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Legend of Mana Review

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Legend of Mana reviewed on Nintendo Switch by Seth Macy. Also available on PlayStation.

The Legend of Mana of 2021 is as close to the original version as you could hope for while still bringing this classic original PlayStation JRPG into the modern era. The sprite work is timeless, and the newly redrawn widescreen backgrounds are just perfect. Legend of Mana is a game I just want to look at and absorb into my eyes as much as I want to play it… maybe even moreso, because while combat holds up, the old-school structure of its story makes it a little tougher to recommend unless you’re going to play with a walkthrough guide open on your phone the whole time. I enjoyed my time with Legend of Mana, don’t get me wrong, but wandering through its world from one unconnected quest to the next makes reaching the end feel like a very long guessing game – and there’s little or nothing that can be done to remedy that without fundamentally altering the DNA of Legend of Mana.


  1. This is the Treatment Secret Of Mana should of gotten.

  2. Ma Nuh, or Mahn ah, NOT Man ugh or Mann ah, wrong word and wrong pronunciation! Not the biblical Manna or Mannah, but Mana (Polynesian)!

  3. Damn, that remake looks gorgeous !
    Love the callbacks to Trials of Mana's 6 characters in the museum.

  4. There is hard mode on NG+, as well a mode of all enemies Lv 99, forcing maximization of the various systems. Story opportunities and outcomes can also differ, so there's replays there too.

    Multiplayer can be through the NPC characters you meet and acquire, or an imported alternate character file character. Only local though.

  5. The backgrounds lose something. They're too smooth. It surely wouldn't have been that hard to put a bit of texture on them.

  6. 7? the original Legend of Mana deserved at least a 9

  7. Somebody missed the point. Overall story? Not it. All the side stories and characters? That's the thing. Sure, you need a guide to do everything. But you can barrel through without as well. And he didn't even mention the soundtrack or characters.

  8. Just to let others know, on the PS1 game, you could raise the game's difficulty after beating the game the first time. (Wouldn't recommend Nightmare mode too soon.)

  9. man this would be me doing a review for IGN

  10. Is this like a havk and slash kinda combat?

  11. hey hey, my favourite game

    edit: just realised this is for the switch version lol. should've put the switch name in the title. looks the same as the old ps one though.

  12. This is literally a "Choose your own Adventure" type game 👍. Spent more than 200 hours back then in PS1

  13. it looks like photo or video where you missed the focus and the main character is blurry and background is crisp. To my taste it doesn't work at all.

  14. making the same legend of mana in 3d wonderful world like trial of mana for nintendo switch! and dont say it cant be!

  15. Iirc hardmode will be unlocked after the first playthru.. But you dont need to do NG+

  16. No mention to the music which is one of the most interesting features of the Mana series

  17. "There is no option to play in hard mode"

    Laughs in No Future Mode

  18. IGN, ARE YOU CRAZY??? WTF??? STREAM w/ LGBT?????

  19. This dude's voice really lends itself well to the excitement of his review. This guy's needs to do more from now on!

  20. Literally my all time favorite game since playing it as a child.. so happy to have both the original disc and now the remaster >.< glad people who have never played can now be introduced to this beauty

  21. While the backgrounds still look great, there seems to be something missing, high resolution seems to have taken out some of the details.

  22. Blue Dragon!!
    Rising Phonenix!!
    Hold and be hold!
    Favorite part of the legend of mana while grinding to get adamant type weapon

  23. Imagine a remaster of Final Fantasy 6 in the same quality.

  24. Ahhhhhh another exclusiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Guess I’ll miss this one too

  25. You cheated the game just by asking someone about speeding it up. These game were made for you to get your money's worth but you, just wanted a band aid fix. So like a young kid these days. Everything is not enjoyed for what it is, and just let's finish it. So sad to see that in gaming and no true completions done.

  26. These type of games are dead, and needs to stay buried.

  27. "There is no hard mode", seems someone didn't bother to continue playing after the end

  28. Definitely buy this, just waiting for the sale 😂

  29. Is there any additional stories or mission ? Or is it only upgraded graphics?

  30. have this guy voicing EVERY review, love his energy and genuine takes on the game

  31. Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object says:

    Make this guy review JRPGs on the future please.

  32. one of my faves during ps1 era just a beautiful game nof said

  33. Can we finally get a Grandia Remaster!!!!! It’s one of the most amazing RPGs ever made!!!

  34. Probably one of the best soundtracks in any game. It happens to be by Yoko Shimomura, who did the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack among many other things.

  35. This review was one of the best I've seen. Great job.

  36. 1999 Legend of Man surely is, and probably this remaster, the most beautiful game ever made. Not to mention the superb OST

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