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LGR – The Sims 4 Review

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Gameplay and overview of The Sims 4. What are the new features? How does it compare to The Sims 3? Is it worth buying? Questions, answers, snark!

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  1. Sims 2 “giving us more expansions than we ever thought possible”
    2021 with sims 4…….

  2. Honestly I think they went to hard on the emotion system. Traits feel watered down I prefer TS3 but maybe vampires from TS4 and the wizards

  3. if you wanna build play sims 4 if you wanna play families play sims 3 ez

  4. I am a big fan of the sims growing up as well. I sort of struggled being a sims fan since I never really had an updated gaming PC between the years of like 2008 until about 2019 so for me from loving the original and expansions I more or less moved on to the console versions and back in that era I did actually have tons of fun with a good batch of them. Highlights for me include the sims and sims busting out, sims 2 and sims the urbs all on PS2. I also LOVED the Gameboy advance sims busting out I still think that one is really under-rated. I would also add in that I did rather enjoy sims 3 for ps3 back at that time. Always recently I finally got a good laptop and dove into 3 with tons of expansions and have been enjoying it but still deciding it I should stick with it or just jump into sims 4 so thank you for the video!

  5. Is TS4 worth playing now? I played it 1 year after launch with a few expansion packs and it was a horrible experience. I've been sticking to the older games, wondering if it's worth investing in now. Has there been any content that drastically changed the core gameplay? Because imo the foundation of TS4 is not great.

  6. Create A Style wasn't removed because of performance, it was removed to minimize the amount of content available in the base game.

  7. I remember when it was coming out, and I saw the ads and everything, and I was waiting to see the latest cool new things that they'd implemented, and I just didn't see anything. So I waited for it to come out, and then checked out reviews, and was so disappointed that they hadn't added anything new or fascinating with the new Sims. I loved 1, 2, and 3. Each one was an obvious improvement upon the other, and I wanted 4 to offer something new and fun, but it seems it never got there. I'll see what they do with 5, if they get there.

  8. I rewatched this just now because Sims 4 is on sale on Steam for just under $5.00. I think I'm going to pass though because I already have the Sims 3 and it seems like that game had a lot more going for it

  9. When you watch this in 2021 and realise that the gameplay didn't improve xD

  10. It's like EA sold you the skeleton of the game and will ask for more money for each organ/body part you want to add to it. They tried to do emotions but made the game soulless in the process.

  11. After 6 years I’m still not a fan of how the towns/neighbourhoods work in the game. Things just feel really disconnected when you see people who don’t even live in your town show up. Yes it allows you too see a wider variety of sims however going back and playing The Sims 3 picking where you’re gonna live in that game feels like more of an important decision compared too The Sims 4.

  12. Back in 2014/2015 I believed in the potential of The Sims 4 – for sure, there were many things missing but i hoped they would add them eventually… And they did (to an extent)… However, the marketing strategy, overpriced expansion packs, worthless stuff packs, some unnecessary features and updates really turned me off and by 2017 I was done with that game…

  13. Bought basegame a handful of packs and expansions and to get my moneys worth I've pirated everything else.

  14. Where can I get a Sims T-shirt and do you know they’re coming out with new packs

  15. i started playing the game in 2018 so i cant imagine playing with the black and white map, no toddlers, no pools, etc

  16. At first I thought you're being a bit too harsh, but then I realized I have 1000+ custom content in my game

  17. i wish i had never gotten the sims 4. i wish i just stuck with the sims 3 and spent the money i spent on the sims 4 and its expansion packs on ones for the sims 3. oh well, since i have the game now i better make some use of it, i guess.

  18. Sims 4 gets a bad rep. I can understand why as it's lacking in some areas (especially the base game), but it's the one I've spent most time with. I think it's down to the emotion system, which I find a lot of fun. Making someone die of laughter never gets old.

  19. So bored with the Sims so I decided to go back and watch. Thanks for inspiration!

  20. The Sims 4, also known as "The Sims 2.5: The Revenge of Electronic Arts"

  21. The Sims 4 is just one of the greatest step backs and objective downgrades in gaming history… fuck

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