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Madden 22 Review

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Madden 22 is here, and SGO takes a look at everything it has to offer in the deepest review on the internet. Still haven’t subscribed to SGO? ►►

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Madden 22 Presentation
1:52 Madden 22 Gameplay
7:17 Madden 22 Game Modes
11:43 Madden 22 Review Verdict

Did EA Sports do enough with Madden 22 franchise mode to make it a game mode worth playing? Has the gameplay in Madden 22 been improved enough to make it more realistic for players? Let’s find out!

Stay tuned for more Madden NFL 22 as we bring you more Madden 22 News and Analysis to get the most of our your squad and Madden 22 Tips to have you playing like a pro in no time. We will be uploading a ton of Madden 21 Gameplay and Madden 22 Franchise! We will also post full Madden 20 Ultimate Team Seasons. As well as Madden 21 Draft Champions and Madden 21 Ultimate Team team building so subscribe to our channel!

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  1. Wow no refs on the field ?? Smdh that’s whack

  2. And I was going to actually buy this game, haven't bought in a few years and than see that passing is ezmode and garbage. Great. Pass again, sigh.

  3. Another year. Another boring madden… fuck man. Can we get a good football games please.

  4. Lmfaoo I cant take these reviews seriously the game is garbage anything above a 3 grade is a reach

  5. Do long hair styles still disappear on o line players? this irritates me always so much

  6. The people who played for just the franchise mode stopped buying this game years ago. And even if they did fix the franchise mode, the gameplay looks fucked from hell

  7. The coverage issues were there last year on next gen so I dont see a quick fix happening

  8. How real is this game anyway? Which button do I press if I want to take a knee during the black national anthem?

  9. Review bomb these titles every year! Hoping EA sales go way down and the NFL decides to allow another company to make simulation football. It's been a long 15+ years without a proper NFL game. We've clearly seen EA is incapable of a higher ceiling and this is their limit. I played a little of the trial and it is really underwhelming. The graphics look like crap for a 2021 game, especially on PC. But, more importantly, the gameplay is no good and there is all kinds of bugs and instances of true laziness and bad quality control.

  10. I’ve been playing the game and I LOVE this review! The only thing I can’t agree with you on is the play art, I love the way it looks now on both offense and defense. Other than that though I agree with everything you said

  11. They have a contract with the NFL for the next 6/7 years I believe. Lmfao we have nothing to do with it 😂😂

  12. I can’t buy Madden cause it looks like y’all are talking to me

  13. It’s the best cover to date. But I’m y’all’s ad guy

  14. Y’all gonna want me to slap posters around the city

  15. I’m a Charger to yall. Back Up QB about to start

  16. I hated the Chargers only to find out I am Charger

  17. I just play the game. I don’t know what team I belong to

  18. Another year another skip. Fuck madden lol.

  19. Deduct 3 points from all these reviewers…
    That is the REAL score they wanted to give Madden 22… You are welcome

  20. Sony fanboy channel reviews NEXT Gen Madden and fails to point out the 120fps to 60fps advantage the series X offers which is game changing to any real gamer

  21. Definition of insanity: buying madden every year thinking it’ll get better

  22. All everyone has to do is not buy it and crap on the reviews just like everyone did for cyberpunk, and maybe everyone who was dumb enough to buy it will get a refund, Lol oh I forgot this is EA so nothing will get done, and next yr will get the same copy and paste again!

  23. Madden has been absolute trash for a while now.

  24. 2:22 #14 doesn't even run down the field to help block?!?! This is next gen Madden and yet has the same problems going back to 2007!!!!

  25. Looks like the same shit sorry not buying this trash

  26. It sounds like they just need to patch the defense and the game could be good. It's cool the home field advantage isn't OP, so that's an awesome it had me worried at first. I don't care about the games modes, my friends and I just drink and play a few games on the weekends anyway. I'll just wait for a few patches and maybe the game might even be on some kind of sale maybe by Christmas. For now I'm content with just playing 21.

  27. Bought Madden 08,10 and 12 for the Xbox 360 .For 15 bucks.More worth of the Money and Franchise Mode much much better.

  28. Yah I’m convinced that EA pay y’all for this review this game is bad very bad. Every year same old bugs, animations get worse. Madden is not a simulation game that why you can never sim with accurate stats.

  29. Its so easy to run on this game, all you have to do is do single back 3 receivers and 1 tight end, send 1 receiver in motion and wala the hole to run through is bigger than the grand canyon, and also to note its so to bring a ball carrier down

  30. This confirms why I haven't bought Madden since Playstation

  31. I absolutely dis like that PC got completely shafted, all your review covered was NEXT GEN!, very disrespectful. Are you SPORTS GAMERS ONLINE or NEXTGEN GAMERS ONLINE? If you are going to review something, review it completely! Supplies are still lacking for next gen consoles and PC/ current consoles are being delivered that same exact game as last year! I did like how you mentioned franchise had a upgraded coat of paint, essentially that is all it got, why didnt you cover all the bugs? There are a lot of people who cant even play this game. This review was terrible and incomplete, I expect more from yall!

  32. Instead of realistic hair and face scans I'd much rather they fix the gameplay the lack of physics based plays is ridiculous

  33. The only time i buy madden is when it almost the end of the season and its dirt cheap. You are a fool to pay 70 bucks for updated rosters..

  34. Looks no different then ps4 or Xbox 1, EA just plain and simple sucks

  35. How much EA paying you guys to give a positive review?

  36. you hate 2K all u want atleast they always use the next gen capabilities to add some animation to make the game feels fluid… unlike EA is stiff as fuck.. like the game NBA live… FiFA is killing this game… u can sense EA's priorities… and also when 2K knew MLB doesnt work they outright canceled it… this put all the resources back to NBA 2K…

  37. As I was listening to the review, I thought he was about to give it a 7.5. But he ended up giving it a 5.5. I would rate it a lot lower than that though. This game is garbage. I don't want to hate on Madden. I just want a proper Simulation Football Game..

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