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Outriders Is A Game (Review)

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  1. All you said is true, yet I really enjoy the gunplay of the game 😀
    My most glaring issue: The "reality" of the situation. These people land on a new planet after they destroyed earth. Then they encounter one(!) difficulty and ravage the land to complete desolation in under 30 years of constant war.
    After 30 years of war, there should be no one left to fight. There shouldn't be any ammo nor functional weapons. People are starving, yet there's about 100 guns and 10.000 shots of ammo for each and every settler of the friggin spaceship! AFTER 30 YEARS OF WAR!!

    Don't get me started on the issue with range, though. You already addressed it with the melee classes (vs. human enemies, they constantly have to push through and ignore cover). The opposite is true for the mid/high range classes. The perforo monsters just run straight at you or, even worse, jump several meters onto you. If you are not equipped top notch, ranged fighters have almost no chance against theses enemies, as there's no option to keep the necessary distance for survival.

  2. laughs in the same games I’ve been playing since 2005 you assume I’m gonna even buy any new games to begin with

  3. I knew it would be bad when I saw the female haircut options.

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a more boring game besides that awful vampire game called Dark

  5. i dont know, looks so generic… like i already saw everything somewhere else!
    and the characters… i mean, you didnt saw much of them but it was enough to tell who is who just by one look: the dumb tanky-guy, the smart but afraid of everything girl, the punk-bitch, the sometimes wise sometimes crazy old dude, the super serious high-ranked military babe with an fucking EYEPATCH, come on man!… as if they used the most obvious cliches which is fucking lazy and what you get is a story driven game but you couldnt care less about the story cuz it has no characters that you can relate to or feel for cuz they are all so damn generic!

    i should make games man!

  6. Bro you say it's the most forgettable of this year, but the year isn't over. Ngl yet would have done you justice

  7. One of the worst games I've played, can't believe people bought this for 60$…

    At least it had a demo unlike most games…

  8. I love Tom Clancy's The Division 1 and 2 so i was kind of hyped for this but this looks so generic. Might pick it up in a deep sale but at full price?
    Hell no.

  9. Just like the new Mortal Kombat move.. tons of gratuitous cringeworthy swearing

  10. Designed to be co op but p2p servers so co op is awful. Thats why 3 player limit but really any more than 2 and you are guaranteed massive lag and/or stutter and disconnects. Game is plagued with major bugs and the playerbase has shriveled faster than a bodybuilders sack. Also, its obvious they were rushed to finish as there are systems and materials in place for an ongoing live service game, but they never got a chance to hash it out.

  11. And my friends wonder why I'm getting back into the PS2. When there was games that were unique. So much samey crap these days 😴

  12. Does anyone else find it odd that it's crappy games like this that get on front advertisements in game stores instead of actually good games?

  13. The game plays like a Gears of war clone larping as destiny 2

  14. So basically Anthem 2.0 without flying?

  15. It feels like a mindless shooting game, you barely get matchmake with randys. The only thing that makes it decent is the modding. Anyway I deleted this crap after finishing the campaign

  16. Played it for a few minutes just to realise it's a shitty gears of war clone

  17. I thought this came out last year… might've confused it with Outer Worlds though.

  18. I swear, they give female characters that terrible haircut just because they're too lazy to figure out how to make long hair not clip through your attire.

  19. Honestly, it's stupid that games nowadays associate 'difficulty' with 'max health', or in the case of racing games, 'max speed.' It's not just an Outriders problem; it's an industry problem. Games are so manufactured that they just don't want to put forth the effort to make the A.I. more clever.

  20. You can thank Angry Joe for making this game relevant because of its’ god awful release and server crashes like it’s Diablo 3’s Error 37 all over again.

  21. "tHe cOvEr iSn`T mEaNt fOr yOu, iT`s mEaNt fOr tHe eNeMy" this game has the most dumbest community, defending a broken gameplay. The Open Beta though, played completely different. It had way less enemies, taking cover was actually usefull.

  22. Oh man this looks bland as fuck, i barely play games anymore for this exact reason. For now i'll stick with remasters and the odd indie game. Maybe i'm just getting old, i don't know 😛

  23. I remember playing the demo of this, my favorite part is when a character (don't remember their name) locks you in a cryogenic tank and you sleep for a long time. Ehen you wake up pretty much everyone is dead except the character that lock you in cryogenic and they get mad at you, saying you should have woken up earlier or something dumb like that.

  24. This game is cool but gets boring pretty fast

  25. If Boaderlands 3 and Destiny 2 had a baby

  26. My main problem with this game is the ugly ass haircuts.

  27. "What kind of creature is this to survive 5 different climates?"

    Humans want to know your location

  28. Best gruff marine voice: Mark Strong in Space Marine.

  29. No kidding, I played this game for no more than 10 min and uninstalled it immediately. Not because it's a bad game but because it was just the same shit I have seen time and time again these past 10+ years.

  30. we finished the main story yesterday and before my mates could say "expedition mode" i had already deinstalled Outriders. Second half of this game is so boring. It didn't help that after 10 hours of playtime my inventory got swept and it took 3,5 weeks until it got fixed, so i didn't play for this time and all the hype that was left wore off.

  31. 6:00 That haircut looks like someone thought it'd be a good idea to use a merkin as a normal wig.

  32. When I saw videos of this game I called it !! I said…”it’s a attempt of being a mix of the division with anthem and it looks generic as fuck.”…and a bunch of people were talking shit to me only because they’re fanboys

  33. Game is in english and has swearing:
    Oh, and SHIT for flavor.

  34. I remember people in the Warframe community leaving for this game and then coming back like a week later

  35. Anyone who has been gaming for the last 3 decades could tell this was going to be mediocre.

  36. I must be living under a rock because what the fuck is this game?

  37. I liked the customization and the class selection. I thought the mods were quite deep. I liked that the mods mattered and the gear could be upgraded up to epic level. It gets expensive it is worth it. You can thrash almost all the minor enemies. However, despite the customization, I found that none of it mattered for big enemies or bosses. They resist all effects and they kill you in like 3 hits, even on World Tier 1. It's a joke how powerless you are compared to bosses and big enemies.

    I also found this game just really phoned in and repetitive. The campaign felt like 30 hours of clearing the same two rooms over and over again. Every fight feels the same. All "factions" of humans are the same – the basic grunt, the flamethrower guy, the machine gun guy, the sniper, the shot gun guy, the guy who runs out to you and tries to slice you with a sword and the captain. I could not tell one captain from another. None stand out because they all have the exact same encounter. Animals are the same no matter what area you're in.

    None of the bosses are memorable to me. For animals, they're all the same only a different colour. For humans, all the captains blend together. Actual Altered bosses just spam attacks that knock you on your ass to the point where you set the game to World Tier 1 and give up because it's just one cheap shot after another.

    I also found it hard to see the enemies. It could be my eye sight is going – but I could not see half the enemies. If they didn't have red triangles above their heads I could not spot them. This wouldn't be a problem except they never miss you when they shoot at you. I mean you are getting lit up across the map.

    And it wouldn't be such a problem if the healing system was better. You heal by doing damage – with Trickster and Devastator requiring "close range" damage and pyromancers requiring "marked" enemies to be damages to get health back. But sometimes it doesn't work, which is stupid because you often have to put yourself in mortal peril to try to heal, only to find that you died because the healing mechanic did not work out.

    I didn't care about the lore, because it essentially doesn't matter to the story. I didn't care about the characters because within about 3 seconds of meeting one I knew who was going to die.

    I finished the campaign once, with a Trickster, and uninstalled the game. There was no reason to try the endgame or try another character because it looks like just more of the same stuff I am already bored of.

  38. I think this was the Inbread cousin of Destiny 2.

  39. I walked in on my brother playing remnant. 5 minutes later, I realised he was actually playing outriders. These games are kinda blurring into eachother at this point.

  40. Gman teleports behind you:
    Nothing personal, mate

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