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LGR – Fallout – PC Game Review

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Time to talk about the original entry in one of the most iconic series of all time! Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game from Interplay in 1997.

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Fallout 1 OST
“Vats of Goo, Vault 13, The Hub, and Khan Base”


  1. Man I missed out on boxes like that, always like to see this older stuff

  2. What really amazes me about Fallout is how little some of the imagery has changed over the years.
    Vault Boy, the Power Armor, even the logo. None of it's changed.

  3. Fallout 1 is a fine 99-year scotch. The flavor is intense.

  4. God I wish took better care of my stuff when I was a kid

  5. This made my interest in Fallout spike.

  6. i got this free because i paid for fallout76 and got it on my steam account

  7. This review was the launch button to make my interest in Fallout skyrocket. Bought Fallout 3 and soon after bought Classics and New Vegas.

  8. So when he says you can play this on modern computers does he mean literally any computer or do I need certain specs

  9. "25 hours if you just run for it"

    When I was young, that would have sounded awesome.

    Now that I'm grown, it sounds dreadful.

    Too much else to do out in the world.

  10. Such an old video, but I cannot resist, I have to say it is not an oblique projection, it is trimetric. If it were oblique the "front" walls would be parallel with the screen bottom and top, but they are at 15 degrees and the other walls are at 45 degrees. I should do a screen shot and measure them, but those are the angles used in trimetric projections.

  11. Is it true that most computers had a hard time running this game when it first came out???

  12. Amazing work done by Mark Morgon..Thanks for the thrilling soundtracks….😍♥️

  13. Have you thought about doing one for Baldur's Gate?

  14. 1997: Nurclear War at 2077.
    2021: Cyberpunk 2077.


    i dont think so

  15. That artstlye is just pure *chefs kiss*!
    I wish more games would go for this 2d/3d-mix or whatever it is <3

  16. My man did not turn on ignore pc scroll limit

  17. The atmosphere of the original Fallout can never be topped.

  18. Just finished 1&2 after years. One of the first games I played in my life. And I'm starting second run again…

  19. Fallout 2 is a better game, but the first one is my favorite. The atmosphere is so good, and I have good memories from when I first played it. The experience of exploration still remains unmatched for me: there's no magic compass, you know nothing of the world, and it takes a good while to get proper equipment.

  20. Fallout 1 is based on a alternate world of CyberPunk.

  21. After i wach your video now i wont do download from steam agin my Fallout 4 to play it agin

  22. the unclear reasons that GURPS was dropped are very clear. The owner of GURPS was unhappy that Fallout was graphically violent (eg. intro execution scene) and attacked mature subjects. Good riddance I say! 🙂

  23. No, Fallout 1 is the best in the series. Fallout 2 made a caricature of itself and 3, 4 etc are not even worth mentioning.

  24. When you realize that bethesda added nothing new to the lore.

  25. Then Bethesda went and fucked it up. When a dev goes public the interests of the client go by the wayside. CDPR learned this too, very recently.

  26. The manual is all i have left 🙁 but yeah it makes me happy too.

  27. I begged my parents to get me Fallout for my birthday in 97 while not even having a PC thanks to gaming magazines. I still have the original CD but lost my Vault Dwellers survival guide somewhere at my grandparents country house.

  28. The first RPG I've ever played. I often put the soundtrack on just to sleep to it. When Fallout 2 came out, I went crazy, playing for days, over and over to find all the quests and secrets… when Van Buren was announced, I was looking sooo forward to it. Too bad it never officially released. I hope the Van Buren fan project finishes… because, let's face it, every Fallout game from Tactics till today, sucks. I've played F3, New Vegas AND F4, but I never liked it as much as the original… the only game I could compare Fallout to, was Arcanum. Underrated game as well.

  29. GURPS wasn't dropped for seemingly no reason, the creator hated Fallout for its graphic violence and refused to have his system attached to the project.

  30. The final system still ended up looking so much like GURPS, despite the license not working out. For the longest time I thought that this game and Baldurs Gate shared the same engine, but it turns out that's not the case. Still, they have a lot in common nonetheless, including some of the people who worked on them.

  31. Petition to get LGR to review baldurs gate 1 and its expansion tales of the sword coast

  32. I though i would be put off by the DATED graphics and gameplay, but damn it if I didn’t love the entire buggy 90s mess. So much style and charm. Building your character and uncovering the big mystery is so much mor satisfying than any slow-mo killcams a la Bethesda.

  33. Uh, not the best in the series?

    I beg to differ.

  34. Just installed Fallout again off steam, had to run it manually from directory but playing a 24 year old game on i9 like it was made for it. Same fps lol 😉 Lets go get that water chip.

  35. My favourite build was the boxer medic, just stun / blind everything and heal at the same time xD.

  36. F1 and FNV are the best for me – I like F1 more than F2 because I like the atmosphere of F1 better and F2 has a super-boring start that put me off like three times before I've finished the game

  37. Ahh the best fallouts. Before Bethesda got their greedy little hands on it and turned it into ….not fallout. Bethesda can't do comedy. The jokes in their games are just crap.

  38. i still have the original vault dweller survival guide.

  39. Surely one of the best games ever made 🙂 Will live on forever..

  40. Why do you an oxhorn have the same voice

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