This was a journey.

  10. just finished playing through w my gf …. excellent for the relationship. super happy w this

  11. This game has every bit of charm and polish of a Nintendo title, and all of the wit and ingenuity of a Valve title. This is not an exaggeration.

  12. If anyone wants the game I’ll play with you on ps4 for free

  13. Great review…very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun 🙂 Do people even read manuals anymore though…lol. Great job on your video 🙂

  14. Played for 90 mins so far and feckin love it, design excellent, level intricacy is on point and the graphics are lovely too. Defo pick up if u have a coop partner

  15. This game deserves every bit of success it has received

  16. Me and my friend played through a way out and fell in love with it. We just started it takes two today and it’s awesome

  17. The guy's been praising the game the whole time, and it's a 7?

  18. Just give it a 10. one point off because a book was annoying really. They made him like that by design and it's part of the story.

  19. Ign vote ITT 9……..IGN vote fortnite 9,6…..igin celeste 10/10.

    Peoples vote for IGN:1.7

  20. Great game, crap femnazi characters… weird. Shouldn't be allowed for kids. This poor husband was trying to dump the old cow, but then his flippin daughter calls on satan to force them back together again as puppets. The goal? To achieve divorce from the perma blob.

  21. Welcome to the top 5 games that need to come to Nintendo Switch right now.

  22. After playing this game for 1hr with my wife, we decided to get a divorce. 10/10

  23. This game will become my new way to indirectly ask someone out

  24. I'd gladly spend $45 on games like this over and over again

  25. Its beautiful but please dont mention the Elephant in the room

  26. Weren't there a bunch of game journos who talked down the game's story because it showed that fractured relationships can be fixed and continued?

  27. What are you talking about the book? He is the most fun character and with more personality than any other in the game, nos that they don't have personality, is just that the book character is so unique that is great

  28. Anyone else notice the room full of pots from Ocarina of Time?

  29. Dr. Hakim was one of the best things in the game, found him hilarious

  30. Yes! More games like this please 🥳 loved it!

  31. What you he said about the book its an opinion not a thing

  32. 9/10 I’ll never forgive them for cutie. NEVER

  33. Should have warned about spoilers.

  34. It actually boosts my relationship with my wife.

  35. this game was great. really enjoyed it. ok except the elephant part (this was sick and should be removed). but all the rest was a lot of joy. cannot wait for ver 2.

  36. Looks like a game for 12 year old kids

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