Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 Review -

Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogame 3 Review

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Reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox One X.


  1. It dont teach you because this series is meant for people who ride in real life that know wtf they doing lmao.

  2. If you love SX in general you love this series no matter what.

  3. * sip *

    Yeah, they don't make motocross games like they used to…

  4. And what about career-mode? Any upgrades for that?

  5. These guys trying to be the madden of mx games. Rinse and repeat every year.


  7. Third time's the charm! Does this mean the Switch version is not horribly gypped? It only took NBA 2K three tries as well!…

  8. Why can't I buy this game on the Epic Games Store?

  9. The only thing I got out of this is please go play Moto Cross GP…and I will

  10. regarding your "being put on a watchlist with the butt patch HOLESHOT" well that's a term used in motocross for whoever crosses the line first… im sure you're trying to be funny but do you research Mate 😉

  11. Railey always does his reviews very gud keep it up man

  12. This just makes me want Atv offroad fury back.. speaking of that game

    PS5 dream Launch Titles
    Atv Offroad Fury
    Twisted Metal II
    Ape Escape 3
    Omega Boost
    Armored Core
    Bloody Roar

  13. you know what i miss, Motocross Madness. I feel i should pick this up

  14. They Seriously need to fix the driving physics and Air Physics in this game Seriously can't control the person or bike correctly

  15. Is it really worth buying? I got 1, 2 & MXGP 2019.. i need someone

  16. @2:10 “It's hard to ever quite know what will cause a bail.”
    Proceeds to overgas/oversteer into corner…
    @2:21 “…but the barest brush of a trackside tuff block is still regularly enough to send you cartwheeling”
    Proceeds to dig front wheel into the end of said block. c'mon! Do you even Mx dude?

  17. Unbelievable not one word about the downgrade in bike sounds

  18. This is garbage.. who will buy this? People want MX games for the tricks. Damn I miss games like Freekstyle so much, desperately waiting for a fun MX Game since ps2.

  19. Can you do local split screen multiplayer?

  20. He didn’t even talk about career mode, track editor, or the mini games that are the real tutorials.

  21. This game is dreadful
    A major step backwards and the WORST game Milestone has ever produced.

  22. Let's not ignore the fact that his characters name is Speed Weasel

  23. Its difficult to control. And you can case every jump and never fall.

  24. Am I the only one who’s having problems with the AI difficulty? I play on Very Easy and the AI still smoke me, even though I compete every section well, and jump landed perfectly, and they still smoke me.

  25. Hated the controls and physics. I'm playing Onrush instead and I'm having a lot of fun.

  26. In my opinion they should have, like in the game RIDE, the customization for body positining… It would be awesome being able to choose every aspect of how your character would face and behave in each kind of turn, jump, etc..

  27. >Women can ride bikes
    Are you sure? Have you seen at least one competition?

  28. Don't waste your money buying this garbage game! Frustrating controls, far too hard AI And lame physics! 2 out of 10 from me!

  29. We need a motorcycle simulator. No one has ever made one. There has never been one that is worthy.

  30. Just grabbed this Game from Walmart for 11$ yest 11/24/20 I’m sure it’s a Store wide deal as I seen this at 2 others as well on sale for same 11$ it’s worth 11$ for sure more then that IDk but seems to be a fun Ride 😂 I’m a Guy who loved Super cross games even On the n64 and PS1 so this is a romp in the park for me

  31. this game doesnt ever work properl on original xbox one!! DONT BUY IT. ever 1-2minutes the game freezes for several seconds and its unplayable

  32. This game looks like a remaster of atv vs mx or whatever that ps3 game was called

  33. Is this better than the 32x Motocross game? LOL

  34. damn, this looked better than supercross 4

  35. Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer says:

    So, what’s the difference between this game & MXGP?

  36. Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer says:

    Or any of these games split screen?

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