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Marvel’s Avengers Review

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Assemble your friends. Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. You can read the full written Marvel’s Avengers review by Phil Hornshaw on GameSpot.


  1. Rather play Ultimate Alliance again than this shit

  2. I never play games for their multiplayer aspect, for me Avengers is a sure shot 9 let alone for its campaign ❤️

  3. Excellent review. Congratulations Phil Hornshaw

  4. Mans barely spoke about the repetitive mission design. There's literally like 3-4 rooms thag you keep beating over and over again.

  5. It really looks like they failed to capture what each of these characters should be. vs Taskmaster, it's never been about who threw the 1st attack and yet here is Black Widow, busy landing hits on him from simplistic moves.
    It's very generic in that each hero/enemy has unique moves to them, but they all react like basic NPC/AI characters form any other games that would have been granted those same skills/abilities.
    This is far less like the amazing Spider-Man game and more like Injustice where batman beats superman with batarangs.

  6. Buy this 2 years down the line when they've hopefully fixed most of the glaring issues

  7. This game is AWESOME!!! It’s worth getting just for story mode. The multiplayer is best with friends rather than the AI although the AI isn’t bad really, I have been playing it since release and finished story mode and now I am levelling up black widow, the game really makes good use of each character, some areas in the multiplayer can only be reached by using specific characters so there is incentive to go back. It’s fast paced, great character development, square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos are 3 of the best game companies in the world. The game has long life beyond the campaign with mini stories for each character in the multiplayer, it is no more repetitive than any other online game like Destiny. Now for the flaws…at times AI heroes will stand and do nothing but rarely, I have been underneath the ground before 😆 I haven’t seen any significant frame rate problems/slow down but other than the odd glitch which all games have with normally funny results it is good to play without game breaking problems. For me it is a 9/10 it does what it’s meant to do, it’s not a jack of all trades and sticks with what works. Finally I am looking forward to all the new characters being lined up with their own stories, to be honest if you want to find fault with this game you will find it, my advice is just to flipping enjoy the game and put it all into perspective, 10% flaws out of 100% of the game isn’t a problem to me. Enjoy! 😃

  8. just don’t play for 50 hours in the first week it comes out

  9. I like the game despite it's issues. This is a very ambitious project, as an developer I couldn't imagine what went into getting the game to market. Once the new character are introduced and bugs get squashed, the game will realize it's true potential.

  10. Great first two hours of gameplay. They should have just put the effort into the story that’s all we wanted!!!

  11. Why it take so long to release this review?

  12. I hate how cluttered this game looks everytime in combat, all the characters with their glowing hands look ugly as shit.

  13. >spends 90% of the review complaining
    Okay sounds like they're gonna give it a 3 or a 4
    >gives it a 7

  14. So you gave ghost of Tsushima a 7 and also this a 7. That’s why you don’t get views

  15. Fair score, but the future of this game seems promising

  16. I like it. It's good for family. Not violent. The game play is different compared to the ultimate alliance games. The game is also made in Canada. The Nintendo switch comic book game have more replayability but less story.

  17. don't buy this game i hear people are complaining about dead multiplayer

  18. The combat is nothing like Batman/Spider-Man. This reviewer is clueless

  19. I am looking forward to playing the game at some point and get a better understanding of all the criticism and hopefully have some fun.

  20. It's pretty sad that the normal for games now is "This is a buggy mess at launch…. but imma keep it cause it may get better."

  21. It looks pitch black, how about some light?

  22. They gave this game and Batman Arkham Knight 7s. I feel like Arkham knight is much better, despite too much Batmobile.

  23. Just bring the Xmen back already. Mickey Mouse ain’t it.

  24. This game is a complete broken mess. Combat gets old pretty quickly and I can’t progress through the game without being downed every ten or so times.

  25. I have played this game for around 4 hours.. and frankly speaking to this game is worth max 20$.. that's it..

  26. Gives LONG list of problems, still give it 7/10 in the vain hope it gets better in the future.
    Why can't reviewers stick to reviewing the ACTUAL GAME they are playing? Who knows or cares if it will be a better game a year from now, you are reviewing the game as it currently stands. The list of issues for this game is criminially long, yet it still gets a hearty recommendation.
    Please can everyone stop rewarding developers for pumping out unfinished money-grabbing rubbish.

  27. I'll wait til this game is free on ps plus play it for about a hour then delete this shite

  28. This is games gameplay is so much fun. The only downsides are the graphic hiccups and the micro transaction (even that can be earned with leveling up)

  29. Wow, you gave a greedy mess a 7 but gave the excellent Rehydrated a 2?! SCREW YOU!!

  30. No way this mess is a 7 .. joke of a game .. Arkham games and even DC universe online is better!

  31. Jesus christ I am getting bored of just playing as kamala kahn

  32. this game is a terrible mess, unfortunately i gave a solid -1 to the gameplay but a 7,5 for the story

  33. Y’all already know not to buy the game when it first come out lol now it is amazing I love it

  34. So Bethesda made this? Hahahaha, I kid I kid!

  35. Remember lads. They just gave Cyberpunk the same score

  36. Sorry what? Who the fuck is Kamala? Cool it's a new world, let's cover both bases ethnic and female – check.

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