Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther - War for Wakanda Review -

Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther – War for Wakanda Review

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Despite offering more of what came before, Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Black Panther – War for Wakanda is a solid chunk of story content that’s enjoyable for its short run time. The story is simplistic but has some charm that makes you want to root for these characters. Black Panther is a great addition to the playable roster, ripe for downing enemies with carefully chained combos.

As mentioned before, many of the annoying oversights present with the core experience are still there, and War for Wakanda doesn’t magically change the game in any way whatsoever. Given the fact that War for Wakanda was touted to be Marvel’s Avengers first proper expansion, the developer has decided the game’s future direction – which is to focus more on story content and less on actual fixes to the problems with the game’s live-service nature.


  1. These idiots gave Madden 22 a higher score.

    Let that shit sink in, they totally fell off since last year and have lost integrity.

  2. Good dlc but considering this is an “expansion” and the game still lacks a good endgame, this needed a bit more I think.

  3. All hail de queen 👸 she is da queen now cluck cluck … Fat L 😢

  4. “Shu-ra” lol clearly this man didn’t watch the movie

  5. so this is a two hour add on where you run around and fight a few enemies… same thing as the core game? wtf dude, i hope it's free at least

    edit: nevermind it's 5 hours and free.. well that's something at least

  6. The graphic style they chose is so strange I can't tell if it's ugly or not

  7. An arkham style game with black panther.stealthing in the trees of wakanda,damn what a dream that would be..

  8. We gotta wait until all the DLC is out to get a full game

  9. A least they're trying… Looking at you, CDPR & People Can't Code.

  10. Too little too late. Glad I didn't buy Avengers. Looks like shite graphically as well

  11. “shura?” how do you mess up someone’s name when its right in front of you🤔

  12. The panther texture at the beginning still trash but that’s the only weird texture thing other than the glitches since this game is poorly optimized and I don’t have luxury of having a ps5 🙁

  13. It’s getting close but still need some more work, but I am more hopeful since playing Black Panther. Now they have at least started down a good path plz don’t stray from the path , it’s the first time I fired up the game for months. Stay on Target by giving players things to do and making good content and they will come . 🤙🏼🤘😎👨‍🦳🎮

  14. They should not even release spiderman they going embarase them self miles morales will make them look like shit

  15. Princess Shura? I don't understand how people fuck up names so bad

  16. I tried to get into it but the gameplay for this just felt tedious to me.

  17. So this review got me thinking. Witch is better a game that features constant story additions or is heavy on end game content. If you're a live service game yuu better be balancing both and making sure your loot game is on point. And for the love of God fix what's broken. I have faith in this game though.

  18. This game should be great but all in all I can't stand playing it. Idk what went wrong but it feels very mechanical and inorganic.

  19. Its a free dlc what else do you guys want lol and how are they gonna say the gear is trash when they even played the game only showing off the uncommon and common gear lol its not even that hard to get rare or higher gear 😂

  20. Lol besides PvP what live service MMO has a good endgame………your always doing the same thing over and over that’s like bitching about COD having the same multiplayer for 20 years. the hate for this game is starting to be annoying bro the games that are just like this do the same shit he doesn’t even mention the event for wakanda watch a review from the actual community of the game I bet the ghost review and miles morales review was a perfect review lol people are wierd bro never keep the same energy

  21. If they're not going to fix the game's core issues and bugs, then these story expansions need to be meatier.

  22. Nothing about the new UI and a number of things. Glad they got someone who's practically unfamiliar with the game past launch to review how it's changed since then I guess.

  23. Quick random question do you need to finish the campaign of the base game to play multiplayer ??? Just got the base game and I'm lost completely, I thought it was an online multiplayer game ,downloading this now also

  24. I don’t know if this campaign is meant to be multiplayer but its almost impossible to get through these first enemies in single player.

  25. After playing Marvel avengers game, we should appreciate Rocksteady and Insomniac games for exquisite super hero games.

  26. I think this game would have a chance if the loot got redone… I liked the old Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 loot better than this stuff!

  27. I’m having a blast playing through the campaign from the beginning. I don’t look at every little issue. I have fun playing games. In short, I get my money’s worth

  28. And I shall still pass. They gotta step they game up when u have Spiderman and Batman games shittin in the open 🌎

  29. Marvel rights need to be snatched away. Nice video.

  30. You lost my respect when you called Tchalla's sister Shura

  31. God I hope rocksteady’s suicide squad doesn’t turn out like this game

  32. This game will go down in history as one of the biggest missed opportunities ever, you have the most profitable ip on earth (thanks to the MCU), all square enix needed to do was make a fun action adventure game like Spider-Man and they could’ve gone the paid expansion route with dlcs like this and made more money than they could ever imagine, but they fucked it up because of greed

  33. example of a reviewer that knows nothing hes talking about 😂 princess shura lmaoo

  34. Punch bots, pray for gear level, rinse & repeat.

  35. This review is from the viewpoint of the experience you would get from being really novice and maybe even kinda bad at the game though. A lot of stuff he talks about is only a problem if you don't have basic understanding of how gear and damage works.

  36. I really love fighting the same 3 robots that have a million hp over and over🙃

  37. Wanna bet the spiderman DLC is next, and then they Anthem the game?

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