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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game Review – The Final Verdict

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I think Tokyo 2020 is actually the most fun Olympic game we’ve gotten in a decade plus too, and I think it works far better as a more casual take than opting to be an authentic sim companion to the Olympics themselves. And I think the game’s easy controls, support for local and online multiplayer, uncluttered HUD and UI, and straightforward interpretations of most games included, work in its favor.

While I understand the disappointment those looking for a more authentic or grounded take on the Olympics may feel, I think Tokyo 2020 works really well for what it is, and is a fun and involved party and multiplayer game that knows that sometimes, less really can be more.


  1. I just got the game and while it’s not perfect, it’s fun! Although the reviewer kept repeating himself and it got old. Not sure if he liked the game or not.

  2. A 7/10 for this is way too generous. Won't be subbing to this channel anytime soon

  3. Can I play with my friends on Xbox when I’m on pc?

  4. As fun as this game is, i really do hope that we will get a new Track&Field type of game i.e. a "olympics" game that is more realistic and has a higher production quality to it.

  5. i missing something here??

    this game is dogshit..

    meant to be the official game of the olympics and its more of a pisstake/ Sonic kids version..

    is this just cos its tokyo? i know its been a few since the last game, but the "official" games are just that.

    the events are gender neutral, u are in the 100m final and running against a 150kg shot putter, in the boxing one person has headgear one doesn't, u only press x to run (wheres the lighter trick????) i can go on and on.

    80 bucks for this crud

  6. So it's a collection of simple games. You didn't need 7 minutes to convey that.

  7. Ok you mentioned the games budget almost 5 times now and haven't even mentioned how many game modes there are, how many events there are, what countries can you play as 😳

  8. wasted 50 bucks did not feel like the Olympics way too fast for my liking I would not recommend this game

  9. I wish someone could come up with a game like late 80,s commodore 64 game international team sports that was fun you had to pick 8 players to go between 5 sports a game way aheaf of its time

  10. I'm really sad about this production game !!! They miss severals sports disciplines, why ?

    So, i hope that SEGA producers will makes better about n'est Olympics winter games ? So, had hockey sports please ? Ask to International Olympic Committee to have all licences that have you need. Thanks about ours cooperation.

  11. The 100m swimming event is a tough one to swallow. I tried practicing this event many times and I still came in last place. Wish that changed to the stamina steady meter done in the 200m swimming event. I did take first place in that 200m swimming event.

  12. Why are men and women competing against each other in this game???

  13. Before you can play you must show loyalty

  14. That’s ok in my book. great for multiple friends

  15. I wish these games came out when the Olympic Trials started. Not only would people be more amped about the Olympics then, but these games could get more development and polish.

  16. Damn that is some spicy clickbait, to get more views. Ain't even mad. Guess I need to read the titles better 😅

  17. a video game that actually feels like a video game and not reality???? how dare they –________

  18. The older Olympics games looked so much better. Game looks like WWE Battlegrounds. Very cheap and childish.

  19. Forgive me for asking this dumb question but, should I even get this?

  20. An arcade style Olympics game?!? This looks dumb!!!

  21. Troydan said he was going to make a video on this

  22. So no 4 players? Only 2 split screen. Ahhhh its a pass man

  23. They need to add more game modes. How can they lose over 20 events in 7 years?

  24. Looks like an old Wii game and hard hard pass on this shit

  25. Game isn't worth 40 bucks it will drop price in less than a year.

  26. Tokyo Olympics will spread the Delta variant explosively.
    This will be the worst possible event for under-developed countries with low vaccination rates.

  27. Is this game more fun and/better controlled than the Mario and Sonic version? Because I own the Mario and Sonic version and it’s not long lasting in the gameplays since they end too quickly

  28. This game plays and feels like that dead arcade series Track n Field games by Konami and I love it.
    I've been playing this game a lot since the Japanese release. Sega also updated the Japanese version with sonic and the ability to play with people from all the world.

    This makes so people that imported the Japanese version doesn't need to rebuy the game. And that's amazing. Great on Sega.

  29. RelaxTube - Relaxation and Soothing Corner says:

    Lazy-ass cash grab. It lacks classic events like Javelin Throw, Triple Jump, High Jump etc. Moreover, I don't understand how the have added 100m but not 200m for instance. Same goes for swimming event. Controls on PC with keyboard/mouse are weird, can't understand what some icons even mean. Basketball/Football/Tennis/Volleyball are nice to have I guess, but they lack any depth, they are not that fun to play.

    Question, why did you guys showed only Basketball, Tennis and Boxing in repeat in the review video? Where are the other events? :/

  30. You spent your whole review repeating again and again that's it's a casual game. Yeah we get it.

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