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Last Stop Review

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Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PC. Also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

“Last Stop spins three intriguing tales in an enjoyably vibrant vision of London, but the superficial depth of its dialogue options and redundant quick-time events made me feel like I was just passively pushing buttons to cue the next cutscene, as opposed to having any meaningful influence on the course of events that followed. The lively performances of the voice cast and a rousing orchestral soundtrack helped make for a handful of memorable scenes over the course of the journey, but I couldn’t help but feel that the six hours I spent idly completing Last Stop could have been better used making a dent in the traffic jam of television shows clogging up the watch lists on my streaming services instead.”


  1. This game is so underrated it has better story than Lis True Colors.

  2. Id rather play a game movie than watching one, this game was worth it, didnt come for the mechanics or anything, this isn’t rpg or 2k my career, its not the same thing 8/10

  3. My favourite IGN reviewer. Brutally honest and informative.

  4. Anyone else notice the insane subtle biast in reviewers, or is it just me?! 🤔🤔Whenever a multiplatform game is reviewed and it does well, they always use playstation footage, and whenever they review a game that does average to poorly, they'll use Xbox footage?! It's subtle but really shows how biast the gaming industry are and why you shouldn't trust reviewers.. just food for thought..!

  5. Even for free I'm skipping there better mobil games

  6. So much wasted potential. What a shame. Quantic Dream, Supermassive Games, Telltale, Wales Interactive, D'avekki Studios – any of these guys make this job so much better. Eventhough their games also has flaws. But they created a staple. Just follow it. But, no…

  7. This isn’t really a game but it’s really compelling!

  8. i'd say it was a 7ish game. If anything, if you got gamepass just give it a try. Its only like 4-8 hours so not like you have to invest a crazy amount of time. On both PC and Xbox gamepass

  9. There are no Quicktime events.

  10. Why do they let these "ign"orant people review games?

  11. Ah the guy who did the shitty little nightmares review is back

  12. Games like these where reactions don’t really matter. Could just be in case what would you pick in the situation… otherwise there is no reason to call it a game, it’s more like a PowerPoint

  13. Just finished the game, felt like a perfect addition to Game Pass. Pushing buttons that have no actual affect is a fair negative to point out, thankfully the writing and audio are really well done. Solid review.

  14. Choices dont matter apparently… Sad.
    That's the core thing of storytelling games… So this is a bad game.

  15. Such a beautiful game, Jack & John were the best storyline

  16. story driven game where your choices make no difference sounds pretty bad. liked the review though

  17. just make an animated series at this point, wtf??!

  18. Think I’ll pick this one up on my Switch Lite… I’ll need something light hearted to play after finishing Metro Redux & Metro: Last Light Redux.

  19. Great on Gamepass. Just finished it. Not much gameplay but the story was a really fun time with the Xbox. Glad it's on gamepass and great for the achievements.

  20. Mostly teltale games are the same though! Most of times there's no difference between choices and success and failure! Except the important choices that are practically screamed in your ear!( Not defending this game though, haven't played it yet. Just stating a fact!)

  21. This game was amazing, it made me emotional at the end, they should make a 2nd one

  22. Told me the whole game have no reason to play it now. Thanks. (Not really do better)

  23. The story, characters, and writing were pretty neath though. It's worth a playthrough imo.

  24. There are some people who seemingly would rather do animation movies, but somehow decided it would be easier or more profitable to just make a "game". "Game" as in "illusion of intractability and choice"

  25. This games with Illusion of choice are getting of my nerves… Cyberpunk ruin everything for me…

  26. Can't wait to download this on my PS2 in 2006!

  27. Thanks,saved me from downloading this c rap.

  28. Why would you make a game based around one of the worst tube lines in London? lol

  29. I'll give it a 7.5 although it's a one way Story driven game. It is like playing in a movie and with Xbox game Pas it is worth the play

  30. I’d rather buy a bag of weed for the same price

  31. Finished the game, stranger danger is my favorite story amongst the 3

  32. This game should have existed. Seriously it’s just another one those voilent games

  33. stronk black woman…. so tired of feminism&blm propaganda, realy

  34. The game looks really boring to be honest.

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