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Making YouTube Game Reviews

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By popular request, these are just a few general pointers and tools I find helpful to get started with making game reviews or a gaming channel on YouTube. I don’t have much stylistic advice. I’m like that teacher in Fable who just gives training and doesn’t care if you do good or evil with it. Please be good anyways.
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I take video suggestions at
Start – 0:00
My First Video – 1:26
Hardware/Software Options – 2:13
All About Audio – 4:05
Video Editing – 8:48
Writing/Project Management – 11:18
Titles/Thumbnails/Tagging/MetaData – 14:55
The Internet and You – 17:39
Money and Ethics – 18:53
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  1. for another video editor lightworks is good & free

  2. the youtuber who does almost everything right, much respect, Mandalore

  3. I searched 579 and got nothing but rappers and russian porn

  4. This video was extremely wholesome and helpful. That's a sub from me dawg.

  5. Thanks for sharing..just looking how to make my first game review

  6. How do i get the merchants guild to fund my vidoes? 😀✌🏻

  7. I use Sony Vegas as well, i feel your pain lord Mandy. Random freezing is the worst. If you don’t save consistently while making a vid it locks up.

  8. This video finally pushed my over the edge to actually create something.
    Thank you very much, not just for the technical tips, but especially the general and mental (does this make sense?) tips on how to approach video creation.

  9. This video was very helpful! After watching I have some notes and have more of an idea on how to create a channel . Thanks 🙂👍

  10. I still want to know what tag 579 does..

  11. Don't know why, but I tremendously enjoy your channel. For a while I was trying to figure out exactly why, but then gave up and just continued enjoying 🙂

  12. I personally found that there is not much point trying to create yet another review channel as so many already exists and do a lot better job that I could. So I grabbed a different perspective on the concept. Trouble is now how to lead the audience to find a channel they never knew it existed…

  13. Thank you! My channel owes a lot to this video

  14. Tried your advice and accidentally burnt down my house in the process

  15. Wait a second… dante wasn't even in this video….

  16. Most of these stuff I already knew from other places and personal experience, but the thing about the tags I didn't know. Even if I knew stuff, this video is gold. Thank you, Mandalore-senpai.

  17. Good video. I have no interest in spending my time doing this but was still an entertaining video.

  18. A question for the hivemind: which game is that being displayed at 0:42 ? Looks interesting but I've no clue what it is, and image search gets me into a swamp of murky-gray games that aren't it 🙂

  19. You have really inspired me to start my channel back up. Im not much of review guy but these tips are still very applicable to any format. and Im feelin energized to try my hand at it.

  20. That Ibuprofen joke was enough to earn you a like and sub

  21. Can't believe how much you rip off mangalobe gaming

  22. 21:15
    Never heard that saying before, but that saying spoke to me in multiple ways and I'm glad I heard it.

  23. I can't believe this is the last video the real Mandalore ever made. He got replaced by a machine!

  24. A thing I've learned about trying to appease everyone is this: you can make the most delicious and perfect apple pie and there's always gonna be someone who doesn't like apple pie.

  25. as someone who has had to pop an Ibuprofen before and during work I appreciate that reference.

  26. The tagging system really do wonders.
    I tagged my low effort 1 hour video with stuff like #1hour #meme and people really search for stuff like that.
    It's an effective way to promote your own videos with little effort.

    Also thanks for this little tutorial, it was very smooth.

  27. But where did you get all those photos of that Ugandan Warlord? And how do you change your voice so convincingly between channels?

  28. "Vegas will cost you a few hundred bucks"

    Reality can be whatever I want

  29. I do want to make a YouTube video after watching this. Now, it's time to find someone to make it…

  30. Thank you for the advice 🙂
    I'll try to implement some changes to my own content in the future.
    Can't wait to see what your next review will be.

  31. A bit late on this but this was hugely helpful and inspiring!

  32. Thank you for making this video I have always wanted to try but never had the guts to pull the trigger but as you laid it all out I might give it a shot fingers crossed

  33. What does the 579 tag thing mean? Is it a joke? I'm confused lmao I looked it up and all I saw was truck stuff.

  34. Me: buys yeti
    Mandalore: watch this voice actor vid
    Me: watches voice actor vid
    Voice actor vid: don't buy a yeti
    Me: bugger

  35. I know this isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but a lot of people were asking for something like this so I hope it helps them out. I'll be keeping a close eye on the comments for the next few days especially to answer any specific questions. I'm also a month behind on email since the open call for questions exploded.

    Timestamps Below:
    My First Video – 1:26

    Hardware/Software Options – 2:13

    All About Audio – 4:05

    Video Editing – 8:48

    Writing/Project Management – 11:18

    Titles/Thumbnails/Tagging/MetaData – 14:55

    The Internet and You – 17:39

    Money and Ethics – 18:53

    MY CHANNEL IS DYING!!! – 20:41

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