Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review -

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review

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Here’s IGN Jonathon Dornbush’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales review for PS5. Miles Morales will also be available on PS4.

Miles Morales is Spider-Man in this all-new chapter of the Marvel’s SpiderMan universe. Play as the young Super Hero as he masters his dynamic new powers. When a war between Roxxon, a devious energy corporation, and The Underground, a hi-tech gang, threatens his new home of Harlem, Miles will learn that with great power also comes great responsibility. To save the people he loves and all of Marvel’s New York, Miles will have to take up the mantle of Spider-Man and make it his own.

The Spiderman Miles Morales review is only one of the many game reviews you can expect from IGN this holiday season. Stay tuned for more IGN game reviews and Miles Morales PS5 gameplay!



  1. Give the game a B- or C+ . Enjoyed the game but can we get back to the other spiderman now?

  2. Miles is just Peter Parker with Jordan 1s he's not original at all

  3. There's one thing Insomniac failed to deliver: Peter Parker. They shpuld've never remade Peter on Miles Morales.

  4. Is this the new “it really makes you FEEL like batman!”

  5. When ign review is better than Gamespot review

  6. Just out of curiosity it's forever been spider teenager, when will it actually be spider man? And where's old man spider? I've never seen any of these stories, it's stupidity to think Heroes don't get older, bring on older hero stories

  7. Wow read some of those comments, are those comments really nessessary?

  8. Poor Xbois will never get to experience this.

  9. Don’t care for peters new face and would rather see a Separation Anxiety remake where spidey teams up with venom to beat the symbiotes

  10. Miles morales is the most powerful and best spider man to me

  11. so I've been out the loop but why is there a new spiderman? race parts not an issue but same abilities and same city(aside from electricity)? just wild also could've gone with recluse instead of new spider man and a black suit with lime green wouldve been dope kinda like a writing spider.

  12. I'm torn on this one.. Kind of enjoyed it but it wasn't long enough… Wish I'd waited longer and not spent £50 on it

  13. Shouldve tacked it onto the original spiderman game and charged another $30…. Literally one of the shortest games ive ever played, but hell yeah is it ever fun

  14. "Make you feel like black spiderman"

  15. We need the into the spider-verse suit
    With the sportswear/cyan @ red hoodie
    With the shorts and jordans!!!!!!

  16. Insomniac's Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales really makes you feel like

  17. Spiderman Miles Morales is absolutley epic but…. its way to short to justify a £60 pricetag. First playthrough took probably around 16-18 hours (collecting everything maxing every challenge).

  18. To me the first spiderman is better. Don’t like Miles. Wished they just continued on the Original Spiderman Peter.

  19. Its one of , if not the best game at ps5 ive ever played. Its on another level in comparison to other games in same genre

  20. Playing it on my 55 Lg C1 OLED and Ps5. Simply unbelievably gorgeous

  21. this was not better than the first spiderman. I'm sorry, but it's just not.


  23. Fun fact, in Europe this game is called Marvel's Spider-Man: Kilometres Morales

  24. Imagine if they said this about Franklin in GTA V 😭😭😭

  25. Bad review! It should’ve been a 10/10

  26. Isint miles morales half rican and black? Why is it that he’s black half is the only thing getting shine? I’m just lost

  27. We dont need 2 spider mans just why….sure maybe a different time line verse or something but this was a cash grab

  28. The comments to this video it's just ridiculous🤦

  29. Playing this made me realize how underpowered Peter is compared to Miles.

  30. how do you switch between performance mode and high frame rate?

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