March 2021’s Best and Worst Reviewed Games - IGN Reviews in Review -

March 2021’s Best and Worst Reviewed Games – IGN Reviews in Review

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IGN Reviews in Review is here to look back at all the biggest games that released for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, in March 2021 and go over every IGN Review for each title, from worst to best.

This month, we’re look at games such as The Outer World: Muder on Eridanos, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2, Loop Hero, Dead by Daylight, Monster Hunter Rise, a re-review of Apex Legends as well as its port to the Nintendo Switch, and so much more.


  1. IGN’s reviews are such an odd mess lately lol. Well for a while now

  2. If EG2 has poorly communicated objectives, maybe the game isn't for you. Personally, my 10 year old nephew has somehow already beaten the game.

  3. edit Does he always crack jokes on this series?

  4. It Takes Two > Monster Hunter Rise

    – IGN

  5. Kids are salty because of monster hunter review

  6. Doom fans are screaming when they call ancient gods part 2 a hard challenge!

  7. How the hell did rise only get an 8? That game is incredible.

  8. As he gets older he looks more and more like monke

  9. the noob who reviewed monster hunter rise probably didn't even do the hub quests and just rushed through village then gave it a score

  10. Still can’t believe MHR was given an 8. That game is a SOLID 9 at the least

  11. Probably won’t play apex ever 🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. The fact that evil genius 2 got such a low score Bc it was “to hard” 😂

  13. Apex legends gets a 9 but monster hunter rise gets an 8… ok there ign…

  14. Seriously IGN, Apex legends(By EA), over MONSTER HUNTER RISE.

  15. 1:47 Because the dev thinks the dog will catch covid. Does that answer your question?

  16. The fact that apex legends outscored MH rise is down right criminal

  17. Ahhh yes, Disco Elysium. I've been waiting. Totally worth it.

  18. Murray from the impractical jokers?

  19. why tf does dbd get a 9 that game is easily a 4 or 5 especially with the movement and hub update

  20. Love the It Takes Two recommendation but Dead By Daylight is abysmal at this point. I've tried to get multiple people to play, multiple times and in each instance everyone simply hated it because the game play loop was so unsatisfying.

  21. Once missing hidden gem from this list is kaze and the wild masks. An excellent Platformer that is inspired by donkey Kong country.

  22. Commenting for reach day 4 challenge help me keep on going 😀

  23. The best thing about this series is getting Max and Brian to host it

  24. Dark fantasy ARPG She Will Punish Them (Beta HD)

  25. How does ign have 15 million subs but only 30k views?

  26. Dead By Daylight did not deserved the 9/10. Too many game-breaking bugs for it to be enjoyable. It's no longer scary or fun anymore.

  27. Who let the dogs out? Not Harvest Moon, apparently.

  28. can you guys re review terraria now when the 1.4.2 is out

  29. Remember guys , nobody is a better reviewer than yourself ,

  30. Narita Boy is actually awesome. Just ask Skill Up 😅

  31. Kentucky route zero is back again for a 20/20.
    The best game ever created ever.

  32. Breatedge 5? Really? Cmon it deserves better than that

  33. Love Max and Brian but anything about IGN reviews never goes over well. Lol. Loved the Dead Cells review! It’s my favorite! Lol.

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