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Observer Review

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Is Observer the atmospheric cyberpunk adventure we all need or is it not worth your time? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. I like cyberpunk and I appreciate this game but it’s just not that great, an easy pass but if you want to play it’s serviceable I suppose.

  2. my favorite place to stay in the game is in the techie gamers apartment in the basement… Room 021

  3. Good game but it keeps stopping in the middle of the game. Worth it if you can get it to run.

  4. When Gamespot and IGN did good reviews instead of shitting on games when the reviewer hasn't even played the game to the end

  5. This game is amazing a true masterpiece it's not for everyone but man I haven't seen a trip like this in a while…plus Rutger Hauer I mean come on…

  6. Rest In Peace Rutger Hauer, gone but never forgotten.

  7. hey i just discovered the game on steam after 2 years lol, im not a fan of horror games but oh boy did this one immersed me in, it's perfect.

  8. Yea but does it make you really FEEL like an >observer_

  9. Dunno if im the only one that didnt fully like this game… Its a lil ugly looking, dark lighting and convoluted plot =/ and when you get in peoples minds, yes, its the best parts of the game… they go on for a bit too long though

  10. must i be under "influense" b4 i try this sh*t?

  11. so you got this for free on Epic and thought "might as well see the review", amirite u who is reading this comment? Well me too, my friend, me too.

  12. I uhh, have literally no idea what is going on in this game. I got it for free from Epic Games. Didn't even look into it. Barely skimmed through the description. Started playing it. like 2-3 hours and I'm just playing mindlessly lol. Seriously though. What is even going on.

  13. why a game like this is completely forgotten?

  14. This game is one of the best psychological horror games I’ve ever played…I give it 8.5 out of 10

  15. This game sent me into a hellhole, i was cooked as fuck and there was this room bit and every door you walked through went to the exact same room

  16. The graphics are really damn good, the gameplay is similar to Layers of Fear and suprisingly… it actually feels like Layers of Fear. I got interested in this game because I thought it would be something cyberpunk to play while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, but I forgot it was even a horror game, well it's not like it's scary… more like surreal and unnerving. I'll give the game 6/10

  17. not all those cat and mouse are over in minutes. The last level in particular took me quite a while to pass, because i was trying to play it safe (and still died quite a few times). But overall, good game-very disturbing. There is still one noise that i never figured out what caused it (not the basement one, though that was shocking) but just a deep groan/moan coming from behind certain doors. It's haunting. And it's worth at least a second playthrough to choose some different options and catch a lot of things you didn't at first. You can laugh a bit too-apparently in the future all public toilets are immediately destroyed with explosive diarrhea, as every one you find the toilet is shattered or full of excrement.

  18. Who else is here after the announcement of Observer: System Redux for next gen? Lol

  19. It is… indeed a real masterpiece. Beat the game yesterday and IM ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY

  20. On SALE now, on EPIC GAMES' store – get your 10 $ Coupon 😀
    Plus GTA V for free 😀

  21. Just started playing it. Its Psychedelic and I am still running in an infinite loop within a memory.

  22. This game is so good, I don't understand why this game isn't more popular.

  23. "… the ability to open a door inches at a time …"
    * pushes door wide open *

  24. This flew under my radar real quick I don’t know about picking it up looks good but if I can’t fight back I’m out though I’ll admit it has a cyberpunk feeling to it

  25. I bought the game. At first I was a little disappointed with the game, expecting something different. But as it progressed I started liking it….a lot! It’s definitely the most trippy game I have ever played.

  26. Polish studios are killing it recently. Bloober Team, Techland, CD Projekt Red…Poland's becoming a regular developer's Mecca.

  27. What makes this game terrifying is that we are slowly moving towards this cyberpunk world and that scares the hell out of me

  28. Just beat this game. I highly enjoyed it. If your into horror, cyberpunk, and a challenge, do yourself a favor and get this game.

  29. … Why is this game not more popular? … Just bought it on Steam after playing the Redux version Demo… amazing!

  30. So this is in the PS5? Seems like a must buy!

  31. Saw an advert for this on youtube today, went to the ps store but its not listed

  32. Observer fits perfect to cyberpunk 2077 game. Or should i say Cyberpunk 2077 fits perfect to Observer? ^^

  33. I think I forgot enought to play this again soon. What an experience.

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