MMORPG Gets The RAREST Drop In The Game! | OldSchool Runescape Reviews (OSRS) -

MMORPG Gets The RAREST Drop In The Game! | OldSchool Runescape Reviews (OSRS)

Behemeth Reviews Oldschool Runescape Highlights
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  1. Bro, the clip of ypur little boy walking in saying I'm a bad guy makes me miss my little guy so much, as a single dad working away from home and having my sister help taking care of my little boy really makes me wish I'd actually take the step to be home on the daily to be with my little guy, he walks up to me with the hulk gloves I got him and says I am Hulk smash haha.. behemoth you are awesome thank you for the content I love your videos

  2. What da fuck..we can send heart emojis on rs? Every1s gettin the luv ♥️

  3. Just wondering why there is two Youtube accounts?

  4. Behe may have small legs but he makes up for it elsewhere.. trust me boys behe has a big girthy throbbing


  5. Rarest item in game? Are we really sure about that? I know taking into consideration getting totems etc, but I would argue there’s harder items to get

  6. you have conditions to uploading clips of people with merch gear… you are not obligated in any way to post content that is against you… just buy a recumbent bicycle machine for your house and bicycle to make your legs stronger… its prolly one of the best things to use in regards of personal gymnasium equipment… then people can't laugh at you for having stronger calves…

  7. Loads of gems in here but Bowser killed me, 10/10

  8. The this is awesome audio clip is from I Love You Man 🤣🤣 great movie

  9. The rarest item in game is only worth 8.7m? Forgive me, I don't play Runescape, so don't if this is cheap because it's useless, or cheap because I've read that wrong. Surely the most rare item should be worth more?

  10. “I love you bro Montana” you are the cornerstone! Lol missing the rare drops though bring em back!

  11. New IRL money-making method that does not require RWT:
    – Start a streaming account on Twitch
    – Buy cheap merch
    – Behe donates $50
    – Repeat & buy a yacht

  12. The Armadylean guard from the master clue steps actually drop an arma helm at the rate of 1/1,000,000

  13. I am the cornerstone lalalala wawaweewa

  14. SORRY Behe, But Bank Stand'in is the best podcast, love the new channel mate

  15. Ive had the jar on my iron since i was 95 combat… didnt know they were that rare

  16. "I did not have… sexual relations with that woman" 🤣

  17. Very nice to see your subscriber count climbing , good job behe

  18. I freaking love Behemeth. I love watching his videos, his personality, his family, everythign about this guy is awesome. please never stop

  19. Who needs leg day when you have a cornerstone to sit upon? 🙂

  20. That behemoth roast. He did you dirty, but you've done more than a few dirty.

  21. That meme had me dying, I did not expect it. Instantly liked after that hahaha

  22. Daily liker here, and always enjoy seeing you comment and display content creators that may not have a platform otherwise <3 Thank you for being a cornerstone of the RS community 🙂

  23. Got that jar at 3kc, did not know it is so rare lmao

  24. went for the "medium in the Small leg fire print".. DYING! LOL THE WAR HAS STARTED!! This is too funny. Let's get em behe! LOLOLOL

  25. Maybe just once? Behemoth you dirty dawg 😉

  26. Not rarest in the game if Jmod gives streamer favouritism.

  27. Ethan, on the intro you said "I hope you're all having a wonderful day". That might be something every content creator says, but I felt truth in your words. Cheers mate

  28. I got the Mining pet at a couple months ago at level 38 I think. Then about a month ago I got the farming pet at level 45. I feel bad for people who make it their 90s and don’t receive a pet, but I’ve never once tried to get one, they just appear😂

  29. Hold on the b2b clip, did you say Mr. Horror Duck? The OG Horror Duck?

  30. I got the farming pet at level 28 farming lol is that pretty rare?

  31. Lol! “He only showed his upper half as well!” 🔥!!

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