Madden NFL 22 Review -

Madden NFL 22 Review

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Madden NFL 22 reviewed on Xbox Series X by Kat Bailey. Narration by Mark Medina. Madden NFL 22 also available on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox One.

Madden NFL 22 is a grab bag of decent – if frequently underwhelming – ideas hurt by poor execution. Face of the Franchise, to put it mildly, is a mess. Homefield advantage is a solid addition, but it doesn’t quite capture the true extent of real on-field momentum swings. The new interface is an eyesore, and the new presentation is cast in a strange and unflattering shade of sickly green. It’s smoother and marginally more refined, but in so many ways it’s the same old Madden. In short, if you’re hoping for a massive leap forward for the series on the new generation of consoles (or on the old ones), you’re apt to be disappointed.


  1. Finally! The last 6 or 7 madden games deserve a 6/10 tbh

  2. Ign's 6 is like the equivalant of a 2 for a regular person.

  3. Guessing EAs check only arrived half promised to IGNs offices; hence the score. Sell outs

  4. How bout everyone stop buying madden until they make NFL street 4.

  5. NFL 2K5 still shitting all over Madden 22.

  6. Madden 22 will be top 10 selling game of the year, sadly

  7. Every year. EA makes a shitty pro football game. It's just “the same”.

  8. It blows my mind that people still buy madden.

  9. Who wants to buy my madden team $400 and it’s all yours

  10. Let 2k start making games and watch the football genre explode. This current version is disgusting

  11. Hahahaha they didn't even talk about how kaeperclit is an 81 guy is skooma

  12. Ultimate Team is the bread and butter. EA doesn't care. It's all about the currency.

  13. At least IGN isn’t drinking on the job again and saying it’s such a great game like the last 5 maddens

  14. If you buy this it's your own fault you should know better.

  15. IGN giving madden a 22 That’s abysmal for IGN

  16. its a homeless 2k my carrer mode 🤣typical ea 🤣

  17. What does the dev team actually do all year?

  18. internet and gaming are both the WORST and BEST thing to ever happen to game consoles. We all know the upsides of being able to play games online, but at the same token, because games and internet are so intertwined now it makes game developers become lazy… Which in turn makes them not care to polish a game and make sure everything is working in that game BEFORE release dates. It allows them the comfort to put out games that aren't ready and claim they will fix bugs in later updates(which they hardly ever do).

  19. EA won't step up their games without competition. Would love to 2K football again.

  20. STOP BUYING MADDEN. Geez we’d have 2k by now if y’all stopped buying in 2015. NFL can pull out of madden deal if sales drop.

  21. EA should be ashamed of themselves with such a high power machine and they give us this crap again smh

  22. This game has been the same for almost 6 years.

  23. Bought the game, its sooooooo garbage and glitchy

  24. It’s been out for 3 days basically ya’ll gotta calm down😂 it’ll be “fine” by week 3

  25. Just take a year off and get Madden back on track

  26. Lmao the coordinators is straight from NCAA 14. This game is literally 8 years behind the curve

  27. IGN, this game is beyond terrible and you know it. It should be getting a 1 out of 10!

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