Marvel's Avengers - Before You Buy -

Marvel’s Avengers – Before You Buy

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Marvel’s Avengers (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia) is a superhero game that attempts both big-budget campaign action and ongoing live service multiplayer. How is it? Let’s talk.
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  1. game looks to dull and looks very pg its meeeh

  2. I REALLY wanted it to play like batman arkham series, but oh boy was I wrong.

  3. TB honest

    I liked the Lego games more than this

  4. OKAY what if I put the difficulty to easy and fight through the battles quicker so I don’t have to spend 11 hours. Is making it easy going to satisfy me so I could just watch the cut scenes ??

  5. that's great and all, but does it have moments of greatness?

  6. The campaing was great until the multiplayer and even after launch the new heroes are fun to unlock

  7. I did buy it and it’s ok like just ok nothing more

  8. I got it on sale for 40 bucks and I like it so far

  9. It's funny and sad at the same time, this game was designed to be that what it already is, a money maker, nothing more or less. If You expected more out of this game then You were probably highly disappointed. I had people try and tell Me to play it before judging it, but looking at everything as a whole, it's hard not to now. This coming from a dedicated Marvel fan. So being Bias or not is out the window. This game should not be sold at full price period. 30 and under is fair, even 20. With all the extra content they charge You, it's definitely not worth the game itself. I sure hope another developer treats the characters with care, and not in this poor fashion. I would love to maybe another Ultimate Alliance but not like this. I hope Crystal Dynamics take note of the cons from this poor excuse for a game. Smh

  10. I found a code on my 5 Gum pack and decided to research a little bit

  11. 11 hours for a $60 game? I get 300 hours from Assassin's Creed and almost nothing to bitch about, except the grinding when I'm thinking about a replay.

  12. If the game was “open world” It would a much better game but sadly it’s not

  13. Campaign is GREAT, but short. Multiplay is seriously repetitive.

  14. Who is here after seeing it being added to PS NOW?

  15. I had a bad feeling from the very beginning.

  16. Need a new deadpool game… there I said it

  17. Buy it discounted or psnow it for single player campaign

  18. Kamala might be the most annoying cringe worthy character I’ve ever played as in a game

  19. I hate when I buy a game and I pretend too like it because I wasted money on it lol.

  20. This game suck man I really feel like the combat isn’t interesting enough to invest time to unlock your favorite players

  21. It’s meh. It’s enticing enough to play for about a week or two to like milk it but I don’t see it being anything beyond that cux it gets boring after a while. The gameplay like fighting is too much. It’s so much chaos that it gets frustrating at times. Cux u have the robots in the air shooting at u. Then u have the different level and power robots on the ground coming at u at once. Then the big deadbots machines is aiming at u and it’s all so chaotic. I hate that.

  22. This game is really bad way worse than what he says



  24. honestly, it was boring, and the characters in the campaign were always at each other's throats. But then best buddies in the next cutscene. several times just trying to drum up any sense of tension. plus the whole over arching story was meh. and the new main character with the stretchy sweaty palms was very cliche, and uninteresting.
    probably take that 60 bucks, and spend it on micros in Destiny.. if you really want to throw you money in the sewers.

  25. I’ll wait till it’s in the $10 bin at Walmart 😂

  26. Game feels repetitive, same enemies and warzones look the same. Didn't fall with the characters. No free roam. And developed by square Enix. This game is a mess

  27. Serious question: Can you play this offline on PS4? Please reply!!!

  28. Square-Enix would have been better off focusing on the next Tomb Raider, or Kingdom Hearts game. This was such a waste of time and money!!

  29. My stepdad got this on disc cuz I got an A in my test im here to see how hood it is as I download it from the disct

  30. Really the loot is very important i got some loot and it made the gameplay completely different

  31. Hopefully this game is like battlefront 2 and becomes really good with dlcs

  32. The problem was the micro transactions and terrible glitches/lag. If the game released with a co-op multiplayer design, and zero of the above stuff, I don’t think you’d see as much complaining from players. The combat was cool, and I liked the awesome amount of development in the skill tree.

  33. Seems more disappointing than I thought. Glad I watched a bit before buying. I'm glad I bought Miles Morales instead.

  34. just thought bout buying it not paying full price for this maybe when it's on sale maybe

  35. Not the disaster many of us were expecting, but still has biig issues.
    Who's your fav? Toss up btwn Cap and Kamala. Also Hulk is good

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