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Movies to Video Games Review — The Incredibles (PS2, GC, XB & PC)

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–This is a Fan Requested Review–

The Incredibles for the Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox and PC is fully reviewed and analyzed as compared to the actual movie itself.

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  1. i got this game because i thould you could play with the character you want.
    But no most of the time you play with mr incerdible and i hate him!
    Violet is my favourite but her level sucks, i just used a cheat and skiped it.
    The best level were from elastigirl.
    And we just dont talk about dash's stupid levels

  2. well it kinda makes since that u would die since dash is a kid with no super strength running faster than a car. if you run into anything at that speed your gonna die.

  3. Wii U vai ser show de bola. Comprem gente.

  4. i always thought this was fun
    now i see this i hate this game:P

  5. @wizard101magic2 My friend can't even get past the first level…And he's 16 now XD

  6. @wizard101magic2 well, maybe not the first level since thats easy. But its the part where you're in the burning building (apartment inferno). He doesn't know how to get out XDD

  7. in the beginning i was later i was not
    loved the arena mode but also was to short
    it wasn't that difficult for me only difficult part were with akward camera and controls
    and violet stage these guards have super ears or something
    but yeah not fun anymore

  8. I love this game whilst it can be repetitive I enjoyed it thoroughly, some fair points but it did not deserve a 4.25, I'd say a 5.5 – 6 rating.

  9. As long as you have a xbox 360 hard drive,you can play any xbox original games.

  10. You shouldn't say that, it's tarnishing your innocence.

  11. That's a shame. A part of you, as with everyone… has died.

  12. this is a great review i just saw one of a kid reviewing it and it was sad

  13. That's a fair review. It's a fun game and worth a play for fans of the movie, but it does get tedious after awhile, so for maximum enjoyment, I recommend doing just a couple levels at a time. I have yet to play Rise Of The Underminer. How is it?

  14. It´s not bad at all, its just wayyyy too short, trust me, this one´s better 🙂

  15. for some reason i thought the game starts where the movie left off… oh well. one can only hope

  16. First game I ever played ever and still love it lol.

  17. Why is this game Rated T for Teen?

  18. I personally thought the game was awesome and it is the second best movie game I have ever played, only being beaten by meat the robinsons for ps2 xbox360 and ps3.

  19. I reckon the character vocals are perfectly fine…
    Awesome review though! 😀

  20. "The henchman look the same"???? Last time I checked they varied throughout and there were robots

  21. this game is rated t for comic mischief. and that's it.

  22. There was a version for gameboy, and the incredibles rise of the underminer for the ds

  23. I dont care what any one says, this game was the shit!!!

  24. I loved this game! I still have it for the Gamecube!

  25. Incredibles 2!!! Also I loved this game when I was 7 but I could only play latter levels with a cheat code

  26. the second movie is now playing in theaters!

  27. The first Dash level was FREAKING CHEAP

  28. Thq is known for 3 thing saints row
    Going bankrupt and making damn good licensed kids games

  29. I'll disagree with you with the Henchmen complaint. First two levels you fight Frenchmen, the Apartment Inferno level you fight Pyromaniacs, first few Nomansian Island levels you fight robots and the other Nomansian Island few levels you fight guards. The guards might look similar other than some having extra armor or a different weapon, but that also applies the same to the movie.

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