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Marvel’s Avengers Review

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Marvel’s Avengers reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro by Tom Marks, also available on Xbox One and PC.

Marvel’s Avengers has a fun and endearing superhero campaign, but it’s tied to a loot-based endgame that’s repetitive and unrewarding. There’s a nugget of something cool here that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix could foster with updates in time, but right now it offers very little reason to keep playing past the credits.

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  1. I have hope in this game they have fixed a lot of bugs and added new character the future is bright if people support the game more they will get endless content

  2. At the very start I thought she was gonna say "I'm Kamala Harris"

  3. I've been playing for two excruciating and frustrating days. Needless to say I've had it with this pile of garbage.

  4. No wonder this game drop price so fast!!!!

  5. Marvel should Stick to movies dc has better games animated movies and series better comics better villains and heroes

  6. When are game developers going to start doing their jobs well. They always do the bare minimum no matter what.

  7. Honestly I find Troy "Nasal" Baker insufferable to listen to in all roles.

  8. At least this game did not surprise, disappoint, or fool anybody. It was exactly what we all thought it would be. All of it's marketing screamed stay away from this AAAA mobile gaming experience. YOU KNOW if IGN gives it a 6…it is actually a 3-4. Never forget, IGN gave Anthem a 6.5 so what does that say about this heap?

  9. Well we can already all that Arkham knight that came 5 years ago looks and plays better than this piece of crap

  10. I called it. The game looked a repetitive beatemup and IGN hypes it up just to give it a low score. Just like anthem.

  11. The single player campaign could've been multiplayer with AI intelligence when the gamer is playing by theirself and not having spiderman and black panther as avengers also could've hurt the game sales. 59.99 for a project that many gamers don't know about isn't reasonable at Launch.

  12. Is this game worth $49.97 AUD? I have a PS5, so does playing it on that make it worth it?

  13. Kamala is the most annoying, unlikeable character. Playing as her and watching her cinematics was a chore.

  14. Should had been more like free roam but then it would had taken them 10 years to make.

  15. If you didnt have to play so much as kamala it would be better

  16. We just bought it a week ago with money came from Cyberpunk 2077 lol

  17. We need an avengers game like with all the heros like a where u can fight anyone u chose and a better story

  18. How much helium did this guy inhale before recording the review?

  19. DC will always beat marvel in games and animation

  20. Alright. Guess I’m getting Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch then

  21. The most disappointing thing is that the marvel lego games were better than this

  22. this looks so much worse after playing this on the ps5.

  23. Who's here after finding out it's coming to psnow

  24. Who is here after seeing it being added to PS NOW?

  25. PS now is the reason and I'm gonna play it

  26. This game was ruined simply by loot.. why does the hulk or Thor need loot?

  27. What is Black Widow even doing there? Every time in the movies we see Captain busting out his shield, Iron Man preparing his Repulsors.. and then Widow unholstering her pistol lmao

  28. It's currently $23.99 for PS5. Is it worth that much, at least?

  29. What a shame it's $23 on sale still won't buy it come on let's sing the song… Marvel how low can you go how low can you go $$10$$ 😂

  30. This is the only time I’m agreeing with IGN.

  31. They could've made this in 2D to have that comics feel just like the new TMNT game or Streets of Rage 4

  32. Don't know how many out there have gaming variety but remember when shadow of the Colossus on the PS3 was in 3d? And remember when you played the remake on the PS4 in vr and realised it was 3d as well, uh guess what marvel avengers on your psvr is also 3d, won't be for everyone but this games mad through ya psvr, loving it more now, I've been very patient with this game and it's extra content is getting better! Don't give up on it!

  33. Currently playing this on ps5 atm it's not as bad as everyone says but it's not great either if they put the game in the same format as miles morales or spiderman it would be a much better game

  34. Imagine if Rockstar made a marvel game 🤩

  35. Game looks great… with great acting… it’s a shame it’s not great… and was just a cash grab multiplayer focused game.

  36. Ultra strong gamma ray infused near invulnerable being and some woman going hiya = about the same

  37. This game is not the best but the fighting is amazing and the action

  38. They should have made it like FFXV and focus on the story rather than the multiplayer

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