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Movies to Video Game Review — Madagascar (PC/GC/PS2/XBoX)

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–This is a Fan Requested Review–

Madagascar for the PC, Nintendo GameCube, Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft XboX, is fully reviewed and analyzed as compared to the actual movie itself.

Feel free to comment. More movies to video games reviews coming soon.. suggestions and feedback welcome and encouraged.

To save on space and time in the video, the score tallies and descriptions of how I got to the scores are listed here instead.

They are on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best score possible:

Story Accuracy to the Movie 6.5
(Not too bad. All the locations and situations from the film seem to show up in either cutscene or by the path of the game. But once we get to said locations and after the story elements are told to us things just get out of place and out of whack at times.)

Music Soundtrack Accuracy to the Movie’s 1.5
(This is very disappointing. There is really nothing from the film found here music wise. I like to Move it is also missing replaced by generic repetitive beats that we hear. I really wish Activision would go for the music from the movies. If you are to do a game based on a movie right, go all the way, not just part of the way to make the quick buck.)

Game Difficulty 3.5
(This gets a bad mark for being just too easy. I went through the whole game and really just died a few times and even then I had almost 20 extra characters to work with. I know the game is for kids but even they will find this way too easy. . )

Overall Fun 5.5
(Its fun in the fact that you do get to use 5 of the animal characters from the movie and even feel like its them as you are exploring about. And you will feel like you are in their world with the great level set ups. But thats where the fun ends really. The game is short and stages get dull and repetitive and the mini games are ho hum. Not enough going on to make this a great game.)

Final Score: 5.75


  1. Thank you for coming out with another review, its been a while. I'm a little bit not surprised that there is little accuracy from the movie to the game. I liked the movie but I don't think I'll try the game.

  2. I didn't care too much for the movie, and the game was pretty mundane for me.

    Request:Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
    How did you feel about Peter Jackson's classic.

  3. This is another case of quality equaling the amount of time you put into it. I love these reviews- I wouldn't mind seeing you review some of the really awful movie-to-video-games, like the Fifth Element, Minority Report, or maybe even Radio Flyer.

  4. Good review but i am concerned that you use too much footage form the film to be consider fair use.

  5. Games these days do not copy the music from the movie apart from a few like ben 10 protector of earth and some others.

  6. They are also making a squeal to this movie. Did any one else know that

  7. this game is pretty fun. but too easy. anyways, great as always.

  8. For a game that based on a game, I thought it was pretty good. I'd say like a B-

  9. will you do a review on the new back to the future game from telltale games which i think is the best movie game EVER!!!

  10. I rememeber loving the party level. I don't remember exactly what the goal was, but there was a mud slide and a bunch of games. I played that level all the time!!

  11. Ahhhh, memories, having the computer version of this game and beating it multiple times most of them being 5 hours. This video has me remembering the game better.

  12. ahhh i love this game its so much fun. One of my favorites for my gamecube. I beat it at least 4 times.

  13. Even though he music did t match the music of the movie, it was still relaxing and soothing. Tbh the sound of Latin jazz and african jazz combined does make me feel good.

  14. Can you review the lego movie for the wiiu xbox one xbox 360 ps4ps3 pc

  15. I think these versions(At least the gamecube one I played) are hidden gems and absolutely worth it. This game is fun and funny too. Though I do think it's too short.

  16. What about chronicles of narina based games please

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