May 2021's Best and Worst Reviewed Games - Reviews in Review -

May 2021’s Best and Worst Reviewed Games – Reviews in Review

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Did you accidentally sleep through the entire month of May? Well, in case you did, here are all the IGN game reviews you missed. From the thirstily anticipated towering terrors of Resident Evil Village, to Mass Effect 1’s massive remaster, to the long-awaited open-world creature feature Biomutant, some of the year’s big games are finally starting to trickle out, along with some smaller stuff that might have flown under your radar. And guess what? We didn’t score them all 8 out of 10. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Here are links to all the full video reviews:
00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Just Die Already Review –
01:08 – Hood: Outlaws and Legends Review –
01:40 – Biomutant Review –
02:42 – AC Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC Review –
03:33 – Mass Effect Legendary Edition Part 1 Review –
04:27 – Resident Evil Village Review –
04:58 – Subnautica: Below Zero Review –

This video is to give you a quick snippet of recent ign reviews. You will find video game reviews for Just Die Already, Hood Outlaws and Legends, Biomutant, the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC, part one of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Resident Evil Village, and Subnautica: Below Zero.

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  1. The remastered ME1 ruined ME2 for me. Mainly because it made me notice ME1 always looked and played a lot better (even the original one has this cinematic feeling to it ME2 lacks, and the amount of technical issues ME2 still has is ridiculous) and ME2 ruined paragon and renegade dialogue. Maybe it's because I'm older now, but just look at the paragon dialogue of Tali's trial. It's STUPID and they remove all charges just because (????). ME1 now feels more balanced and I feel more comfortable with the combat system. ME2 is just darker ( like, literary, in the remaster I can't see shit) and more mature in some aspects, but the entire campaign is just shepard building the team, no real story. Literally ran the entire galaxy building a team, heard their bitching, solved their personal problems and the game was over, it felt like a chore to go through ME2.

  2. IGN is great. Thanks for keeping us hooked up guys. Thats all I wanted to say.

  3. Alright I cant be the only one who started freaking out thinking I missed fathers day when he said it. Y'all cant do me like that IGN XD.

  4. Beautiful dog, I picked up Biomutant despite the negative reviews, as you say there aren't many games with that unique setting

  5. Jupiter’s Legacy was really good. Solid 9, not 7 like IGN gave it.

  6. 3:25 Why do I think they made this video specifically to use this!

  7. Hood: Outlaws and Legends sounds like an urban gang warfare game lol. Could they have picked a worse name?

  8. "Decimal points are annoying."

    Proceeds to give resident evil 265 out of 300… which is an 8.8 out of 10.

  9. Mass effect sucked me in and blew me away again, I've never replayed a game and got blown away a second time, its ridiculous, how can you still be impressed when you already completed the thing..

  10. I wonder how Subnautica nonsense got that much. And Village was lower. As usual, bought opinion. Never matches with what players think

  11. Wait. Why does what month a game launches in determine how you score it?
    What did I miss people?

  12. This is an awesome series idea, I also love how you asked your dog about the gun lol

  13. Currently playing The Witcher 3 but got to try Mass Effect remastered and it brought back so many fun memories lol

  14. I should know better than to ask, but why does Max have what appears to be dentures on his desk?

  15. Biomutant Protip: change the narrator's language. It helps.

  16. Max dude, you do this perfect, enjoy watching this.

  17. Picked up Village and Mass Effect last week and I'm enjoying them thoroughly! Village has everything you want from a Resident Evil game: good boss fights, good puzzles and lot of fear. And Mass Effect finally runs well on the PlayStation without lagging like crazy! Was worth remastering it just for that.

    Might pick up Biomutant later when it gets cheaper.

  18. Never change max, we need more ign personnel who actually have a personality.

  19. Max Scoville is currently the best host at IGN.
    Change my mind

  20. Tbh I think the critisism is that IGN can't review a game ABOVE 7s and 8s.
    There will obviously be sub par games which score low.
    The main reason people watch reviews is to check which game they SHOULD play, not what they shouldn't play!

  21. My favorite monthly IGN video series. Keep up the awesome work Max! Mahalo for the timestamps!

  22. Super hyped for ‘June’, I’ve heard great thing from recent preview events and the trailers are incredible. I was hoping for an open beta so I could try out ‘June’ beforehand though

  23. Just finished RE Village last night and damn that games solid

  24. I really hope the decimal system comes back

  25. I actually didn't hate this video damn. I really enjoyed this

  26. Its like a dry desert when it comes to artistic great games on ps4. I played 4 titles I liked.

  27. Have you guys heard done a review of warpips? If not can you do one?

  28. Reviews mean nothing to me cause unlike most people i can form my own opinion

  29. I refunded village 🤷‍♂️

  30. Biomutant is damn fun. A perfect game? No. A solid, pretty, fun, engaging, unique, nonlinear experience? You betcha.

  31. Bring back decimal reviews because nothing will ever get a 10, 9's is basically a very good game and most everything else becomes an 8..except bad games. knowing its almost in the 7's versus it being nearly a 9 is a huge difference.

  32. 10/10's don't logically exist…as in nothing's perfect & without any "blemishes"

    9's are my personal "10/10's"…. fantastic game/movie/novel with a few blemishes here & there

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