MMORPG Gets The RAREST Drop In The Game! | OldSchool Runescape Reviews (OSRS) -

MMORPG Gets The RAREST Drop In The Game! | OldSchool Runescape Reviews (OSRS)

Behemeth Reviews Oldschool Runescape Highlights
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  1. "Dog poop?!… this is awesome!"
    Love me some Bubble Boy

  2. Hi behemeth😘
    Someone has to post the full clip of curtis dropping skotizo for the jar. It was a 15 second kill and probably the world record.

  3. BEHE u never film ur legs either! its always ur Cute face cam hahaha

  4. yo behemeth i dont have any proof because i got it before the collection log came out but i did get the jar of darkness on 1 kc from skotizo

  5. Watching these videos on the toilet makes it so much better

  6. Dude you’re son is cat boy? My daughter is gonna be pumped

  7. That lines I from I love you man great movie with Paul Rudd

  8. Love the clip of the “small legs print” added to the hoodie! Keep doing you man, it’s appreciated more than you know!

  9. Man i really do enjoy watching these vids each morning, watch them waking up just before heading off to work

  10. I heard that once you get 200m slayer, you're still not on drop rate for 1 jar of darkness.

    Thank God he got it without having to grind for it.

  11. The "this is awesome" clip is from I Love You, Man! Great movie!!

  12. Tau’s hair looks like a hopeless toupee lol

  13. Muts literally has the best RNG I’ve ever seen on account. He’s insanely lucky

  14. god I just need tasty to shave off the 18 yearold mustache lmao

  15. Pretty sure Curtis has the twisted dragon trophy too, Kappa

  16. Looooool these edits are getting funnier and funnier man. The tasty ones and the borat one and the Yogi "maybe just the once" LOOOL Mrs Behe gonna be on your case :p

  17. …a 2k item super rare? Got the jar my 3rd skitizo kill 🤣 now you show me a like 100 kc mutagen drop and I'll much wow…

  18. That iron man who got the jar is gay look at his ckan lmao

  19. Can't find the Behemeth has small legs hoody in the merch store. Under which option is it hidden?

  20. that is not the rarest drop in game, bandos boots, or armadyl helmet from an elite clue scroll guard are 1 in 1 million.

  21. Casually glossing over MMORPG pulling 3 1/2500 items from the elven crystal chest in a short amount of time xD

  22. Omg when your son walked in that was precious

  23. Not gonna lie seeing tasty get smacked by zuk makes me feel better about my inferno runs…. I’m up to 16 zuk attempts and no cape yet

  24. The movie clip inserts on point this video, big laughs were had <3

  25. Lol i love the this is awesome voice clip. I love you man is definitely on my top ten favorite movies!

  26. THIS IS AWESOME is from I love you man. Great movie

  27. I don't even play OSRS but watch those every day

  28. Wow, I didn't really need to learn that tbh. Now I just find it pathetic that the rarest drop in OSRS, is a fucking jar. Not armor, not weapons, not a pet, but a fucking useless jar lmao.

  29. 100% best meme you have done, "king of the castle" lol

  30. My favorite clip was of your son being a bad guy 🙂 what a great little family

  31. ‘i did not have sexual relations with that woman’ 😂😂😂

  32. Can't believe you put a successful inferno kill just after my failed one, way to make me feel worse! haha jk great job on the vids, always funny to watch.

  33. Petition to add literal real "corner stones" to the behe merch store

  34. Wow I gotta watch you on the podcast , love you man thanks for being the king on youtube daily <3 hardwork

  35. I think the last LMS Cape is the rarest item in the game!

  36. Omfg yo that Bill Clinton line damn near sent me to the hospital with broken sides 😂🤣💀

  37. Any possible way to get 5xl hoodies in stock for us husky players 😀

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