Non-canon | Mystery Steam Reviews (Video Games Spinoffs) -

Non-canon | Mystery Steam Reviews (Video Games Spinoffs)

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For this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews, The PC Gaming Weekspot boys discuss shredding, the child of DMC and Pokémon, and a romcom Britain. This MSR is all about video games spinoffs.

This first aired on The PC Gaming Weekspot Episode 055: Eye And Mighty

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Mystery Steam Reviews is a video game quiz we do every Tuesday on our weekly video podcast, The PC Gaming Weekspot. It was originally only meant to last for around 5-10 minutes on each show, but it’s grown into a monster. A PC game quiz monster that we think you’ll enjoy, so that’s why we clip it out of each show for your viewing pleasure.

The rules are simple — it’s a video games quiz where we have to guess games from their Steam reviews — but let’s make them sound convoluted, anyway:

Colm and Matthew both bring three Steam reviews to the MSR arena (yes, arena), but they omit the name of the game associated with each review. Their opponent must correctly guess the name of that game, including any numbers or subtitles. However, there is some leeway for things such as “Complete Edition” or “Definitive Edition.” One correct answer = one point.

While both combatants have 90 seconds on each Mystery Steam Review, they also have help in the form of three lifelines. These can be used at any stage during battle, and also pause the 90-second timer. Each lifeline can only be used once.

When Publisher is called upon, the hotseat-haver learns the publisher of the game. When Second Opinion is used, the man in the fiery chair will get to hear a second Steam review of the same game. And when Genre is activated, the genre of the game is revealed to the one with the warm arse.

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  1. "Who would be the mom and who would be the dad?"Well you do call them pokeballs, not pokeeggs, afterall …

  2. Colm, I'm comfortable enough in my heterosexuality to tell you that you are gorgeous and I have a man-crush on you 🙂

  3. Matthew gloating at the end was beautiful! Great episode

  4. This was a fun one for sure. That ending 😂

  5. Absolutely hilarious. How this doesn't get more views is beyond me.

  6. Oh, Colm.. you truly Doomed yourself this time.

  7. That stone cold poker face on Matthew when he heard 5 instead of 4.

  8. Lads – I won't lie, I'm really, really going to miss the Weekspot and MSR. It's a shining part of my week that's usually filled with not good things. It's been a pleasure and privilege.

  9. Part of my weekly routine watching these. Thank you both for doing these vids. Much love.

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