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Outriders Review – “Buy, Wait Till it Works, Never Touch?”

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Karak reviews Outriders for xbox, pc and ps4 a none service service game requiring a service.
Current issues – Loss of all inventory items, removal of some items, nerds on patches, and patch issues

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Outriders Review – “Buy, Wait Till it Works, Never Touch?”

I am not one of those bigger gaming websites no 2-minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don’t discuss all the games, this is the right place. No big website 2-minute stuff here.

Coverage includes ps4, PS5, XBox series X, Xbox one, pc, Xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo
Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy upon release.
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  1. IT WILL be TOTALLY Screw .. After they Get Done Nerfing it in about WEEK it will go to Pot. 👌😌

  2. in 2 months this game will either arrive on pc game pass or be on sale for like 30 dollars so i'll just wait

  3. going to wait until it's on sale on ps4 store no way am i paying £60

  4. Who's blasting the fans just because you know this game tanks in a month…

  5. It's a cover shooter that works better by not using cover. Every load sequence is a basic killbox. Any time you're in any fight, your screen is flashing red. And all with a flashy UI that never left it's beta phase. This game is hot trash.

  6. Let's be honest…Game is riddled with glitches and DCs lag and servers are 50-50 at best…Game seems 70% finished…Ill wait to buy till on sale for 19$ which will be very soon.

  7. Someone co-op with me on Journey to the Savage Planet.

  8. I didn't enjoy this game at first, I couldn't make it fun for me. I decided to give it another chance but this time I changed my class and I have to say I've been having stupid fun with it since. Stringing abilities together is so much fun.

  9. This one wasn't on my radar but the thing that sticks out to me is how it seems like the movement and overall combat really feels like Gears of War. Which is rarer than it should be, it seems like most cover shooters forgot that the movement is part of what made Gears work.

    Definitely interested, I'll wait for a price drop and some patches.

  10. So when do the actual “next gen” games come out?

  11. Single player but have to be online has to be for some kind of devious reason by the company, whatta they want to data mine players? Like what would be a reason why a single player only game needs to be always online? I'll wait to see if they fix it, and let it be played with no connection required like normal single player games.

  12. Played cross plat on my pyromancer and it corrupted the character or something will not let me play on that character everytime I try says server error but any other is fine. Good thing I wasn't high level just a bug I found that sucks

  13. If I could play the game entirely offline I would buy it right now even with the other problems, that is the greatest deal breaker for me.

  14. the technical issues being fixed won't deal with the fact that this generic attempt to fill the co-op 'couple and a third wheel' looter-shooter void many of us have been wanting to fill is nothing but a series of stop-gaps to unboxing some modest weapon upgrade. Everything this game tries to do another game blows it out of the water, and it has the gall to price itself just as high for a tenth of the content.

  15. LOL love when ACG give the whole "As you know rate games on a blah blah blah rating system" spiel but then doesn't actually give one of those ratings. This one is a tough one to judge. There was a lot of praise in the video but judging from the line about make sure you able to get a refund, I would say this was in the rental/deep deep sale territory atm.

  16. Just download on Gamepass… play… have fun… don't like dump it… like it keep playing –

  17. I used to love this channel and put his reviews above many others including and especially the big ones (IGN, Gamespot), but lately, it has become way too "wordy." I subscribed early on before he even had 100k subs, but now, other than this one, I don't even click on his videos. I like thorough reviews, but this seems excessive. I believe this review could have been done in 15 mins or less, preferably 10 mins.

  18. "Wait until it works" is the default option on every game now.
    But that gameplay looked sweet.

  19. Congrats on your success. I'm however unsubscribing because you went more into stats than fun. Sorry later man.

  20. No reason At ALL to be an online single player game.

  21. SE is pretty ridiculous with the amount of information they want. US players HAD to register an account, just to contact support they demand your BIRTHDATE… there was more but I forgot about all of it about as quickly as I forgot about the game itself, even Division 2 was less clunky and had more clutch whizz-bang synergy in the action than this game. That's what I want from a looter shooter, individual skills that players combine to have moments of raw shred or clutch saves … idk if this game has that.

  22. First review I've heard to say this game has good AI

  23. The female voice actor was much better than the male character IMO

  24. After playing the game, it’s not worth the AAA price tag even if you like it. Do yourself a favor, wait until it goes in sale and gets a few patches.

  25. ACG before: If you loved the video… mah… maybe subscribe.
    ACG now: Wether you liked the video or not, please subscribe.


  26. I don't really care what topic Karak talks about, I'm here for the writing and the humor. "They're called skills trees because they can die and fall over, like this one" 🤣

  27. Played the demo, kinda liked it… But it never managed to make me a fan… Now looking at it, its all kinda meh.

  28. 🙋 Danke für dein klasse Video. Ist wieder sehr gut gelungen Was denk Ihr, ob mein Kanal auch mal so gut wird?😎

  29. Is it just me or does this really really give you anthem vibes?

  30. I subbed because you asked in 5 seconds and didn’t drag it out for 2 min. Straight to the point. Love the content

  31. Great review…very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun 🙂 Do people even read manuals anymore though…lol. Great job on your video 🙂

  32. It's The Division meets Gears of War. Good stuff. 👍

  33. "picked a wrong day for guard duty"..lol cracks me up.

  34. I'd rather have a game like decent and have amazed the gameplay be outstanding, fun to play, and keep my friends and I coming back than it looks outstanding, be boring, and my friends and I go to something else.

  35. Played it because it is on Gamepass with low expectations. But this game is pretty addictive. The voice acting has a kinda weird charm on it, I am always kinda curious what the outrider will say for each situation in a kinda funny way.

  36. you have a beautiful way of inserting humour into these videos. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this from the quips alone.

  37. Freunde der gepflegten PC Spiele Kultur says:

    FYI: most annoyances are gone with the 10.40. Patch… (For me…) in 50 Hours: One UE4 Crash and one Disconnect… One HUNT Boss Battle Bugged out… leaving me the Loot… but needed to replay that one… And One loss of a Checkpoint… Like always… good Review…

  38. this game is sooo epic!!! the boss battles are very cool and i love how u can change ur movesets and special abilities to build ur character to match ur playstyle

    im glad i bought this game a month after the release all the patches really helped and im glad i didnt have to deal wit them

  39. I'm a computer systems engineer. I've been playing video games since PONG was released in September, 1975. Let me give you ALL a word of advice. The computer ENTERTAINMENT industry has different laws than the computer BUSINESS APPLICATION industry. If a business application was developed for a consumer, and it didn't work as described, you can sue them out of existence, especially if you can prove damages. In the computer ENTERTAINMENT industry its different. Application developers can get away with blue murder because its ENTERTAINMENT so its like a "Buyer Beware" model legally speaking. With that being said – NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY PRE RELEASES OF GAMES AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY GAMES ON DAY ONE LAUNCH. YOU are going to end up PAYING TO BE the beta tester and the developer is going to count on your feedback to beta test the game. If a game says its going to release on Jan 1st, wait until August before even thinking about buying it. This gives THE FOOLS that bought it pre-release or day one to beta test it for the developer and work out the bugs. Also, you can see the bug fix history and feedback the longer you wait, meaning should you buy the game later, its MUCH CLOSER to the "As Described" advertising for the product. Or the game may be completely gone – can you say "Anthem"?

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