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Jumanji: The Video Game – Launch Trailer | PS4

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It’s your turn… JUMANJI The Video Game is Out Today!
Play as movie heroes Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse, and Prof. Shelley in a hilarious new 3D action adventure. Buy now digitally and physically on PlayStation 4!

Online Multiplayer Coming Soon to PS4.




  1. I play bob the robber on hudgames, can I find other tracks of the game? thank you

  2. donde van con esos gráficos de play 2? xD

  3. I wanted to see a bigger budget game for Jumanji. Also why can't I play as Nick Jonas!?

  4. People in the comments don’t even understand how cool these graphics and animations are!! They symbolize the old PS2 games!! PS2 games were usually games from our favorite tv shows or movies! They were the best


  6. Why does Kevin heart look more like kanye west

  7. Is this available in PS2? Cause its where it belongs

  8. This had so much potential but it turned out to be a disappointment graphics are ps2 quality the gameplay is boring and there is really not that many options, it could have been awesome if u could actually play jumanji as your own character and explore the island and beat the levels troughout your journey just like the movie

  9. This is cool and it's available on PS4

  10. They should have made a jumanji board game video game like monopoly

  11. Would’ve been better if the game actually took you in… underwhelming

  12. lol, that moment they froze the frame when Dr bravestone was introduced. S

  13. Go home PS4 you're drunk. I'd play the original Jumanji game …. if there was one.

  14. I enjoy the game. I play this with my girl once in a while. It's an easy game. Only 3 modes. It gets repetitive fast. But it has split screen!

  15. I mean couldn’t have they made the graphics a bit better, the game is on ps4 as well.

  16. Juego qlo ordinario lo hicieron con el 10 ñ de las afp

  17. This is the last movie tie in game thats for consoles. Most turn to mobile apps these days

  18. They could've work with the people who made uncharted this games looks like playtstore rpg game

  19. Ill download it with Megaupload in my low end Pc from the early 2000s

  20. Listen, if the game doesn't drag me into it and make me actually Ruby Roundhouse then what's even the point?

  21. I don’t know what’s more forgotten jumanji 2019 sequel or the video game

  22. guys ……………………….. psssssss55555555 bessssssttt!!!!!!!!!! ( =

  23. Warhammer age of sigmar x dungeon and dragons x pathfinder rpg meets jumanji

  24. Warhammer 40k x starfinder rpg meets zathura

  25. How have I never heard of this hidden gem masterpiece

  26. Selling this game for more than $5 is a crime

  27. I bet if you go on roblox and type in Jumanji there will be better games than this

  28. This game is ridiculous they didn't use halo guns in the movie

  29. wow, like 4 character animations, applied with poor blending to all characters..

  30. Throwback to the fun game era…..ok loaded my mandelorean keys in and let's go

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